Changes to The GTE Statement

Changes To The GTE Statement in November 2022 – Here Is What You Should Know!


A GTE statement is an extremely important part of the student visa application process. This statement covers all the information that the assessing authorities require to know the true intentions of an applicant that they are going to Australia to get a quality education.

The Australian made has made some new changes to the GTE statement and how it should be written. We will cover all the new changes to the GTE statement in this update!

One important thing to know is that your GTE statement won’t, in any way, affect your chances of getting a Permanent Residency in Australia after the successful completion of your studies if you fall into the category of professions that are required in Australia.


What is a GTE Statement?

Applicants for a student visa (subclass 500) must submit a personal statement addressing the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement in English.


According to the changes to the GTE statement, this statement should explain:

  • Studying in Australia is your only purpose.
  • You will only stay in Australia for the period of time on your visa (and will not be allowed to overstay).


For a student visa, you must meet the GTE requirement. Depending on your studies, you may also be eligible for the post-study work rights visa (subclass 485).

Upon graduation from an Australian university, you may also be eligible to apply for permanent residency if you have developed the skills Australia needs. These skills are regularly updated on the skill select list provided by the Australian authorities.


Changes to The GTE Statement

The Australian Government regularly updates students about the requirements related to their study visa application and other important documentation. These updates are done to facilitate students so they can know how they should submit their applications and what is needed for their applications for easy successful immigration.

According to the new changes to the GTE statement provided by the Australian government department of home affairs, the length of the GTE statement has been changed. Australia’s Department of Home Affairs changed the maximum word limit for GTE statements to 300 words (with 2000 characters limit).


What Information Should Be Included?

According to the new update on the changes to the GTE statement, there are many important and crucial pieces of information that students must add while writing their GTE statements.

Your GTE statement must be supported by documents you upload to your ImmiAccount. These documents are proof of all the information or data you have added to your GTE statement.


It is encouraged that students provide as much evidence as possible. But all the mentioned information should be authentic and true. Your GTE statement should cover the following important aspects:

Educational Background

Be sure to include your academic transcripts and certificates, as well as the names of your educational institutions.

Gap in Studies

If there are gaps between studies or unfinished courses, explain them all in this section.

Professional Experience

The changes to the GTE statement stated that you should provide details about your previous or current jobs, including the company address, dates of employment, your role, and contact information.

Annual Salary

Tax returns or bank statements can be used to prove income 12 months prior to filing the application. You need to show an income that will easily cover your living expenses in Australia.

Prospective Employment

Write down any job offers you receive after completing the course, including salary and other perks. This is an important section of information. You can add links from different official job-hunting websites or authentic sources.

Financial Capacity

Give proof of your financial capacity and that you or your sponsor can take care of your tuition fee, living, traveling, accommodation, and other expenses. This is an important section and your financial capacity needs to be properly mentioned with all the genuine information.

Family or Social Ties

Outline the reasons why you want to return home after your time in Australia. Show your strong family ties to your home country. This section shows that your aim of going to Australia is only for study purposes and that you want to return back to your home country to continue living with your family.


Final Words

These are the important pieces of information that you need to include for your GTE statements according to the new changes in the GTE statement. Students are encouraged to write their own GTE statements with authentic information. Your GTE statement should show your sincere intention of studying in Australia.

If you need guidelines regarding your GTE statement or want to move to Australia then contact us at The Migration!


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