Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

Latest Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement For Australia in 2022!


In order to qualify for a student visa subclass 500, students must demonstrate that they are coming to Australia only to gain a quality education by satisfying the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement. Generally, GTEs are written statements from student visa applicants stating their temporary stay in Australia.


Your Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement won’t affect your status of applying for permanent residence after the completion of your studies if you fall into the category of skill shortage in Australia.


Addressing the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement 

Your online student visa applications require a personal statement written in English that addresses your genuine temporary entrant requirement. In this statement, you have to address all your personal reasons for choosing your proposed course of study. 


Along with the written statement students are also required to attach their supporting documents to the ImmiAccount. 


The Department of Home Affairs asses all the GTEs for student visas. One thing to keep in mind is that your GTE statement should only contain reliable and accurate information. Don’t add fake or forged achievements as it is against the Genuine temporary entrant requirement. 


Ministerial Directions for a Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

The many factors that are considered for genuine temporary entrant requirements are set forth by Ministerial Direction 69. Students are encouraged to read these directions carefully before they start writing their GTE.


You should consider the following factors when writing a GTE statement:


Evidence and information to be included

Students are required to provide evidence or information about

Educational Background

The educational background contains all the information about the past studies that a student has completed. These are

  • Previous academic transcripts of qualifications achieved
  • Instituition’s name
  • Study duration
  • Certificates of attainment

Gaps In Previous Studies

Students must justify their study gaps. They are required to state the reasons for the gap period in which they did not maintain their enrollment.

Employment Information

Your employment information contains details about

  • Present Employer
  • Address of the company
  • Duration of the employment
  • Job position
  • Contact details of the relevant person who can confirm your employment situation

Ties To The Home Country

This section requires information about

  • Evidence of financial, family, and social ties
  • Having promising opportunities on your return to your home country

Economic Situation Of The Home Country

You can include documents that describe your financial situation in your home country or the country where you are residing.

  • The documents must show employment or business activities for a period of 12 months before the submission of your application.
  • Potential employment offers including salary and other benefits,  after the completion of studies.
  • Income tax returns or bank statements

Employment Opportunities In a Third Country

It is important for students to demonstrate potential employment offers after they graduate from their course, including salary and other benefits that they can obtain in another country that is not Australia or their own.


Assessment of Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

To ensure that the student visa program is used as intended, the GTE requirement is used. After completing their studies, international students cannot continue to reside in Australia under the student visa scheme.


The genuine temporary entrant requirement is made to eliminate candidates who are taking advantage of the student visa program for purposes other than receiving a good education.


Situations in your home country/country of residence

The department considers your:

  • Reasons for not studying in your home country 
  • Ties to home country
  • Financial situation
  • Military service commitments
  • The political and civil situation of your home country


The Potential Situation In Australia

The department considers your:

  • Strong ties to Australia that provide strong incentives for staying
  • Education provider’s and course’s level of knowledge
  • Previous study and qualifications
  • Living arrangements
  • Financial capacity


Value Of The Course For Your Future

To realize the value of the chosen course for your future, the department considers:

  • Relevance of the chosen course to your prior studies
  • Relevance of the course to employment opportunities in your home country or a third country.
  • Based on your qualifications from the proposed course of study, your expected salary and other benefits in your home country or a third country


Your Immigration History

For your immigration history, the department considers:

  • Prior visa applications for Australia or other countries
  • Refusals or cancellations of visas

The intentions of your parent, legal guardian, or spouse are taken into account while applying for a student visa if you are a minor.


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