Nomination Pathways for 491 Visa in NSW 2022 - 6 Steps to Apply Successfully!

Nomination Pathways for 491 Visa in NSW 2022 – 6 Steps to Apply Successfully!

Breaking news! Applications for nomination pathways in NSW for a Skilled Work Regional Visa are now open. In NSW, Regional Development Australia (RDA) offices work with the NSW Govt. to evaluate nomination applications for a 491 Visa.


A Skilled Work Regional Visa is for skilled migrants who want to work, live and study in the designated regional areas. If you hold this visa, you can stay in the regional Australia for 5 years. Australia’s migration program is entirely under the control of the Federal Govt.


The Federal Government holds the full responsibility of immigration system in Australia. The key responsibilities of the Federal Government include processing visa applications and allocating places across program streams.


3 Nomination Pathways for Subclass 491

Below are the 3 nomination pathways in NSW for a Skilled Work Regional Visa.

  1. Regional NSW-based Direct Pathway
  2. Apply directly to an RDA office
  3. Be Invited by Investment NSW


Read Visa 491 NSW Basic Eligibility – 3 Nomination Pathways! to find out the full details.


6 Steps to Apply for NSW Nomination

Here’re the 6 crucial steps you must follow to apply for NSW nomination for subclass 491.

  1. Complete Application and Submit Documentation
  2. Get to Know Your Region
  3. RDA Confirmation of Receipt of Documentation
  4. Assessment Fee Payment Instructions
  5. RDA Assessment Process
  6. Await Outcome of your Application


1. Complete Application and Submit Documentation

Visit the NSW 491 Application webpage to apply online. You’ll find the application form which you have to complete. You have to provide relevant documentation to back up your claim in the Expression of Interest.


Your documents should be in Zip File Format. Your application will include a question about which RDA you are applying for. Therefore, you must know about it. Moreover, there’s only one RDA region you can apply for.



2. Get to Know Your Region

As the region provides you with the opportunity to obtain a 491 visa and PR in Australia. Therefore, RDA expects you to live and work in the Orana region and contribute positively to its communities. In order to make the most of your visit to Orana, it’s essential that you become familiar with the region. Ensure that the work and lifestyle opportunities it offers are a good fit for you.


3. RDA Confirmation of Receipt of Documentation

Your application and Zip file will be sent to your nominated RDA. Upon receipt of documentation, your RDA will send you a confirmation email. Details regarding payment of your fee will also be provided.


4. Assessment Fee Payment Instructions

Your RDA will email you the payment instructions for your application assessment. Your application requires payment. As soon as your payment is verified, RDA will begin assessing your application.


Skilled Regional State Nominated 491 visa assessments cost AUD $800.00, inclusive of GST. You should be aware that paying your application assessment fee does not guarantee positive results. As a reference, use your Skill Select EOI Number in all communications with RDA.


5. RDA Assessment Process

A complete application will be reviewed in the order in which it is received. Within 8 weeks, applications will probably be processed. After RDA has evaluated your application, it will contact you for additional information. If you don’t submit the required documents or if your application has been rejected, RDA will contact you.


6. Await Outcome of your Application

RDA will refer your application for nomination to the NSW Government. Thereafter, it may take up to 5 working days for the nomination to be processed. SkillSelect will send you an invitation to apply.


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RDA Orana Refund Statement

For the Skilled Work Regional Visa Program, RDA Orana may refund your application fee in limited circumstances. Some of these circumstances are below.


1. If you turn 45 years of age during your assessment process

  • If you have made the payment of your application which is $800 including GST and given proof of payment to RDA Orana.
  • If you turn 45 years old during RDA Orana’s assessment process
  • RDA Orana must close its assessment, declare the application unsuccessful, and reject the nomination as a result.


2. Clerical Billing Error

  • There is a clerical error in RDA Orana’s billing system, or the error is brought to the attention of RDA Orana.
  • When an invoice is incorrectly issued to an applicant. Therefore, he has paid the wrong amount to RDA Orana.


Important Notice!

Application fees or parts thereof will only be refunded in the circumstances outlined above. Refunds will be made on the same terms and to the same account as the original payment. RDA Orana or the NSW Government may issue refunds at their discretion.


Summing Up!

You can apply for nomination pathways in NSW for a 491 Visa now. As the applications are open. There’re 3 nomination pathways for a Skilled Work Regional Visa. We’ve elaborated the 6 important steps you need to follow to apply for the nomination.


If you’re having trouble to apply for the nomination pathway for subclass 491, you can book a consultation with us right now!


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