Stronger Migration Program - Planning Levels for 2022-23!

Stronger Migration Program – Key Points for Planning Levels for 2022-23!

The Albanese Government is committed to supporting a stronger migration program in Australia. It aims to create an efficient immigration system to protect Australians from cybercrime.


In response to the challenges Australians are facing today, these responsible investments have been made. As these investments will help build a stronger and better Australia in the future.


Initiatives to Build a Stronger Migration Program

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a massive skills shortage in Australia. The Australian Government is now taking steps to recover from the damage. In response to this, in Planning levels for the 2022-23 Migration Program, the number of places will jump to 195,000 from 160,000 last year. The goal is to address the skills shortages that have affected various industries due to the pandemic.


Australia is heavily focusing on the Skill stream. It’s estimated that this year’s Migration Program will produce a positive budget impact of $448 million over 4 years from 2022-23.


Funding and Number of Places!

  • There will be an additional $36.1 million in funding over the next 2 years announced at the Jobs and Skills Summit. It will help Home Affairs hire up to 500 staff in order to improve its processing speed.
  • From 2022-23, another $6.2 million will fund outreach and communications. The program will involve an international marketing campaign aimed at promoting migration to Australia.
  • The Albanese Government aims to create a thriving Pacific family. For this purpose, Australia will introduce the Pacific Engagement Visa (PEV) from July next year. It will help to improve the Pacific permanent migration to Australia.
  • Every year, 3,000 places will be available to migrants from Timor Leste and Pacific countries. As part of the permanent migration program, PEV places will be added.
  • From 2022-23, the Australian Government will invest $20 million for the next 4 years in the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). The program will provide flexible delivery and case management to individual students and learners.
  • The Albanese Government is determined to encourage migrants to become proficient in English. As a result, they will be able to fully participate in economic and social life in Australia.


Measures to Improve Cyber Security

Approximately $31.3 million in extra funds will be provided in the October 2022-23 Budget. In addition to the whole-of-government Cyber Hub program uplift, it will offer cyber security services to agencies that have limited resources.


Further, the government will provide $2 million in 2022-23. The funds will be used to help scam victims recover their identities. Funding allocations are part of the Government’s election commitment to prevent scams and cybercrime.


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Investing in Local Multicultural Projects

A total of $6.2 million is being invested in 66 Local Multicultural Projects by the Australian Government. These initiatives will support multiculturalism in Australia by improving the community framework. It will support activities and events in key locations throughout the country. Additionally, multicultural communities will be able to find facilities, services, and places of worship that are ethnically appropriate.


Summing Up!

A stronger migration program is the primary focus of the Albanese Government. It has introduced some initiatives to help the Australians to stay safe from cybercrimes. It’s highly determined to deliver a stronger and safest economy through its migration program.

We’ve penned down the measures to improve Cyber security and investments in the local Multicultural projects by Australia. If you’re still confused about anything, feel free to approach our registered migration agents in Australia!


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