Migration must Build Nation – 3 Statements from Liberal Party!

Migration must Build Nation – 3 Statements from Liberal Party!

Liberal party is in the opposition in Australia. Liberal Frontbencher, Dan Tehan, has argued that stricter controls on migration are necessary to combat a serious labor shortage in the country. He believes that migration must build nation. According to him, the focus of migration should be on building a better Australia, rather than just increasing its population.


Speaking at the National Press Club, he explained that the purpose of migration is to build a nation. However, the Labor government’s policies had totally damaged Australia’s values and principals.


Migration must Build Nation – Statements by Dan Tehan!

Due to skill shortages, the government has increased permanent immigration from 35,000 to 195,000 this fiscal year. Mr. Dan Tehan said that the Labor Party hadn’t outlined how the extra intake would address labor shortages in Australia. He added that the government should focus on keeping Australians employed.


According to Mr. Dan Tehan:

Labor are yet to explain how they can run an uncapped temporary migration program and a capped permanent program, while dangling the carrot of permanent residency to temporary visa holders.


He further added:

To be a success, and bring the population with them, Labor will have to explain why their approach won’t have a negative impact on people’s quality of life, our unemployment rate and the environment.


He said the Labor Party must have had a coherent approach to migration policy. In this way, Australia’s low unemployment rate could have been protected.


In his statement, he expressed:

To be successful, and to bring the nation with them, the Labor government will need to deliver a policy that balances the economic benefits of immigration while being cognisant of its impact on local jobs and skills, community cohesion, economic growth, infrastructure and the environment.



What you’ll end up doing is seeing the pressures coming on for us to diminish our migration intake … the key message is we have to get back to immigration being nation-building.  


Mr Tehan said Australia would lose control of its borders if temporary protection visas were abolished. Moreover, the border control would be lost if offshore processing was stopped.


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Conclusion – Migration must Build Nation!

The Liberal Party has criticized the Labor Party over its decision on increasing the migration intake from 35,000 to 195,000. As Dan Tehan believes that migration should create a better Australia instead of a bigger one. However, the Labor Government seems to be very determined to bring skilled migrants in Australia which can be onshore as well as offshore.


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