Border Smugglers on Crime Agency's Radar – What’s Happening?

Border Smugglers on Crime Agency’s Radar – What’s Happening?

Latest news about border smugglers on crime agency is here. A warning has been issued to organized criminals who smuggle drugs through airports and seaports. As a result of the recent upgrade to maritime security identification cards and aviation background checks, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) now has greater authority to improve background checks.


Let’s see what the agency has to say about it!


Border Smugglers on Crime Agency Radar

According to the agency’s annual report:

This will reduce the ability of individuals with links to serious and organised crime to gain access to our airports, seaports, and other Commonwealth sites.


As a result of changes to the Australian Crime Commission Act, these changes have become possible. As they eliminated the possible risks in the background checking process. In addition, ID cards can no longer be issued to figures linked to organized crime.


As part of the ID card scheme, criminal records were considered more important than criminal intelligence while determining eligibility. The ICAC spokesperson claims it opened the door for people to receive security passes even if intelligence indicated they were linked to serious crimes.


By June 2023, it’s expected that the ACIC will be able to carry out assessments on a full scale. A report by the Australian Federal Police noted concerns about insider threats at airports. As a result of Covid-19-related shutdowns, a large number of airline employees were suspended and dismissed. Those employees include retail, cleaning, catering, and security workers.


The Australian Federal Police reported that the scale of job cuts and gloomy future of the unemployed created a security risk. It was the trusted insider threat caused by the non-return of aviation security identification cards.


Thus, AFP and Home Affairs are conducting more security checks on employees’ ID cards at the major airports in Australia. As it will make it more difficult for criminals to use the cards for illegal activities.


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Conclusion – Border Smugglers on Crime Agency!

The federal government has issued a warning to organized criminal groups that smuggle drugs through airports and seaports. The AFP and the Department of Home Affairs are conducting more security checks. By taking these steps, it will be difficult for potential offenders to misuse the ID cards for criminal purposes.


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