Top 4 Most Liveable Cities in Australia 2022 - Explore Now!

Top 4 Most Liveable Cities in Australia 2022 – Explore Now!

Australian lifestyles are often called a superpower and are envied around the world. Australians enjoy a friendly, relaxed culture that makes establishing a work-life balance easy. Also, nothing compares to the beauty of Australia. Spectacular landscapes, vibrant cities, regional centers, and a professional culture that is inclusive and allows you to enjoy them all.


The top 4 most liveable cities in Australia are included in the world’s top ten viable cities. The most liveable cities in Australia are also affordable, offering lower living costs than most major cities in Asia-Oceania. The world’s top four most vibrant cities were all in Australia in 2021. Australia has one of the oldest cultures among the world’s most multicultural countries.


If you are planning to move to Australia and are eager to know which city you should choose? This article is for you! Here, we will provide you a list of the most liveable cities in Australia and the reasons that make them most alive.


So, let’s start exploring!


1. Melbourne

The Global Liveability Index 2022 has ranked Melbourne as the 10th most liveable city in the world and top of the most liveable cities in Australia.


According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the title is given to the city with the best ratings for infrastructure, healthcare, culture and environment, and stability. Melbourne received a maximum score of 100/100 for education and infrastructure. Additionally, it got excellent marks for peace (95/100) and culture and environment (98.6/100).


Everything in Melbourne is fascinating, including the cloudless skies, the mild temperatures, the trams, the cafes, and the Yarra River. Melbourne has long been popular among immigrants, travelers, and tourists, making it a remarkably multicultural city. With influences from Asia and Europe, Melbourne is often called Australia’s cultural capital. As a result, numerous premium restaurants with food from almost every nation.


2. Sydney

Sydney is the most famous city in Australia thanks to its blue harbor and historic Opera House. Many visitors want to settle there permanently. Sydney is one of the most liveable cities in Australia if you wish to live abroad in a major city.


Sydney’s efficient public transportation system makes getting about the city simple. The town also offers every employment, from specialized careers to temporary employment for a year or 2 on a Work Visa. People hiring for those positions are very welcoming to foreign citizens. Many of them are outsiders as well.


In Sydney, it sometimes seems like summer never ends. Sports, music, and cuisine are always options. Sydney also offers a variety of beaches, from Bondi Beach’s loud nightlife to family-friendly beaches. Sydney is the capital city of Australia, thanks to the Mardi Gras carnival there.


Additionally, there are activities and meetups for international ex-pats in Sydney, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Real estate costs in Sydney are comparable to those in New York City. Sydney is difficult for retirees because of the high expense of living. Instead, a lot of Australians prefer residing on Sydney’s North Shore.


3. Perth

Perth is also one of the most liveable cities in Australia. Perth, the capital of Australia on the west coast, is a significant hub for the mining, oil, and gas sectors. Perth is Australia’s third most popular city for ex-pats due to its booming economy, reasonably priced housing, and similarly prosperous environment. Its connectivity to Asia benefits a thriving tech industry and ex-pats with ties to the region.


In Perth, weekends are for beer, barbecues, and beaches. Yachts and other small boats are numerous in their clear seas. The Fremantle district of Perth contains boutiques and a farmer’s market. Australian plants and animals are in abundance in parks and natural reserves.


You can take day trips or weekends off to see the other West Coast communities. Due to this, Perth is excellent for people who prefer an active, laid-back lifestyle. Perth is a fantastic place to raise a family and establish yourself while working in the Outback.


4. The Gold Coast and Brisbane

For a more laid-back urban lifestyle, consider Brisbane. It is one of the most liveable cities in Australia and the 3rd largest city. Brisbane is a vibrant city that values innovation. The employment market is robust, particularly in the healthcare and hospitality industries.


Brisbane is comparatively an affordable place to live thanks to its high earnings, low rents, and property prices. The temperature in Brisbane is constantly warm to hot. The city offers both lovely, lush suburbs and a bustling downtown. Spend time in Brisbane’s parks beside the river.


You can alternatively travel to the adjacent Gold Coast to see the beach. For active travelers who don’t wish to reside in a big town, the Gold Coast is our top recommendation. Spending a year there on a work visa is enjoyable, assisting other tourists in having pleasure.


The beaches on the Gold Coast are stunning and have great surf. Visitors swarm here to enjoy traditional beach living. Thanks to the fantastic nightlife, markets, and festivals, there is always something to do. Additionally, adopting an active lifestyle promotes health in one of the most liveable cities in Australia, the Gold Coast.


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Final Thoughts!

Australia is the popular choice for thousands of immigrants worldwide. Australia is an ideal place to live and enjoy high living standards. Australia gives all kinds of ex-pats the possibility to live the life of their dreams because of its size and the variety of its land and lifestyle alternatives.


Due to the ongoing political stability and open, diverse society, living in Australia will give you a strong sense of safety and freedom. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index 2022, Sydney and Melbourne are among the top 10 safest cities in the world. And Melbourne is on the top of the most liveable cities in Australia.


Above, we have discussed the top 4 most liveable cities in Australia and their qualities. Is there any city that sparked your interest and appeals to you to move there? If yes, apply now! For seeking more guidance, contact our registered migration agents.


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