Discover 6 cheapest places to live in Australia for International students 2022!

Discover 6 cheapest places to live in Australia for International students 2022!

Students who want a prosperous career have always dreamed of studying in Australia. For those who wish to fulfill this dream, Australia is the obvious choice as one of the few countries offering top-notch education. There are many cheapest places to live in Australia and study there, offering affordable options for students.


Australia is an island country, so many of its goods must be imported overseas, increasing its living costs. As Sydney has the highest cost of living in Australia, it may not be the best choice for students on a tighter budget. International students, however, have many affordable options to choose from.


Knowing how to manage your finances is essential when you move abroad to study or to pursue any other purpose. There are tuition fees, rent, and other everyday expenses to consider. Therefore, if you’re planning on moving to Australia, it’s important to learn about living costs and the cheapest places to live in Australia.

We’ve gathered a list of the six cheapest places to live in Australia in 2022:


1. Canberra

Our list begins with the national capital of Australia. It is one of the best cities for international students to study in Australia due to its 23% student population. It has a variety of cultures that international students enjoy while they are there. In 2019, QS ranked it 23rd among the world’s best student cities.


Also, the cost of living is lower in Canberra than in other major cities in Australia, making it the 1st cheapest place to live in Australia on our list. Let’s look at the top universities in Canberra and their annual costs.


Top Universities in Canberra Popular courses  Annual Fees
Charles Sturt University  Accounting, Agriculture, and Environmental Science AUD 25,000 – 31,000
Australian Catholic University Sports-Related Subjects, Education, Psychology, and Nursing AUD 23,000 – 31,000


2.  Cold Coast 

Gold Coast is one of the cheapest places to live in Australia (89th globally). It is known for its high-standard education and academia and its budget-friendly living. International students will find the Gold Coast the perfect combination of study and social life, with its magnificent beaches and nightlife. With proper housing on university campuses or shared accommodation, you can reduce the problem of spending on rent to some extent, thereby balancing out your budget.


Top Universities on Gold Coast Popular courses Annual Fees
Griffith University Hospitality Management, Nursing, Pharmacy & Business AUD 28,000 – 35,000
Southern Cross University Information Technology Midwifery, Nursing, and Psychological Science AUD$26,800 – 33,000


3. Brisbane

It is one of the cheapest places to live in Australia, but it has a world-recognized education system. This is the third most affordable place, with high-standard living and education. Several of the world’s top universities are there as well. The city offers top-notch education quality at an affordable price, so it’s perfect for people looking for an affordable place to live.


In Brisbane, the following universities are among the most popular. Top universities in Brisbane with famous courses and their annual fee are:


Top Universities in Brisbane  Popular Courses Annual Fees
James Cook University Brisbane Hospitality, IT, and Business AUD 30,400 – 33,000
Queensland University of Technology Communication, Education, Sports-Related Subjects, and Nursing AUD 31,000 – 48,000


4. Adelaide

Although Adelaide is Australia’s fifth most popular city, it still manages to be among the cheapest places to live in Australia for international students. Adelaide is a great city for students who like leisure while learning, known as the city of festivals.


It is impossible for students to get bored with the different events that occur throughout the year. Additionally, many influential people have studied here, including Angelica Cheung, former President of Singapore and Editor in Chief of Vogue China. Therefore, the quality of education can be trusted.


Here are the top universities of Adelaide with famous programs and their annual cost:


Top Universities Popular Courses Annual Fees
University of South Australia  Education, Architecture, Nursing, and Environmental Studies. AUD$ 28,000 – 40,000
Flinders University Education, Nursing, and Sociology. AUD$ 30,000- 39,000


5. Perth

This city is considered the Education City of Australia because it receives the most students worldwide. This city is a favorite among students, including the best transportation system, affordability of life, and quality education.


All these qualities make Perth one of the cheapest places to live in Australia. With the help of highly experienced and qualified teachers, universities in Perth offer top-class education.


Famous universities in Perth with their fee structure are:


Top Universities in Perth Popular courses Annual Fees
Edith Cowan University IT, Business, Performing Arts, and Cyber Technology. AUD 30,000 – 34,000
Murdoch University Agriculture, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies, and Education. AUD$ 26,000 – 33,000


6. Hobart

This region of Australia has incredibly clean air quality in the country. Interestingly, it is Australia’s most reliable and safe city, where people can be around anytime. Consequently, it is considered one of the best and cheapest places to live in Australia for international students.


In each course, each student receives a perfect attorney who can understand it deeply.


Top Universities in Hobart Popular courses Annual Fees
University of Tasmania Environmental Science, Education, and Agriculture. AUD$ 33,000 – 75,000.

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Final Thoughts!

Australia is the dream of thousands of students not only for its quality education but also for the living standards of Australia. Regardless of which city you choose to live in, there are always cheaper accommodation options in Australia, from dormitories to shared apartments or even suburban living versus city living. Australia offers quality education, a lovely culture, and an overall study experience that will be worth your investment.


Are you looking forward to one of the cheapest places to live in Australia? Reach out to our expert advisors at The Migration, who can provide you with the best guidance in choosing the city and university most suitable for your needs.


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