5 Best Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia without a Degree in 2022 - Apply Now!

5 Best Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia without a Degree in 2022 – Apply Now!

No doubt, a degree is a noteworthy accomplishment. For someone who succeeds in getting one, it might also open many doors to a career job. You should pursue getting a degree if you have a certain career in mind that demands it. However, there are many highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree. There is no need to force yourself to seek a job that you genuinely do not want to do if it does not require a degree.


Australia is a country where more and more individuals realize that you may succeed in life without a university degree. The time when having a degree was a requirement for high-paying employment is gone. There are many highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree, and they place more value on experience, skills, and hands-on training than on a piece of paper.


The 5 highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree are listed below:


1. Construction Manager

The increased demand for construction managers is a result of the requirements for their qualifications. They are among the top highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree.


You have 2 options:

  • Enroll in an online building and construction school,
  • Or pursue a construction degree through a university.


A construction manager is someone who is in charge of supervising workers and contractors on construction sites. Therefore, understanding how to organize and manage building projects is necessary.


Diploma Available:

The BSB50420 – Diploma in Leadership and Management aims to provide the knowledge you need to manage and lead others professionally.


You can establish your team leadership, communication, and mentoring abilities while honing them in technical or operational workplace settings. The Australian Business License and Information Service requires registration from any construction manager in Australia before they can do business.


Average Salary:

Australians make an average of $155,000 a year, a significant sum given that a degree is not required.


2. Ethical Hacker

Considering the importance of cybersecurity, ethical hacking is one of the highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree. Becoming an ethical hacker takes two years of information security-related work history and passing the Certified Ethical Hacker test.


Diploma Available:

The Certified Cybersecurity Professional course can help you learn and improve your skills. You will learn about hacking and how to recognize any potential security breaches you may encounter in the course that you take.


A hacker can be found by learning to hack yourself. Ethics hackers are similar to penetration testers, but they perform broader tasks such as detecting and repairing holes in systems.

Average Salary:

Even without a college education, you may make an average of $132,000 yearly.


3. HR Manager

A career in HR might be excellent for you if you enjoy managing people. The creation and coordination of plans to guarantee the staff’s suitability fall under the responsibility of the HR Manager.


Since there is a growing need for HR specialists in Australia, you do not need a degree and can learn while working. HR is a great industry making it one of the highest-paying Jobs in Australia without a Degree.

Diploma Available:

You can enroll in the SB50618 Diploma of Human Resources Management to gain all the necessary advanced abilities, allowing you to rise more quickly into more senior HR professions.


Average Salary:

Australia’s average HR manager salary is $114,902.   


4. Project Manager

Project managers are in high demand in Australia, listing them among the highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree. A project manager supervises their teamwork, ensuring that projects are completed on schedule and yield positive results.


It would help if you are extremely organized and have strong communication skills to succeed in a project management position. Because they frequently have to operate under strict restrictions, project managers are highly valued for their ability to handle pressure.


Diploma Available:

Diploma of Project Management is a top-notch online course that may help you effectively lead and manage a team while also ensuring that project durations and deadlines are met if you want to learn some skills and knowledge to get ready for a job as a project manager.


Average Salary:

In Australia, the annual average salary for a project manager is $122,500.


5. Electrician

Nearly all of our everyday activities rely on electricity. The things we use regularly wear out, whether heating water for a cup of coffee or utilizing powerful machinery for industrial labor. And when they do, we require immediate repair.


Because of this, we will always require the services of electricians, which is probably why they are included in the highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree.


Diploma Available:

A Certificate III in Electro-technology can be earned to be an electrician. For a career as an electrician, it is necessary to complete an apprenticeship program that enables you to specialize in any industry. When you’re finished, you’ll be free to select a job in either the home or industrial sectors.


Average Salary:

The average annual pay for electricians in Australia is $86,731. That is almost twice the minimum wage in Australia ($40,000).



How is it possible to get the highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree?

There was a time when getting an education and selecting from a small pool of jobs were the only ways for someone to have some assurance that they would progress in life. But, in recent generations, notably the last 30 years, it has altered significantly. First off, technology has fundamentally changed the way we live. There are new occupations that didn’t exist when your parents or grandparents were young, but they are now prevalent.


Also, in Australia, there are many professions where your skills and talents matter more than your university degree. The labor markets are much more interconnected, and the economy has increased significantly. Thus, some skills are in more demand and face more competition in Australia. Therefore, getting the  highest-paying job in Australia without a degree has become significant.


Final Words!

Realistically, not everyone gets the opportunity to get higher education or a degree from a high school or university. Also, a chosen career pathway doesn’t always coincide with the requirement for a Bachelor’s degree. But there are numerous highest-paying Jobs in Australia without a degree that don’t demand the time or money that a university degree does.


It is feasible to earn more than the $1,633.80 average weekly earnings with the highest-paying jobs in Australia without a degree. And develop a fulfilling, successful career, even with some basic learning and skills.



As you can see, Australia offers many opportunities for high-paying unskilled professions. Find your niche and begin right away to develop a great career. If you want to apply for the highest-paying Jobs in Australia without a degree, book a consultation with us. We will help you choose the best job that suits your skills and requirements.


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