How to Apply for Medicare Card? - Basic Requirements 2022!

How to Apply for Medicare Card?- Basic Requirements 2022!

Do you want to avail the best medical services in Australia with a Medicare Card? If you’re an Australian permanent resident or citizen, you can apply for it. However, if you don’t have any idea about how to Apply for Medicare Card, don’t worry.


As we’re going to tell you the complete application process for a Medicare Card, its eligibility criteria, how it works and the required documents to apply.


So, let’s get started and see how you can grab your Medicare Card in Australia!


What is Medicare Australia?

The public healthcare program in Australia supported by the Australian Government is known as Medicare. This program provides free and comprehensive healthcare to all citizens.


Medicare is the main source of healthcare funding, providing health care to permanent residents and citizens in Australia.


Residents are entitled to free treatment in public hospitals and discounted care from physicians, nurse practitioners, qualified midwives, and other allied health specialists who have been given a Medicare provider number.


 Who is eligible for Medicare Australia?

Before digging into how to Apply for Medicare Card? Let’s have a look at Medicare’s eligibility requirements. You may apply for this healthcare system if you reside in Australia and meet the following requirements.


If you are:

  • An Australian citizen.
  • A PR holder in Australia.
  • Have applied for PR in Australia.
  • A New Zealand citizen.
  • However, you must either have stayed in Australia for 6 months. Or show documentation indicating that you will live in Australia within the next 6 months.
  • A temporary resident protected by government order.
  • Medicare may be available to people with the new regional provisional visas subclasses 491 and 494.
  • Citizen or a permanent resident of Norfolk Island, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island, or Lord Howe Island.
  • Coming from a country with reciprocal healthcare.



What is Medicare Card, and how does it work?

You need a Medicare card to use public health services. People who register for Medicare are issued Medicare cards.


You can obtain your card if you are 15 years or older. Children under 15 may be mentioned on their parent’s cards. Before knowing how to Apply for Medicare Card, know its services.


Using this card, you can get a variety of medical services. However, Medicare does not offer all health services.


Utilizing a Medicare card, you can,

  • Claim for a paid or unpaid physician’s account
  • Visit a physician who bulks bills.
  • Get medical services as a common patient in a government hospital.
  • Fill a prescription at Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) at a pharmacy.

How to Apply for Medicare Card?

You can either apply at their office or apply online. Online enrollment is available for the Medicare card in Australia. You can fill out a Medicare enrollment form and send it by post or email it to Medicare Enrolment Services along with your supporting documentation.


Your additional documentation does not require certification. You may still submit a paper application to a Medicare office.


Please don’t forget to bring your passport.

  • If you are 15 years old or above, you can apply yourself.
  • If you are under 15, you will be enrolled on your parent’s Medicare card.
  • Newborn babies are automatically registered for this card.


If you want to know more detailed information on how to Apply for Medicare Card, you can visit the Medicare Website, Services Australia!


Documents Required – How to apply for a Medicare Card?

The Department of Human Services (DHS) receives applications, and each applicant must submit the documentation listed below:

  • Medicare enrollment form (available from DHS website)
  • Documents proving your identity, e.g., birth certificate.
  • Travel documents like your passport
  • Detailed evidence of your current visa status, such as:
    1. Receipt of application acknowledgment.
    2. Grant of visa notice.
    3. A printout from VEVO displaying the status of your current visa.


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What does Medicare Australia Cover?

Medicare partially covers your hospital, medical, and pharmaceutical expenses. Your Medicare benefits are determined by the fee schedule established by the Australian government.


An extra amount called a ‘gap payment‘ may have to be paid if a provider charges more than the scheduled fee.


Medicare typically covers:

  • The entire schedule fee for services provided by a doctor
  • 85% of the scheduled payment for additional outpatient services
  • 75% of the expected payment for in-hospital care as a public patient,
  • If you have a lot of medical bills, you can be eligible for a greater payout under the Medicare safety net.


What does Medicare Australia not cover?

Medicare excludes several expenses, including:

  • Private Hospital Charges.
  • Hospital extra charges like dental and physiotherapy.
  • As well as the cost of private patients’ medical devices like spectacles or hearing aids.


To help with these expenses, you might decide to get private health insurance. Your costs for things like spectacles, hearing aids, and mobility aids might be partially covered by private health insurance.


Under the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme, you can also be eligible for free or inexpensive medical aids.


How to Apply for Medicare Card? – Final Words!

Medicare is a national healthcare program in Australia that enables eligible people to receive government-funded healthcare.  Such as bulk-billed medical visits and free treatments.


If you hold a Medicare card, various healthcare benefits are free or low-cost. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), which offers a discount on selected pharmaceutical medication prices, also coincides with Medicare.


You can access the Medicare Card by submitting a registration form available on the Medicare website. And enjoy various Medicare benefits.


Still have any confusion about how to apply for a Medicare Card in Australia? No worries. You can book a consultation with us to get your Medicare Card application done smoothly!


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