Teach for Australia Program in NSW 2022 - Latest News!

Teach for Australia Program in NSW 2022 – Latest News!

In NSW, top university graduates will have the opportunity for paid teaching jobs during their studies. This is a part of the new Teach for Australia Program. The program aims to attract the best students and professionals in their mid-career into public schools in NSW.


According to Sarah Mitchell, the education minister in NSW, this program will highly focus on professionals in mid-career. Teach for Australia is active in Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. It will launch a program where highly talented graduates could get into teaching in New South Wales.


How Many Students Will be Recruited through Teach for Australia Program?

It’s expected that around 50 students will be recruited for a pilot program in 2023 to address the teacher shortages. While they will be placed in public school classrooms in 2024. The Premier of New South Wales, Dominic Perrottet, believes this model can help NSW to identify the right candidates for the classroom more effectively.


Mr. Dominic Perrottet stated:

The modern workforce has changed but pathways into the teaching profession have become more siloed, with students spending most of their time at university and unable to earn an income until they complete their placements. 


Students receive their degree in Master’s of teaching from the Australian Catholic University (ACU) under the Teach for Australia program. While they work in a school in a regional or remote community, low-socioeconomic for 2 years, after studying a few advanced subjects.


According to ACU, the selected applicants receive a salary to teach at 80% of their full-time load while they are completing their degrees. Throughout the NSW program, the principals will play a vital role in carrying out the model at their school.


Statements by Sarah Mitchell on Teach for Australia Model!

Sarah Mitchell, who’s the Education Minister in NSW, says the program will be very focused on mid-career professionals.


As she stated:

Not only do tailored mid-career programs ease the burden of months of unpaid leave, they also provide future teachers with instrumental experience in the classroom – which teachers constantly tell us is where their most valuable learning takes place.


According to Sarah Mitchell:

This is not about cutting corners; it’s about rethinking the way we do teacher training to ensure future teachers have the hands-on experience they need to build their confidence and improve their practice.


In the past, some teachers and unions have criticized the Teach for Australia model. As it was costly and ineffective to attract and keep graduates.


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What did NSW Education Department Say About Teach for Australia?

In 2020, the NSW Education Department opposed the recommendations of a parliamentary report to introduce the program. According to it, there were no clear evidence of its value.


In a statement by the Education Department:

Analysis of the career progression of program alumni indicates that the majority of participants transfer to teach in less disadvantaged schools, and less than half the participants are still in the profession after five years.


As part of the Teach for Australia program, mid-career professionals who wish to become teachers in mathematics, science, technology or applied studies will be able to apply to the government’s fast-track program.


The executive dean of ACU’s faculty of education and arts, Mary Ryan, announced that Teach For Australia and the university would provide regular coaching, guidance, and academic support to the associates during their teaching and study periods.


Mary Ryan said:

Teaching students are telling us they need more flexibility when it comes to acquiring their teaching qualifications as well as more time in the classroom, and this program delivers on both fronts.


They are supported every step of the way and complete one-quarter of their master’s degree before they commence teaching.


Final Words – Teach for Australia Program!

NSW will be offering paid teaching jobs to top university graduates during their studies, under the Teach for Australia program. It’ll be a great opportunity for high achieving graduates and professionals in their mid-career to teach in the public schools in NSW. However, if you want help to apply for a study program in NSW, book a consultation with us right now!


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