Applicants for Permanent Residency – Criticism on Australian Visa System!

Applicants for Permanent Residency – Criticism on Australian Visa System!

Applicants for permanent residency have shared their point of views on visa system in Australia. An applicant from Russia, Marina Shatalova, is trying hard to score enough points to get PR in Australia. As she expressed her disappointment saying that her journey has been so emotional and difficult.


Due to the low unemployment rate, it is now a priority of the federal government to find skilled workers from overseas. The government has promised to make the process of getting permanent residency in Australia easier.


However, many qualified applicants already live in Australia. They are struggling with a complicated visa system. A system in which they receive points according to their educational backgrounds, language skills, work experience, age and other factors. Application processing is faster for those with higher point totals.


Many applicants complain that the application process is difficult and sometimes unfair. There’re times when unexpected changes are made to the goal posts.


So, let’s see the details about what visa applicants for permanent residency have to say about the visa system in Australia!


Applicants for Permanent Residency – Teacher from Russia!

Ms. Shatalova, a teacher from Russia was trying to get a Skilled Independent Visa. She wanted to get PR in Australia for the same profession. All PR applicants have to submit their Expression of Interest. If they score the satisfactory points, the Department of Home Affairs will send them an invitation.


If you’re a 189 visa holder, you’re aren’t limited to work and live in regional areas. You don’t need a sponsor as well. However, you must be under 45 years of age with the skills that Australia needs.


Ms. Shatalova moved to Australia 12 years ago. She is a mother of a 10 year old son. She has completed an Australian teaching degree. Furthermore, she passed both her teaching skills assessment and a test for English proficiency.


She attempted the English test 15 times, spending $400 each time before she achieved a “superior English” result. It made her earn 80 points. She did not hear anything from the government until 2 years after she submitted her expression of interest.


She said:

I am educated, healthy, and paying taxes but was [not] invited to apply for a permanent residency visa even though there has always been a shortage of teachers.


Melbourne based Migration Agent – Applicants for Permanent Residency!

According to Sean Dong, it has been getting very difficult to obtain a Skilled Independent Visa in the past years. Sean Dong is a migration agent based in Melbourne.


He said:

Australia’s immigration system is very complicated.


The benchmark for PR invitation is 65 points but for the past two to three years, 189 visa applicants almost had no invitation even though some of them can reach 95 or 100 points.


In his opinion, Australia’s immigration policies benefited the international education sector. However, it did not serve the needs of migrants or employers.


In his statements, he expressed:

It fails to bring solutions to Australia’s labour market.


In terms of higher-level skilled migrants, we should utilise the employer sponsorship visas to adopt the demand-driven model rather than the supply-driven model.


Australia should grant international students the PR if they can contribute to our society.


PR applicants in Australia have to deal with the high education standards, language proficiency, long waiting periods, and strict work experience requirements. Interestingly, these are not the only challenges they have to face.


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Why PR in Australia Important?

PR in Australia provide you security and access to government entitlements. However, many employers refuse to hire temporary residents. Let’s take an example of Sravan Reddy Palvai from India. According to him, he used to be an Uber driver instead of working as a software engineer. It’s just because he isn’t a permanent resident of Australia.


Mr. Palvai completed his graduation from Charles Sturt University in Melbourne in 2019. He holds a master’s degree in Information Technology. The qualification of Information technology is highly in demand in Australia.


He is one of the visa applicants for permanent residency in Australia. He has 5.5 years of international work experience. Right after completing his graduation, he applied for a 189 Visa. However, he’s waiting to get a response from the government on his application. Mr. Palvai said he had given interviews to many IT companies in Melbourne. However, he did not qualify as he was a temporary visa holder.


Plvai stated:

When I said about my visa condition, they said, ‘Sorry, we are just only looking for permanent residents.


His main reason for coming to Australia was to work in the IT industry.


He further explained:

I used to share all my details with the Uber customers whoever was coming to my car.


I tried to explain to each and every one of them like I’m looking for an IT job. My profile is very strong.


Applicants for Permanent Residency – Final Words!

Many applicants for PR in Australia are waiting for their visas to be granted. Whether it’s a teacher from Russia, a Migration agent or a student, all awaits for the Government to respond to their visa application. They expressed that visa system in Australia is complex and confusing for them.


If you’re struggling to get PR in Australia and need help to speed up the process, book a consultation with us right now!


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