NSW Skilled Migration Update for 2022-23 Program!

NSW Skilled Migration Update for 2022-23 Program!

For the financial year 2022-23, NSW Skilled Migration will be opening very soon. The NSW program has undergone some changes this financial year. You can find the changes for the NSW Skilled Migration Update in this guide.


Find out more about the NSW Skilled Migration Program 2022-23.


NSW Skills List

NSW Skills Lists for both Visa 190 and Visa 491 are currently being updated. The announcements will be made soon.


NSW Skilled Migration Update for Subclass 190!

NSW nominations for the Skilled Nominated visa 190 are by invitation only. Since NSW nomination demand exceeds the number of available places, you must consider all other migration pathways, rather than waiting for an invitation from NSW.


Major Changes to NSW Nomination!

Several major changes have been made to the NSW nomination system this financial year. Here are the key changes.


SkillSelect EOI

You can only submit an EOI for a Visa 190 and NSW through SkillSelect. The submission of EOIs for additional visa subclasses and/or for other Australian states or territories will not be considered.


Requirement for Residency

If you’re applying for NSW, you must be currently living in NSW or offshore. A minimum of 6 months of residency is required.


Offshore Candidates

Based on the NSW Skilled Nominated Skills List, all occupations eligible for a 190 Visa will be considered for offshore candidates. So, this financial year has no excluded unit groups.


Minimum Scores and Experience

In all unit groups, a minimum number of years will be required for skilled work experience. To qualify for NSW nomination, each unit group will have a minimum point score. These minimum numbers will be included as part of the NSW Skilled Nominated Skills List.


EOIs submitted to SkillSelect and the number of places available in each unit group for the financial year determines the minimum numbers. You can not apply for NSW nomination if your score is lower than these numbers.


Any eligibility changes will apply to all SkillSelect EOIs, no matter when they were submitted. Any time without notice, the eligibility criteria may be revised.


NSW Skilled Migration Update – Pathways for Subclass 491!

In this financial year, there will be two pathways to NSW nomination for a 491 Visa. For both pathways, the eligibility criteria are the same.


What are These Pathways? Let’s Find Out!


Pathway 1

You must apply directly to an RDA office in the region where you plan to live and work for at least 3 years. As soon as your visa is granted by Home Affairs, you may apply for it.


To be considered for NSW nomination, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria. You may apply to an RDA office during the financial year until the region reaches its maximum number of places.


Pathway 2

You must be invited to apply by Investment NSW. There will be ongoing invitation rounds during the financial year. However, there will be no fixed date.


If Investment NSW nominates you, you may work and live in any designated regional area of NSW. You can live for at least 3 years after Home Affairs grants you a visa.


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Australian Immigration Latest News 2022 | NSW is Open for Visa 190 & 491 – Eligibility Criteria


NSW Skilled Migration Update – Key Changes!

In this financial year, the following changes have been made to eligibility criteria.


SkillSelect EOI

SkillSelect EOIs must only be submitted for the Skilled Work Regional Visa 491 and NSW. EOIs for additional visa subclasses and/or other Australian states and territories will not be considered.


Residency Requirement

You must either live in NSW or offshore to qualify for NSW. You must be living there for at least 3 months.


Offshore Candidates

For a Skilled Work Regional Visa, offshore candidates are eligible to apply for occupations within unit groups identified on the NSW Skilled Work Regional Skills List. Therefore, no unit groups are excluded this financial year.


Regional NSW Study Exemption

For Pathway 1, you don’t have to meet the minimum work experience requirement. It can be possible if you have finished your studies in regional NSW within the last 24 months before applying to an RDA office.


The study you choose must be relevant to your nominated or closely related occupation. Additionally, you can claim points to Study in regional Australia based on your study in regional NSW. However, it’s still mandatory to meet the minimum points requirement.


NSW Skilled Migration Update – Closing Point!

New South Wales (NSW) is now open for subclasses 491 and 190 in this fiscal year. However, there’re a few changes to the NSW Skilled Migration Program. As for a 190 Visa, you must be living in NSW for the past 6 months. While for 491, you must be living for 3 months in the regional NSW.


There’re many other requirements that we elaborated on in this guide. Are you still confused about the NSW Skilled Migration Update? Well, no worries. You can book a consultation with us to clear up all your confusion.


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