Subclass 190 Supporting Information – Pointers and Latest Updates 2022!

Subclass 190 Supporting Information – Pointers and Latest Updates 2022!

A Skilled Nominated visa 190 is a permanent visa. It’s granted to skilled migrants who want to work in Australia. Before you can apply for a 190 Visa, you need a nomination from Victoria. Victoria has released Subclass 190 supporting information.


When you apply for nomination, you must be living in Victoria, if you are in Australia. If you’re applying for a Victorian Skilled Nomination Visa, you need to know the latest eligibility requirements.


Let’s take a closer look at the details of subclass 190 supporting information released by Victoria.


190 Supporting Information – Living Onshore and Working in Australia!

Living in Victoria and claiming annual earnings in your ROI?


Here’s what you need to do.

  • In your application, you must provide documentation to support all of your claims of earnings.
  • Obtain a copy of your current employment contract, most recent 4 weeks of pay slips, and an extract from your superannuation account. It must include your employer’s most recent contribution and a brief description of your role.
  • You may be asked to submit additional pay slips or employment references during the assessment of your nomination application.
  • You must be claiming earnings from skilled employment in Victoria. Any role that falls into ANZSCO skill levels 1, 2, or 3 is considered skilled employment.


Living Offshore? – See your Requirements!

  • It is important that you must be committed to living in Victoria.
  • Before applying, you must have a valid Skills Assessment.


Additional Eligibility Criteria!

Check  out the eligibility requirements to see if you’re eligible to apply.


Skills Assessment

  • If you want to apply for a 190 visa, you must have a valid Skills Assessment.
  • It is essential that the occupation you nominate in your Skills Assessment matches your Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Your skills assessment must be valid for at least 12 weeks at the time of your nomination application.


Registration of Interest (ROI)

  • You must submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) to be considered for Victorian visa nomination.
  • You will be assessed on the basis of the information you provide in your SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Department of Home Affairs. For your ROI, you will be asked a few questions. You must keep your SkillSelect EOI updated. Your current address must be included in it as well.
  • Applicants who have submitted a Registration of Interest but haven’t received an invitation to apply for Victorian nomination can’t apply.
  • If you live in an Australian state or territory other than Victoria, your Registration of Interest (ROI) will not be selected.
  • The selection of your ROI is not guaranteed.


Age Requirements

In order to be nominated, you must be younger than 45 years old.


190 Supporting Information – English Language Criteria!

  • To be eligible, you must have Competent English at least.
  • To qualify for nomination, your English test must be valid for at least 12 weeks at the time of application.


Points Requirements

You must score at least 65 points required on the Australian Government’s points test. It also includes the 5 points for state and territory nominations.


Commitment to Living in Victoria

  • It is important for you to be committed to living in Victoria.
  • To qualify for nomination, your English test must be valid for at least 12 weeks at the time of application.
  • Transferring a state nomination from one state to another is not possible.


Watch this Video!

Australian Immigration Update | Guidelines & Eligibility for applying Visa 190 & 491 in Victoria


Terms and Conditions!

  • Avoid false and misleading information in your application.
  • Nomination applications containing false information will be refused right away.
  • Your documents are checked for verification. Employers and institutions are contacted directly in order to confirm the authenticity of the documents.


Nomination Refusals

The following reasons may lead to the rejection of your nomination application:

  • If you do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria.
  • When you do not provide sufficient evidence for the claims made in your Registration of Interest. It also includes your partner points, residence in Victoria or your estimated annual earnings.
  • The details your share are incorrect or deceptive.


Subclass 190 Supporting Information – Final Words!

Victoria has released subclass 190 supporting information for onshore and offshore applicants. If you want to apply for a Victorian Skilled Nominated Visa, you must meet its criteria. We’ve penned down all the requirements to make it easy for you to understand.

Do you live outside Victoria and want to apply for a visa 190 in Victoria? Well, you can book a consultation with us to start the application process any time you want.


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