Tasmania Skilled Migration Program – Latest Updates 2022!

Tasmania Skilled Migration Program – Latest Updates 2022!

Tasmania Skilled Migration Program has been updated on August 11, 2022. It involves information about the 2022-23 program opening and the interim nomination allocation received.


Interim Nomination Allocation Received!

For the program year 2022-23, Tasmania has secured an interim skilled visa allocation of nomination places from the Australian Government. According to the Department of Home Affairs, this allocation will be reviewed after the first quarter of 2022-23. As advised by the Department, it should not be thought of as an indicator of the full year’s quota.


Tasmania Skilled Migration Program – Interim Allocations!

The interim allocation for Tasmania includes the following:


Though, if you want to apply to know the application process of subclass 190 and subclass 491, feel free to contact our registered migration agents in Australia!


What is the Opening Date for the 2022-23 Program??

Over the next few weeks, the Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program will open in phases. There’ll be 3 phases of the 2022-23 Program opening.


Let’s discuss these phases.

Phase 1

In the first phase, successful candidates from 2021-22 and those in the Overseas Skilled Occupation Profile pathway will be selected, invited and nominated. International candidates who are interested in Tasmanian nomination should ensure that they have updated EOIs on SkillSelect. They must match those published on the website of Migration Tasmania.


Phase 2

As part of phase two, high-priority ‘Gold Pass’ and ‘Green Pass’ applicants will be allowed to apply.


Phase 3

In the final phase, the program will accept the Registration of Interest from all eligible candidates.


Tasmanian Skilled Employment Pathway for Subclass 491

An error was found in the Priority Attributes for a 491 Visa Tasmanian Skilled Employment pathway. Updates have been made only for that pathway. Minor language changes have been made to some other attributes in each pathway to clarify their purpose.


Tasmanian Onshore Skilled Occupation List – Painting Trades Workers!

Updates have been made to the cautions related to painting trades workers.


They include:

It is required that the employer has operated in Tasmania for at least 3 years. Or, a candidate must have worked in Tasmania for at least 12 months in order to be considered.


Additional Information, Exclusions and Definitions!

As the Migration Tasmanian has received a lot of questions and feedback. Therefore, it has added more information, exclusions and definitions documents. You may find all of this information posted on the Migration Tasmania website soon.


Tasmania Skilled Migration Program – Employment Related to Skills Assessment

As part of a course of study, in-course work placements are not recognized to meet this requirement. As part of the Tasmanian Skilled Graduate pathway, work placements of more than 400 hours are recognized for Orange priority attributes.


Gold Priority Attribute – Employment and Skills Assessment Related to Critical Role

According to a Gold priority attribute, “Skills assessment and related employment included in Critical Roles list”, the applicant must have been employed for at least 3 months before registering interest. It must be in progress at the time the applicant requests for nomination.



In the Established Resident pathway, retail supervisor and management roles will be given consideration and weighted with ANZSCO Skill Level 4 Retail Supervisor.


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Australian Immigration Latest News 2022 | Tasmania Subclass 491 – 2022 23 | Detailed Guide

Combined Courses

  • A variety of courses can be combined to fulfill the 92-week Tasmanian Skilled Graduate requirement only when that combination results in the award of one overall qualification. For instance, a combined Certificate III/IV Commercial Cookery course of 92 weeks is good.


  • It is required that all courses be enrolled at the same time. The Confirmation of Enrolment is issued together as well. Apart from standard term breaks, there cannot be any breaks between courses. Each course in the package must also have genuine progress.


  • You might earn a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy followed by a Graduate Diploma in Public Policy.


  • Having completed a Diploma of Leadership and Management, then enrolled in and completing the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management separately would not satisfy the requirement.


  • For a Tasmanian Established Resident, a graduate who has lived in Tasmania for 3 years may qualify for a 190 Visa Nomination.


Employment Contracts!

Where a contract has not been signed such as casuals who do not have a formal contract), applicants will need to show proof of the job offer and that all pay and conditions comply with the National Employment Standards (NES) and other registered agreements, awards, and enterprise agreements that may be applicable.


Tasmania Skilled Migration Program – Final Words!

On August 11, 2022, Tasmania Skilled Migration Program was updated. The program includes details about the opening of the program in 2022-23, as well as the interim nomination allocation. You can also find out the additional details, exclusions and definitions in this news.


Are you still confused about the latest updates in Tasmania Skilled Migration Program? If yes, don’t waste a second and book a consultation with us right now!


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