Shocking News - About 1000 People Travelled with Fraudulent IELTS Certificates from Gujarat to US & Canada!

Shocking News – About 1000 People Travelled with Fraudulent IELTS Certificates from Gujarat to US and Canada!

In response to a request from US authorities, an investigation in Gujarat, an investigation on fraudulent IELTS certificates was conducted. It has revealed a big fraud. According to the investigation, foreign migration candidates pay a high amount to get IELTS certificates without having a basic understanding of English.


The investigation on fake IELTS certificates was started when a group from Gujarat was arrested by the US authorities for attempting illegal entry. At the time of their court appearance, they were not able to speak English. This is quite shocking that these people got fake IELTS certificates to enter US and Canada.


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Fraudulent IELTS Certificates – Highlights!

  1. This scam of fraudulent IELTS certificates is being run by a man from Mehsana who is in the property business.
  2. It has been reported that at least 950 candidates paid Rs.14 lacs each to fraudulently secure high scores in IELTS in 2022.
  3. An investigation into fake IELTS certificates started when US authorities arrested a group from Gujarat for attempting illegal entry. They couldn’t speak English when they appeared in court.


Scored High on IELTS and Unable to Speak English – Strange!

In May, 6 teenagers were arrested near the Canadian border. As they were trying to reach the US illegally on a boat. They had left Gujarat for Canada just 2 weeks before the US authorities arrested them.


They held student visas and had high scores in IELTS. However, when four of them appeared in court, they were unable to speak English. Consequently, the authorities had to get a Hindi translator to assist them.


According to Mehsana’s Special Operation Group Police Inspector Bhavesh Rathod:

When they were produced before a court in the US, they failed to answer in English the questions asked by the judge. The court had to take the help of a Hindi translator. The court was baffled as these students had scored 6.5 to 7 bands in IELTS, an English proficiency test.


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Rs.14 Lacs Paid for Fraudulent IELTS Certificates

The US Consulate requested the Mehsana police to start an investigation. Investigations have revealed that at least 950 candidates paid Rs. 14 lacs each to fraudulently secure high IELTS scores.


The Role of Exam Centers in Cheating

There is a possibility that the exam center where applicants took the IELTS exam was directly involved. The investigation has confirmed that four students attempted the IELTS test on September 25, 2021, at a center in Navsari town in south Gujarat.


Mehsana’s Special Operation Group Police Inspector Bhavesh Rathod stated that:

The manager of the banquet hall in Navsari, which was hired for the exam, said the exam supervisors had turned off CCTV cameras before the exam. This proves there was no transparency and something was definitely suspicious. The agency which was authorised to conduct the exam is based in Ahmedabad.


Final Words!

The US authorities have arrested a group from Gujarat who attempted to enter the US illegally. The investigations were conducted against them. It was revealed that they were unable to speak English while they had high IELTS scores. At least of 950 candidates are believed to have paid Rs. 14 lacs each for high IELTS scores this year.


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