Migration Queensland Latest Updates - Skilled Workers Living in Queensland!

Migration Queensland Latest Updates – Skilled Workers Living in Queensland!

Migration Queensland is the State Government agency of Queensland. It is in charge of nominating people for business and skilled visas.


Queensland seeks businesses and skilled migrants to come to their great state to work, live, and play. Queensland has a stable economy, a responsible government, a lot of business and job opportunities. It has a clean and safe subtropical environment.


Queensland Skilled Migration Visas

A skilled visa nomination program in Queensland allows people who live and work in the state to stay there and help its economy grow.


Highly-skilled professionals who are working and living in Queensland can also get nominations for the following skilled visas from the state:

  1. Subclass 190 visa
  2. Subclass 491 visa


Both types of visas are based on points.


Candidates must meet Home Affairs’ and Migration Queensland’s criteria as part of the application process. As soon as they get an invitation from Home Affairs, they must also forward a visa application and (EOI) Expression of Interest with SkillSelect.


What is a 190 Skilled Nominated Visa?

Subclass 190 is for skilled workers and Queensland Ph.D. graduates who want to work and live in Queensland permanently.


What is a 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa?

A 491 Visa is a temporary visa. Visa 491 permits the nominated skilled workers to live and work in regional Queensland for 5 years. It’s a pathway to getting PR in Australia.


There are several ways to find employment including:

  • Employed by a single company or more
  • Part-time work at two jobs
  • Establish your own business and operate it yourself.


Want to be Eligible for a 491 Visa? Find your Applicable Regions!

Queensland borders are open for visa 190 and visa 491. So, if you want to apply for a 491 Regional Visa, you must be working and living in one of the following postcodes.


If you currently hold or have applied for a 491 Visa, you can’t apply for a 190 Visa nomination.

  • 4124–4125
  • 4133
  • 4183–4184
  • 4207–4275
  • 4280–4287
  • 4306–4498
  • 4507
  • 4517–4519
  • 4550–4575
  • 4580–4895


Important Notice!

A Skilled Work Regional visa holder or one who has applied for a Skilled Work Regional visa will not be eligible for a 190 Skilled Nominated Visa. Also, the 489 Skilled Regional Visa falls under this restriction.


Those who have been nominated and have applied for Visa 491 from 5 March 2022 should use the above postcodes.


LIN 20/292 would include Queensland postcodes if your nomination or application for Visa 491 was submitted before 5 March 2022. The Gold Coast may not be an eligible region for those who received a 491 Visa before 19 November 2019.


Requirements for Migration Queensland Skilled Workers

Do you want to be eligible for the Queensland nomination? If yes, you must meet the requirements of Home Affairs and Migration Queensland for your selected visa category. As they both have set particular criteria for applicants.


Eligibility Criteria by Home Affairs

  • Score 65 or higher on the points test, including points from your state’s nomination
  • Your nomination must be based on a positive skills assessment
  • Minimum age of 45 is required
  • For 190 and 491 visas, you must be “Competent” in the English language unless your assessment authority requires a higher level.


Eligibility Criteria by Queensland

  • For 491, you must get 65 points or higher on the points test. It must be noted that Migration Queensland will select the candidates who score higher points.
  • Be on Home Affairs’ list of eligible skilled occupations
  • Proficiency in English (IELTS 7 or equivalent).
  • Express your interest in a 491 visa by providing evidence that you have lived in regional Queensland and been employed full-time in your nominated occupation (minimum 35 hours per week) over the past three months.
  • For the next 12 months, you should give evidence that you are still working at least 35 hours weekly for a Queensland-registered employer.
  • To qualify for a 491 visa, the job has to be in a regional area. Obtain a Visa 491 by working and living for 3 years in Queensland.


Cautions about Some Occupations!


1. Accountants (General)

Applicants who work in an accounting department or are studying to become a CPA or CA will be given preference.


2. Auditors

Must have jobs both inside and outside the company (not an Accountant).


3. Chefs and Cooks

No restaurants or fast food places.


Labor Hire Employment

If you work for a labor hire company, make sure they are approved in Queensland. Under the Labor Hire Licensing Act 2017, all the labor hire companies in Queensland must have a license. It includes companies from offshore and interstate that send workers to Queensland.


You will have to prove that your labor hire company meets these registration requirements. The company you are working for must write your Statement of Service.


5 Steps to Apply for Migration Queensland!


Step 1

Before you apply, make sure you meet both the Home Affairs the Migration Queensland’s eligibility criteria. You must check if you have all the paperwork and proof of registration if it’s required for your work.

Step 2

Send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to SkillSelect to be nominated by Queensland. Be sure your EOI includes all the information you need, including your work experience. Applicants who choose “Queensland” as their nominating state will be given more preference.

 Step 3

All EOIs that fulfill the above Home Affairs Immigration Eligibility Criteria and Migration Queensland criteria are evaluated by Queensland. If you’re selected, you’ll get an email to submit an application. You’ll be asked to send the necessary documents as well.


You’ll get a Document Portal link in your invitation email. You must upload your documents digitally through this Document Portal link. Documents sent by email or mail are no longer accepted by Migration Queensland. If you have multiple documents, you can save them in one file.


Step 4

If you’ve been invited by Migration Queensland, you can:

  • Upload all the necessary documents
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee.
  • Payment should not be made before all of your documents have been uploaded and you are invited to apply.


Migration Queensland will look over your application and may ask for further details if needed. Your application must be completed within 14 days after receiving the invitation.


Applications that aren’t completed by the deadline will be closed. You will need to submit a new Expression of Interest to apply for Queensland nomination again.


Step 5

After you receive an invitation to submit your visa application from the Department of Home Affairs, you will be able to know that Migration Queensland has received and approved your application.


If Migration Queensland has received and approved your application, Home Affairs will invite you to apply for your visa. You’ll have 60 days to send them your application.


Important Note!

If you get a nomination and then realize you made a mistake on your EOI, or if you miss the deadline, you will have to wait 6 months before you can try again. It also includes the reason why points were calculated incorrectly. This is for both agents and applicants.


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Migration Queensland Documentation

You can apply for either subclass 491 or subclass 190 if you are currently working in Queensland. Make sure to look over the skilled worker document checklist for Migration Queensland.


 It consists of;

  • Application Form to be nominated by the state
  • Skills assessment
  • You have enough money to settle in Queensland, according to your bank statement.
  • Template for an onshore commitment statement Employment contract for at least one year and 35 hours per week.
  • Licensed or registered teacher’s certificate (for primary and secondary teachers only). Employer reference (statement of service) to prove you have enough work experience. Proof that you live in Queensland. It could be a current lease, a bill, or an Australian driver’s license.
  • A copy of your Queensland worker registration.
  • PAYG/Income Statement or ATO Assessment Notification
  • Passport Bio Page
  • Extract Showing Employer Contributions to Superannuation


Please Ensure before Applying

  • Before you send in an EOI, you should learn about the application process
  • Make sure you satisfy both the Home Affairs criteria and the Queensland criteria for the visa you want and have the required documents ready.
  • If you meet the requirements for state nomination in Queensland, Migration Queensland may ask you to send in more documents.
  • You’ll not be invited to apply if you fail to meet the requirements.


Final Words!

The 190 Skilled Nominated visa is a permanent visa. While the Skilled Regional Visa 491 is a provisional visa that may lead to PR in Australia. The nominations are open frequently by Queensland when there is space in the quotas. So, this is a chance you shouldn’t miss.


Laws about immigration are always changing. Check the Home Affairs Department website to see if there have been any changes that could affect you. If you want to study in Australia, work there, or move there permanently, you have to apply for a Study or Work Visa.


Are you concerned if you’re eligible for the Migration Queensland skilled program or not? If yes, feel free to consult with our registered migration agents in Australia for assistance!


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