491 Visa Tasmania - Latest Eligibility Criteria 2022-23!

491 Visa Tasmania – Latest Eligibility Criteria 2022-23!

The Skilled Work Regional Visa 491 is a provisional visa. 491 Visa Tasmania is for skilled workers to allow them to live and work in Tasmania for up to 5 years. If you’re nominated from Tasmania for subclass 491, you’ll gain an extra 15 points. It’ll help you meet the requirement of 65 points in the points test by Home Affairs.


If the Tasmanian Government nominates you for a 491 Visa, you must live in Tasmania for 2 years after getting your visa. You must also have earned a minimum taxable income for at least 3 years (currently set at AU$53,900) as determined by the Department of Home Affairs.


491 Visa Tasmania – Latest Eligibility Criteria 2022-23!

The Department of Home Affairs has set some requirements for a 491 Visa Tasmania state nomination.


According to the latest eligibility criteria, you must:

  • Be younger than 45 years of age
  • Have nominated an occupation on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations
  • A positive and valid skills assessment for your nominated occupation
  • Be Competent in English language proficiency
  • Pass the Department of Home Affairs points test with at least 65 points


If you think you meet the eligibility criteria but don’t know how to lodge an application, you can book a consultation with us right now!


491 Visa Tasmania – State Nomination Application Fee

You have to pay AUD 220 (GST inclusive) to apply for a Tasmanian nomination. It’s a non-refundable service fee. You will be required to pay the $220 fee to complete the online application process. When you have made the payment, you can submit your application for 491 Visa Tasmania state nomination.


In case your payment is unsuccessful, your application will be saved on the system. It will remain as ‘In Progress” for 2 weeks as long as the payment is made and the application is submitted. You can pay with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) only.


Application Fee is Non-Refundable!

This application fee is non-refundable no matter what the final decision is. A service fee refund will not be provided if your application is denied due to not being eligible, or incorrect/invalid claims in the Registration of Interest. Your application will be refused straight away.


Each application is assessed based on the information and supporting documents provided. Applicants who fail to provide documentation to support their claims in the Registration of Interest, or who do not meet the nomination criteria, will have their applications refused.


What is the Current Status of the Tasmanian State Nomination Program?

The Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination program is temporarily restricted. The starting date hasn’t been set yet. As it’s affected by how the Australian Government allocates the Tasmanian state nomination quota.


How to Apply for 491 Visa Tasmania in 2022-23?

A state nomination and a visa application are two different processes. The Tasmanian Government examines your application for state nomination. While Home Affairs makes a decision on your visa application.


The first step is to create an Expression of Interest on Skillselect. Skillselect is a system of the Department of Home Affairs. It will inform you whether or not you meet the Skilled Migration Visa criteria.


You can register your interest in nomination from the Tasmanian Government on the Migration Tasmania Gateway once you have created your EOI. After that, the highly qualified candidates will be invited to apply for Tasmanian nomination.


You can find out the application process for Tasmanian nomination in the image below.

Application Process

Source: Migration Tasmania


Migration Tasmania Application Gateway – What is it?

The Migration Tasmania Gateway requires you to register your interest before you apply for nomination. You can read and review the details about the nomination pathways and eligibility criteria. You may submit your details in the gateway if you comply with the nomination requirements.


If the gateway hasn’t invited you or given you a Gold Pass, you can’t apply for the nomination. Based on the information you enter, the gateway determines if you meet the nomination requirements and compete against the priority attributes.


Validity of Registrations

The validity period for registrations is 6 months. Here’s what you should know. Applicants will only be invited to apply if they are highly competitive. While there are no charges to register your interest.


Time Period to Apply According to Gold, Green, Orange, and Red Pass!

The application period varies for Gold, Green, Orange, and Red passes. Here’s what you should know.


Gold Pass

Upon receiving a Gold Pass, you can immediately apply for nomination.


Green Pass

When you receive a Green Pass, you cannot apply for nomination straight away. A nomination invitation may be sent to you within the next 6 to 8 weeks. It depends on how many priority attributes you possess and the number of interests the Tasmanian Government has received.


Your registration will expire if you do not receive the invitation to apply within 6 months. To qualify for a nomination invitation, you will need to complete a new registration in the gateway.


Red Pass

A Red Pass means you do not meet our nomination requirements and cannot apply for the nomination.


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Tasmania Major Reasons for Subclass 491 Nomination Refusal & Solutions


Are Multiple Nominations Allowed?

No, multiple nominations aren’t allowed. If you’re granted a Subclass 491, you will not be able to reapply for a Subclass 190 in the future. Subclass 491 is a pathway to PR in Australia through subclass 191. Those who previously received a subclass 489 will need to apply for a subclass 887 visa to get PR.


Do you owe the Tasmanian Government Debts?

If you or any of your family members owe debts to the Tasmanian Government such as for health or education, you must have arranged to pay them back. Family members also include those who do not apply for nomination with you.


It’s not possible for you to be nominated until you have paid the debt or the Tasmanian agency has accepted a payment plan.


491 Visa Tasmania – Closing Point!

For state nomination 2022-23, Tasmania has published a document for the latest eligibility criteria for subclass 491. The document includes data about the application process of nomination and the validity of registrations. In this guide, you can also find out the details of the current status of the Tasmanian State Nomination Program.


To learn more about the Tasmanian state nomination program, you can contact our registered migration agents in Australia!


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