Tasmanian State Nominations - Skilled Migration Program Updates 2022-23!

Tasmanian State Nominations – Skilled Migration Program Updates 2022-23!

For the 2022-23 program year, the Australian Government has yet to confirm the nomination allocation for Tasmania. As soon as the allocation is received, a new set of requirements and processes will be available for the Tasmanian State Nominations Program for Skilled Migration 2022-23.


Tasmania is an attractive destination for skilled migrants. It has a great lifestyle, many career opportunities, and affordable housing. You can find the most reputable schools and universities in Tasmania which are globally recognized.


Tasmania’s skilled migration program is for people who want to move to Tasmania. If you have the skills that Tasmania needs, you can apply for the skilled migration program. The Australian Government offers visa 189, Visa 190, and Visa 491. If you’re a professional worker who wants to relocate to Australia, you can apply for these visas.


So, are you interested to know the most significant aspects of the Skilled Migration Program? Hang on! We’ll describe the main features of the new program for people in different categories.


Let’s get started.


Tasmanian State Nominations – What Does It Have in Store for Graduates?

If you’re a graduate who wants to apply for the new Skilled Migration Program, here’s what you need to know.

  • For Ph.D. students, there’s a permanent pathway.
  • There’re no restrictions on courses or occupations, nor are there any compulsory requirements for employment.


Are you a Skilled Employee? – Find out the new process for you!

  • The list of occupations and employment options for a Skilled Nominated Visa 190 nomination has been expanded.
  • No requirements for occupation for visa 491.
  • Part-time job is permitted to fulfill work experience requirements.
  • The skilled employment pathway involves subcontractors with relevant skills assessments.


New Features for Business Operators!

  • For business operations that started after 15 April 2022, the qualifying time period has been extended from 6 to 12 months.
  • The updated income requirement for personal businesses will be a minimum of 80% of TSMIT (i.e., $43 120).


For Long-term Residents in Tasmania!

  • The new nomination pathway is open to people who’ve lived in Tasmania for a long period and have built a successful career or business.
  • For a subclass 190 visa nomination, a residence period of at least 3 years is necessary. In contrast, a provisional subclass 491 visa requires two years of residence.
  • For 190 visa nominations, business operators must have lived in Tasmania for 2 years. Also, they must have successfully operated their business for 2 years.


For International Candidates!

  • Any candidates with a job offer has no occupation restrictions.
  • More invitations to apply for nomination through SkillSelect if candidates have the skills that Tasmanian businesses need.
  • New industry skills-needs profiles to assist interested candidates to improve their Skillselect Expression of Interest. They’ll have a better chance of receiving an invitation this way.


For All Candidates!

For all candidates for Tasmanian State Nominations:

  • Eligibility requirements have been simplified.
  • Invitation only – Candidates may register interest in Tasmanian nomination through the Migration Tasmania Gateway if they comply with the basic eligibility criteria.
  • Exclusions and exceptions regarding employment and business roles and location of dependants will be more clearly defined.


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Can A State Cancel Your Nomination during the processing of the 190/491 Visas?


Published Priority Attributes – What do they consist of?

Sets of published priority attributes that indicate the additional features required to be competitive. Nominations will only be considered for those candidates who satisfy the competitive requirements.


The published priority attributes will include:

  • Industry and duration of employment
  • Jobs in skilled positions which are essential to the Tasmanian economy
  • The links between skills assessment, study and employment.
  • Salary rates compared with the average and median of Australia
  • The type, nature and duration of study inTasmania
  • Successful completion of a work placement relevant to study
  • Employment opportunities for graduates
  • The duration of the business operation and its success
  • Investments, profits, and levels of business investment in the local employment
  • Stay period in Tasmania
  • English language proficiency
  • Location, stay period, employment and skills of dependants


Processing of the 2021-22 Program Year

Once the 2022-23 program year target is achieved, nominations for successful applicants will be recorded in SkillSelect. All applications submitted in the 2021-22 year will be reviewed according to the nomination criteria for the 2021-22 year.


Tasmanian State Nominations – Final Words!

Tasmania awaits for the Australian Government to confirm it nomination allocation for 2022-23 program year. A new set of requirements and processes will be available immediately after the allocation is received for Tasmanian State Nominations Program for Skilled Migration 2022-23.


We’ve elaborated the key features for graduates, business operators, long-term residents and international candidates. Though, if you learn more or apply for skilled migration in Tasmania, you can book migration consultation with us at any time!


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