Temporary Migration 2022 - Not the Ultimate Answer for Skill Shortage!

Temporary Migration 2022 – Not the Ultimate Answer for Skill Shortage!

Australia’s Prime Minister has stated that PR in Australia for employees would make a huge difference. With the permanent presence of workers in Australia, there’ll be a positive impact on industries facing long-term shortages. Anthony Albanese is of the opinion that temporary migration isn’t the answer to skill shortages in Australia.


Regarding the skills shortages, Anthony Albanese has discussed the issues related to migration and the Australian visa backlog. He said that Australia should provide better pathways for workers to become live in Australia permanently. According to him, the Labor Government had created a massive backlog in Australian visas.


Anthony Albanese has made a statement to reporters that:

It is absurd at a time of skills shortages, there have people who have been waiting for such a long period of time.


We do have some short-term skills shortages that will always need to be filled by temporary migration.


Here’s What Anthony Albanese has to Say about Temporary Migration 2022!

In Anthony Albanese’s view, temporary migration would remain an important factor. However, he also hinted at the possible options of longer or permanent options.


Anthony stated that:

One of the things that we can consider, that I’ve spoken about, is — how is (it) that for some particular professions, that have been short of supply for such a long period of time, we continue to rely on temporary migration rather than more permanent forms?


According to Anthony Albanese, if Australia allows more permanent forms, it would make a huge difference.


He added:

We have a global labour market, we need to acknowledge that.


And we need to make sure that we have better pathways as well to a permanent presence in Australia for people to give us the skills that they need.


Jobs Summit – What is it?

As part of the press conference, he also announced a jobs summit. This job summit is scheduled to be held at Parliament House in September.


As the Prime Minister stated, the Govt. is planning to engage, unions, civil society groups, businesses and other levels of government. According to Mr. Anthony, the summit will bring together business groups, civil society, government officials and unions.


Jim Chalmers’ Thoughts on Jobs Summit?

Jim Chalmers, the 41st Treasurer of Australia, has suggested that the budget for October could include ideas raised at the jobs summit.


He said:

We’ve deliberately chosen to put this jobs and skills summit before the October budget that we’ll be handing down because there may be steps proposed and agreed to at the summit which could be implemented quickly.


We don’t want to pre-empt what may come out of it, but if it’s possible that if there is common ground found and agreement found at the summit, if we can move quickly, we will.


Australia had a challenging time during COVID-19, according to Mr. Anthony Albanese. He said that period of Covid-19 was a once-in-a-generation challenge for Australia.


Regarding this, he made a statement that:

But it opens up as well a once-in-a-generation opportunity for how we grow back stronger from the COVID pandemic.


We also need to have some real discussions about productivity and how we move it forward.


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What is the Agenda of Jobs Summit?

By the end of July, the agendas of the jobs summit will be made public. You can expect that the summit goals will consist of a more skilled workforce and higher incomes. It’ll include better living standards and the availability of better opportunities for more people across the country.


According to Opposition Treasury spokesman, Angus Taylor, Labor failed to provide voters with a complete employment plan before the election.


He stated:

If the government is serious about building genuine consensus behind the summit and the resulting white paper, they must ensure parliamentarians from all parties, including the opposition, have a seat around the table in September.


Individual ministers will also take the lead on work associated with the summit according to their areas of responsibility. Meanwhile, Albanese indicated that no tax policies would be included on the agenda.


The Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary, Sally McManus, expressed hope that systemic issues would be resolved during the talks.


As she said:

We have a chance to build a stronger, more inclusive workforce which will generate the economic growth that we need to recover from the pandemic and share the success of our economy more evenly.


We must rebuild our manufacturing industry and work together to build the skills we need for the jobs of the future.


Jennifer Westacott, chief executive of the Business Council of Australia believes the summit would bring a fresh start to the Australian economy.


She commented that:

Our economy is poised for a world-beating recovery but it hinges on our ability to bring everyone to the table and find common purpose to sustainably drive new investment, productivity and stronger growth.


Temporary Migration 2022 – Closing Words!

Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese believes that temporary migration isn’t the permanent solution to skills shortages in Australia. He supports the idea of permanent residency of workers in the country. As it’ll make a significant difference in Australia. Further, he expressed his opinions on the issue of visa backlogs stating that Australia should provide smooth pathways to immigrants for PR in Australia.


He made his statements during a press conference where he also announced a jobs summit. This summit will likely be held in Parliament House in September. You may find the agenda of this job summit by the end of July. Many spokespersons shared their thoughts on the jobs summit and skills shortages in Australia.


Are you still confused about the jobs summit and want to know what’s cooking? Yes or no? If yes, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


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