Eligibility for NSW 190 Invitation Round 2022 – Updated Information!

Eligibility for NSW 190 Invitation Round 2022 – Updated Information!

Do you want to be eligible for the NSW 190 invitation round 2022? If yes, it’s the perfect place. In New South Wales, a selection-based invitation procedure is used. It’s to ensure that NSW nominees are in line with the state’s skills requirements. You can’t lodge your application for NSW nomination directly.


If we talk about the NSW nomination for Skilled Nominated Visa 190, the competition is extremely high. Invitation rounds continue to take place throughout the fiscal year. Neither the dates are fixed nor are the rounds announced in advance.


How to be Eligible for NSW 190 Invitation Round 2022?

If you want to be selected for an NSW 190 nomination round 2022, you must:

  • Be qualified for a subclass 190
  • Have provided your Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Obtain a valid skills assessment for occupation in an ANZSCO unit group listed on our NSW skilled occupation lists page prior to applying for this visa


Eligibility Criteria for Onshore Applicants

If you’re in Australia, you must be currently living in New South Wales (NSW).


Either you must:

  • Have actually and consistently lived in NSW for the last 3 months
  • For at least 20 hours weekly, you must be working in NSW in your nominated/closely related occupation in a long-term capacity.


Eligibility Criteria for Offshore Applicants

If you’re living outside Australia, you must:

  • Have continually resided abroad for the last 3 months.
  • Hold a valid skills assessment for occupation within an ANZSCO unit group. It must approve the offshore applicants.


Work Experience for NSW 190 Invitation Round 2022

For all occupations within some ANZSCO unit groups, you must have at least 3 years of work experience in your nominated or closely related occupation. Your work experience of 3 years must be considered skilled employment. Though, if you need help to gain work experience in Australia, you can book a consultation with us at any time!


Apply for NSW 190 Invitation Round 2022 – Key Steps!

For completing NSW 190 Requirements, you must:

  • Be sure you’re an eligible applicant for a subclass 190
  • Ensure you meet the minimum requirements by the New South Wales
  • Complete your Expression of Interest (EOI) and make sure your details are valid. It’s not possible to apply to be nominated if you are invited by NSW for using false information in your SkillSelect EOI.
  • Get the invitation to apply in the invitation round. The NSW government will not invite applicants for reasons outside of the normal functioning of an invitation round.
  • Submit your application within 14 days for the NSW nomination
  • Provide evidence to support all points claimed in your SkillSelect EOI and your current residence



NSW Latest List is OUT 2021-22 | Subclass 491 visa & Subclass 190

Why Applications are Declined After Getting an Invitation? – Find it here!

An applicant who’s not eligible to claim all the points in their EOI is commonly declined. An EOI owner is responsible for providing evidence for all claims they make in their SkillSelect EOI.


However, the most common reasons for this include:

  • Getting credentialed community language points when your qualification has expired. To claim these points, you must have a valid CCL certificate on the day you’re invited by NSW to apply.
  • To claim Professional Year points when you’re not eligible. Your professional year must be in your nominated (or closely related) occupation for you to be able to claim these points.
  • Prior to the date when you are considered skilled in your occupation, you can claim points for skilled employment.


Not Meeting the Residency Requirements!

When applying from onshore, you must be living in NSW when you’re invited to apply. You must have lived in NSW genuinely in the last 3 months. Or you must be working in your nominated (or closely related) occupation in NSW for at least 20 hours per week.


On the other side, if you apply from offshore, you must have continuously lived outside Australia for the last 3 months.


Over-claimed Points for Employment!

Your skills assessment may include a date you were considered skilled in your occupation. It means that you can’t claim points for employment prior to that date. It specifically applies to ACS and many VETASSESS assessments.


If your assessment does not show this date, you cannot claim points for skilled employment prior to completing your qualification. Want to know the 190 visa processing time? Then here’s everything you need to know.


190 NSW Invitation round occupation ceilings

An occupation ceiling applies to regional visas and to independent or skilled workers. In other words, the number of EOIs for skilled migration from a particular occupation group will be limited.


 By doing so, the capable migration program can stay balanced and continue attracting prospective migrants across a wide range of occupations.


The ceiling value for each occupation is calculated based on the stock employment percentage. The Australian Bureau of Statistics publishes employment statistics that show the number of people employed in different occupations.


Subclasses of the Business Innovation and Investment visa do not have occupation ceilings.


NSW 190 Invitation Round 2022 – Closing Point!

If you want to be selected for the NSW 190 invitation round 2022, you must meet its requirements. We’ve penned down the key steps to apply for NSW 190 invitation rounds. If you meet the NSW eligibility criteria, you’re welcome to apply. Though, if you’re still confused about the NSW invitation rounds, feel free to book a consultation with us.


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