Authentic Details to be Eligible for a Visitor Visa for Parents Australia? – A Quick Guide 2022!

Authentic Details to be Eligible for a Visitor Visa for Parents Australia?

Not sure if you’re eligible for a Visitor Visa for parents Australia? This might be your last research, as you’ll find the key to what you’re looking for here.


If you’re bored and want to enjoy your vacation in Australia, you can apply for a Sponsored family stream 600. Along with many other visas, the Australian Government offers a Visitor Visa 600 Sponsored Family Stream. It’s a perfect chance for those who want to visit Australia and spend some quality time with their families.


Australia is among the most beautiful destinations in the world. You can spend your vacations in Australia. You can explore its beautiful cities and experience its multicultural society. Tourists get attracted to Australia for its breathtaking landscapes and fascinating wildlife.


If you want to have some quality time with your family, you must apply for a Visit Visa 600. This visa allows you to see your friends and family in Australia. If your children are Australian permanent residents, they can sponsor you to apply for a visa 600.


So, have you made all your plans to visit Australia? If yes, you must apply for the Sponsored family stream 600. However, before that, you need to be eligible to get this visa successfully. With this guide, you’ll get to know how you can be eligible for a Visitor Visa for parents in Australia.


What is a Visitor Visa for Parents Australia? – Let’s Find Out!

A Visitor Visa for parents Australia is for those who’re sponsored by a relative/family member in Australia. If you get this visa, you can visit Australia to see your friends and family. It’s a temporary Visa. With a Visit Visa 600 Sponsored Family Stream, you can remain for up to one year in Australia.


Apply for a Visit Visa in AUD 145 and spend more than 12 months in Australia with your family.


During your holidays in Australia, you can enroll in a course of study as well. However, you can study in Australia for only up to 3 months on a 600 Visitor Visa for parents. The cost of this visa is AUD 145. The Department of Home Affairs might ask your sponsor to provide a security bond. If you’re getting confused about the visa charges or security bond, you can book a consultation with us for help.


Get a waiver on your Visa Application Charge (VAC) for Visit Visa if you’re affected by the Covid-19.


Besides that, charges for biometrics, health checks and police certificates might be required. Interestingly, if you’ve been affected by the Covid-19- travel restrictions, you may get a waiver of the Visa Application Charge (VAC). While you’re applying for this visa, you must be outside Australia. You must be offshore when Home Affairs finalize your visa application.



Can You Work On A Visitor Visa In Australia? | Australian Tourist Visa – Subclass 600


Want to be eligible for a Visitor Visa for Parents Australia? – Continue Reading!

For parents looking to visit Australia, a Visitor Visa is the best option for them. Though, you must meet its requirements to obtain this visa successfully. The Department of Home Affairs has provided some requirements for a Visit Visa for parents in Australia.


If you want to qualify for a Visitor Visa for Parents Australia, you must:

  • Visit Australia as a tourist only.
  • Obey the conditions and stay period mentioned on your visa
  • Have sufficient cash to cover your expenses during your stay in Australia.
  • Have a sponsor
  • Fulfill the requirements for good health and character
  • Make sure you pay your debts to the Australian government. You and your family members must repay or arrange to repay any debt you owe the Australian government.


How long will it take me to get my Visitor Visa for Parents?

Home Affairs deals with all Australian visa applications. It generally prioritizes those applications which completely satisfy its eligibility criteria.


For finalizing the Visitor Visa for Parents Australia, Home Affairs requires:

  • 28 Days for 25% of applications
  • 36 Days for 50% of applications
  • 45 Days for 75% of applications
  • 50 Days for 90% of applications


Since Covid-19 is spreading, visa processing may be delayed. Well, do you want to boost the processing time for your Visitor Visa for parents? If yes, you can book a consultation with us right now!


Visitor Visa for Parents Australia – Closing Words!

Apply for a 600 Visitor Visa for parents Australia and enjoy your holidays with your family. Before that, you must know if you’re eligible for this sponsored family stream or not. We’ve penned down the eligibility criteria for a visitor visa for parents. Still, if you need more guidance regarding the eligibility, don’t worry. Our registered migration agents in Australia will assist you to apply for this visa smoothly.


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