What is the Alternative to Online Marriage Australia? – A Brief Guide 2022!

What is the Alternative to Online Marriage Australia? – A Brief Guide 2022!

Are you finding an alternative to online marriage Australia? As we know, online marriages aren’t allowed in Australia. Therefore, people look for other ways to get hitched with their prospective partners in Australia. As if we go back to 2020, there were strict travel restrictions in Australia. People weren’t able to enter Australia.


So, many people preferred to perform their weddings online. It may be frustrating for some people. The reality is that there’re many benefits to getting married online.


Nowadays, couples are getting married online more and more due to the fast development of the internet. While some may see this as a trend that is not here to stay. Usually, people prefer getting married online in Australia due to travel issues.


For some people, it’s cheaper than a traditional wedding. There’s no need to pay for the location, flowers, or a photographer for your wedding ceremony. You can also save on the cost of a wedding dress by choosing to wear something you already have. Or you can rent a dress instead.


So, what could be the alternative to online marriage in Australia? Let’s find out the solution to marrying your future spouse in this guide.


Online Marriage Australia – What is it?

Online marriage is like when two people tie the knot online through Zoom or skype. Well, in Australia, online marriages aren’t allowed. Your online marriage will not be legal in Australia. Under the Marriage Act 1961, a couple must have a wedding officiant and two witnesses for their marriage.


If witnesses and a celebrant aren’t present at the wedding physically, your marriage will not be recognized in Australia. Read Get Married Online Australia, to find out detailed information on online marriage Australia.


If you can’t travel to Australia at this time and you need to get married as well, you must find a substitute.

What is the Alternative to Online Marriage Australia?

The alternative to online marriage Australia would be proxy marriage. Though, getting married online gives you the flexibility to plan your own wedding ceremony. It’s possible to hold a simple wedding with just the bride and groom. Or you can invite your peers and family members.


Australia doesn’t recognize online marriages. Therefore, you can choose to marry by proxy. A proxy marriage may seem like online marriage. Though, it’s quite different from that. A proxy marriage is one in which a third person signs the marriage papers on behalf of the couple. If you want to get married by proxy and need proper guidance, book a consultation with us right now!


Under Australian laws and rules, the couple must give their personal approvals. Most countries do not allow proxy marriages. However, it’s permitted in Australia. A marriage by proxy is legal in Australia only if it’s legally accepted by the state where it was performed.


People prefer proxy marriages when they can’t travel from or to Australia due to any specific reason. In the past 2 years, the Covid-19 has been the biggest hurdle for international traveling. The Australian borders were closed due to strict travel restrictions in 2020. Therefore, many people chose to marry online or through proxy.



Is Online Marriage Acceptable in Australia for Partner Visa | Difference btw Online & Proxy Marriage

Interested in Getting Married in Australia? – Apply for Visa 300!

The Australian Government offers a Visa 300 to marry your fiancé in Australia. Visa 300 is a perfect opportunity for you to tie the knot with your de facto partner. You can remain in Australia for 9 to 15 months. Though, you must get married within your stay period on a 300 Visa.


A Marriage Visa 300 costs AUD 7,850. This fee is for the main applicants. If your family applies with you, there’ll be additional fees for them. You may also be required to pay for health checks, police certificates, and biometrics. Once you’re granted a visa 300, you have to tie the knot before it expires.


However, you need to meet the requirements for a visa 300. Do you Want to be Eligible for Prospective Marriage Visa Australia 300?


Well, to be eligible for a Prospective Marriage Visa, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or above
  • Be sponsored by your prospective spouse. Your spouse must be an approved sponsor by Home Affairs.
  • Satisfy the character and health requirements
  • Not have ever been denied a visa
  • Not have to pay debts to the Australian Government


Online Marriage Australia – Closing Words!

Australia doesn’t allow online marriage. If you’re planning to marry in Australia online, you can’t do it. Well, you can prefer to marry by proxy. As it’s the best alternative to online marriage Australia.


Further, Australia offers a visa 300 for those who wish to come to Australia to marry their de facto partners. So, if you need help to marry your future spouse legally in Australia, book a consultation with us!


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