How to Boost Skilled Independent 189 Visa Processing Time? – Important Guidelines!

How to Boost Skilled Independent 189 Visa Processing Time? – Important Guidelines!

Do you want to cash your skills in Australia? Well, it could be possible with a Skilled Independent Visa 189. Though, if you’ve already applied for visa 189, you must be waiting for it to be processed. Home Affairs usually processes 189 visa applications within a few months. What if you find the best information to boost your 189 visa processing time?


We’re going to pen down the most important instructions to help you get your visa as soon as possible. Australia offers a Skilled Visa 189 to eligible workers from overseas. If you’re highly skilled in your occupation, you must apply for a visa 189.


Australia is undoubtedly the best destination to live, study and work. Skilled employees can earn a huge amount of money in Australia. Even if you’re an average worker or at an entry-level position in your occupation, you can earn big.


According to, the average labor salary in Australia is around $59,280 per year or $30.40 per hour. A Skilled Independent visa 189 is required to be work as a skilled employee in Australia. By getting this visa, you can become a permanent Australian resident. To get your 189 visas as soon as possible, you need to follow some important guidelines.


Keep reading to find out about a Visa 189 and how long it takes to process.


What is a Skilled Independent Visa?

A Skilled Visa 189 is for international workers with specific skills that Australia needs. It’s a permanent visa. You can live, study and work in Australia permanently with a visa 189. To lodge your 189 Visa application, you must have a job listed on the SOL.


Visa 189 is the best way to get PR in Australia. Your relatives can also apply for PR in Australia with your sponsorship. A Skilled Independent Visa is based on a points test. A visa 189 can only be obtained if you score 65 points for PR or more. To learn more, read the Minimum Requirement for Visa 189 Points.


In order to apply for a 189 Visa, you need to receive an invitation from Home Affairs. If you’ve got the invitation and need further assistance to apply for a skilled visa 189, you can book a consultation with us. After getting your Skilled Independent Visa, you’ll have multiple travel facility.


For five years, you can travel from and to Australia with a 189 visa. Though, this travel facility will end after the initial 5 years on a visa 189. You must apply for a Resident Return Visa to get back to Australia as a PR holder.


Can you apply for a 189 Visa? – Check out the Eligibility Criteria!

Applicants must meet particular requirements to be eligible for a Skilled Independent Visa. Home Affairs has set eligibility requirements for a visa 189.


To lodge an application for a 189 Visa Australia, you must:

  • Submit your (EOI) Expression of Interest via SkillSelect.
  • Receive the invitation by Home Affairs to lodge your visa application.
  • Have a positive suitable skills assessment for your nominated occupation.
  • Be employed in an occupation listed on the SOL.
  • Be under 45 years of age while you apply. If you turn 45 after getting the invitation, you can still apply for this visa. You can’t apply if you turn 45 after submitting your Expression of Interest (EOI) and before receiving the invitation.
  • Qualify the points test with a minimum 65 score
  • Be competent in the English language
  • Meet all the requirements for health and character.
  • Have paid all debts back to the Australian Government if there’re any.
  • Sign the Australian Values Statement if you’re 18 or above. It’s to verify that you’ll respect the Australian laws and way of living.


If you meet the eligibility criteria for a visa 189, it’ll improve the 189 visa processing time as well. As the Department of Home Affairs prioritizes visa applications that fulfill its eligibility criteria.



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What is 189 Visa Processing Time?

Home Affairs processes applications for visa 189 on a case-by-case basis. After you apply, Home Affairs takes a few months to finalize your visa application.


It usually finalizes:

  • 25% of applications within 23 months
  • 50% of applications within 25 months
  • 75% of applications within 36 months
  • 90% of applications within 39 months


How to Boost Skilled Independent 189 Visa Processing Time?

You can boost the 189 visa processing time by fulfilling its requirements. You must submit the complete documents to support your visa application. The Department of Home Affairs often contacts applicants for additional information for their visa application. So, if it contacts you, you must respond to them as soon as you can. Meeting the eligibility criteria and providing complete documents will help a lot to improve your 189 visa processing time.


189 Visa Processing Time – Closing Words!

A Skilled Independent Visa 189 is the best way to migrate to Australia. Apart from working, you can enjoy various facilities of being an Australian permanent resident. However, you must meet the requirements to avoid the delay in 189 visa processing time. If you need more information to apply for a visa 189, you can book a consultation with any time.


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