How to Become a Mechanic in Australia 2022? – Easy Guide for International Students!

How to Become a Mechanic in Australia 2023? – Easy Guide for International Students!

Are you able to perform technical tasks in the automotive industry? If yes, don’t waste your skills and timer anymore. You must join the automotive industry to explore your skills as a mechanic. The question is how to become a mechanic in Australia?


Well, it’s not rocket science though. You can become a qualified mechanic with a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology/Cert IV in Mechanical Diagnosis. You can step into the world of the automotive industry by completing getting this certificate. You can earn big once you start working as a mechanic in Australia.


Australia is among few developed countries with the latest technologies. It designs and manufactures cars from sheet steel to dealer sales. Australia’s automotive industry has more than 100,000 companies. They provide over 400,000 jobs including body repairers, auto electricians and motor mechanics. According to 2022 statistics, there’re 56,835 Automotive Industry businesses in Australia, an increase of 1.2% from 2021.


Australia is undoubtedly a wonderful place to work. It offers great salary packages and other living facilities to skilled workers. So, what’s better than having your dream job in a great country to work in? It’d be a wise move to start your career in the automotive industry of Australia.


Find out how to become a mechanic in Australia with our brief and informative guide.


How to Become a Mechanic in Australia?

You can become a mechanic in Australia with the Automotive Mechanic Course Cert III/Cert IV. The automotive mechanic course is for people who’re passionate to work in Australia’s Automotive Industry. If you love to get your hands dirty under the bonnet of a car, take this course without having a second thought.


This certification allows students to perform a variety of tasks in the light automotive industry. While the Cert IV in Mechanical Diagnosis helps to enhance these skills. Students gain in-depth knowledge of mechanics in Cert IV.


You’ll learn the essential motor mechanics principles during your course. You’ll learn how to identify challenging issues related to petrol-powered light vehicles, electronic engine management, and brake systems.


The duration of the Automotive Mechanic Cert III /Cert IV is 12 to 24 months. You can study this course in Adelaide, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Sydney. You can apply for this course to work in Australia as a qualified mechanic. If you need help with the application process for Cert III/Cert IV, feel free to book a consultation with us.


Requirements for Automotive Mechanic Course!

There’re certain requirements to enroll in the Automotive Mechanic Course. Being an international student, you must meet its eligibility criteria.


To successfully enroll in Cert III/Cert IV, you must:

  • Have completed year 12 in your home country.
  • Score at least a 5.5 in IELTS.
  • Hold or have applied for a Visa 485. As this Graduate Work Stream allows international students to live in Australia after their studies have been completed. You can stay for up to 18 to 24 months with a 485 visa. It will make it easier for you to complete your Cert III/Cert IV in Australia.


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What are the Tasks of Automotive Mechanics?

how to become a mechanic

Mechanics are skilled workers who use tools to produce and repair machines. A mechanic usually specializes in a particular field including motor mechanics, air conditioning and refrigeration, or bicycle mechanics.


As an Automotive Mechanic, you’ll be in charge for:

  • Determining job requirements from drawings and specifications.
  • Bolting, soldering, installing, welding and joining mechanical parts.
  • Fixing and upgrading damaged and faulty parts and reinstalling mechanical equipment.


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Find Out the Potential Outcomes of the Automotive Mechanics Course!

You’ll become a skilled tradesperson in the automotive industry in Australia after completing the Automotive Mechanic course. You’ll be qualified to work in different fields of mechanics.


The areas of mechanics where you can work include:

  • Fix steering systems
  • Workplace security
  • Analyze and restore heavy-duty vehicle systems
  • Maintenance for brakes, vehicle’s cooling system, fuel system
  • Maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • Inspect and restore basic electrical systems
  • Utilize and maintain equipment and machinery in work area
  • Keeping air-braking systems maintained


How Much Mechanics Earn in Australia?

After getting to know how to become a mechanic, people look for the pay scale of mechanics in Australia. An average mechanic in Australia earns around $74,766 per year or $38.34 per hour. Mechanics at entry-level positions earn up to $66,300 per year. While the highly experienced ones can make up to $102,375 per year in Australia.


How to Become a Mechanic in Australia? – Final Words!

Get a jump start on your mechanical career with this trade-level dual qualification  Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology/Cert IV in Mechanical Diagnosis. It will help you start working in the automotive industry in Australia. Following the Automotive Mechanic Course, you will find plenty of career opportunities in specialized diagnostic, servicing, repair, and maintenance roles in Australia.


So, if you want to make money as a mechanic in Australia and need any sort of guidance, get in touch with our registered migration agents in Australia.


FAQs Related to How to Become a Mechanic in Australia

The following are the most commonly asked questions related to how to become a mechanic.

Q1: Is it necessary to have the physical strength to be a mechanic?
A1: Some physical strength is helpful, but it’s not the only requirement.

Q2: Are there any licensing requirements for mechanics in Australia?
A2: No, there is no specific licensing requirement for mechanics.

Q3: Can I start my own mechanic business in Australia?
A3: Yes, you can start your own mechanic business once you have the necessary experience.

Q4: Is there a shortage of mechanics in Australia?
A4: There is a shortage of skilled mechanics in some areas of Australia.

Q5: Are there any ongoing training requirements for mechanics?
A5: It’s important to stay updated with new technologies through continuous learning.

Q6: Can I pursue further education or specialization after becoming a mechanic?
A6: Yes, you can continue your education or specialize in advanced areas of automotive technology.



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