5 Best Australian Regional Areas with Low Cost of Living! – Inclusive Guide 2022!

5 Best Australian Regional Areas with Low Cost of Living! – Inclusive Guide 2022!

Australia encourages overseas students to study in its regional areas. The best part of studying in Australian regional areas is to gain 5 points on the Immigration Points Test. This may increase your chances of getting PR in Australia.


Regional areas of Australia have an affordable cost of living as compared to main cities. They have a relaxed lifestyle and desirable climate. The Australian economy is rapidly progressing with time. So, you can find numerous opportunities to work in different Australian sectors. If you successfully complete your studies, you can apply the Skilled Migration in Australia.


Many overseas students prefer Australia for higher studies. Many regional areas tend to have well-established communities of immigrants. Regional Australia is becoming a popular choice for migration. So, if you want to move to a regional area of Australia for studies, you’re at the right place.


Here’s a list of the 5 best Australian regional areas for international students that offers lower cost of living.


Australian Regional Areas – The Gold Coast

Gold Coast is among the densely populated cities of Australia. It’s popular for its beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and warm weather. Aside from Melbourne and Sydney, Gold Coast is also a preferred choice for overseas students. Almost every year, students from across the world come to the Gold Coast to have a life-changing experience.


Gold Coast has top-class universities and education institutions. Universities on the Gold Coast are highly focused on research and infrastructure. They’re providing a world-class education system. One of the top universities on the Gold Coast includes Bond University, Griffith University and Southern Cross University.


International student can study different trade courses in the Gold Coast. These trade courses include Commercial Cookery, Carpentry, Automotive Heavy Diesel, Painting and Decorating, Solid Plastering, and many others. Further, you can also study vocational courses including Human Resources, Mental Health, Website Development, Aged Care, Sustainable Operations, Travel and Tourism, and many more.



For migration purposes, Perth is recognized as the best Australian regional areas. Perth is close to many stunning locations, with breathtaking views and soft sand beaches to watch beautiful sunsets. It offers a warm, peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.


Perth is known as the regional area. Therefore, international students can now claim extra 5 points in the points test for Australian immigration. They may also apply for a Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa 491. About 2 million people live in Perth. You can find job opportunities in different sectors such as Mining, Service Industry, Tourism, and Healthcare.


Different trade courses are available in Perth for international students. They include Commercial Cookery, Carpentry, Automotive Mechanical and Bricklaying. You can study these courses at The University of Western Australia, Curtin University and Edith Cowan University.



The metro population of Adelaide is about 1.3 million. You’ll find a diverse culture in Adelaide along with a lower cost of living. International students can find numerous work opportunities in Adelaide.


In 2017, Adelaide ranked 4th in the list of most popular study destinations in Australia for international students. Adelaide has a lower cost of living as compared to other cities. You can find numerous job opportunities as Chefs, Mechanics and IT professionals in Adelaide.


University of Adelaide and Flinders University in Adelaide offer trade courses. They include Automotive, Carpentry and Commercial Cookery. If you want to start your career in these fields, you must go for it.


If you need assistance with the application process for trade courses in Adelaide, you can book a consultation with us. Further, you can study vocation courses in Adelaide including Nursing, Business, Community Services, Accounting, and many others.


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The tourism industry contributes significantly to Tasmania’s economy. Therefore, the employment rate within the hospitality industry has always been high. Tasmania has a wide range of job opportunities than other regions. IT and Communications Professionals and Electricians are highly in demand in Tasmania.


Tasmania has a relatively low cost of living compared to other cities. It offers trade courses for international students such as Commercial Cookery and Automotive Mechanical. It also offers vocational courses including Nursing, Business and Leadership Management. You can enroll in the University of Tasmania to study these courses.


The University of Tasmania has ranked first on Climate Action for universities worldwide. It offers international scholarships, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. International students find Tasmania to be one of Australia’s best regional areas. You can choose Tasmania for your studies and career.



One of Bundaberg’s major attractions is its low cost of living. Compared to the rest of Australia, Bundaberg is among the cheapest cities. Bundaberg’s population has steadily increased over the years. The population of Bundaberg is nearly 100,000 now. It’s a popular destination for people from the Philippines, South Africa, Europe, China, and the UK.


Bundaberg offers trade courses in Automotive Mechanical, Engineering Fabrication and Trade. It also offers Nursing as a vocational course. You can find career opportunities in the Tourism, healthcare, and construction industries in Bundaberg.


Australian Regional Areas – Closing Words!

Studying in the Australian regional areas is the best idea. For overseas students, it offers affordable living costs, scholarships, and trade and vocational courses. Depending on your preference, you can study trade courses in a regional area of Australia.


Upon successfully completing the trade course, you can gain 5 points for PR in Australia. So, what are you thinking about? Choose your favorite regional area of Australia and make your dreams come true of studying there. In case of any help, you can contact our registered migration agents for complete guidance.


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