Possible Future New Labor Government Policies in Australia 2022 - What Can You Expect?

Possible Future New Labor Government Policies in Australia 2022 – What Can You Expect?

Anthony Norman Albanese has won the Australian Federal election of 2022. He became the 31st Prime Minister of Australia on 23rd May 2022. The New Labor Government has retaken control in Australia after 9 years. Scott Morrison, the former Prime Minister of Australia has stepped down from his role as a leader of the Liberal Party.


The Australian Prime Minister has been replaced. It may have an impact on Australian immigration policies as well. The Australian residents have many expectations from the new government. People have a lot of expectations and questions on their minds. They’re wondering what kind of influence the new government will have on the Australian immigration policies.


In this opinion-based guide, we’ll briefly explain what can you expect from the new labor government of Australia.


New Labor Government of Australia 2022 – Expectations!

Labor Party of Australia has always supported the reunion of families in Australia. MP Julian Christopher Hill has previously passed his comments on the Liberal Government. The Liberal Government has been accused of shameful discrimination in Partner and Parent visa processing times by the Labor Party in Australia.


MP Julian Hill from Labor Party has shown full support for fairer visa processing time for Parent and Partner visas. He has been criticizing the fact that Partner Visas take longer to process for people from the Middle East. While it takes just a few months for Partner Visas to be finalized if you’re from the United States, Western Europe, or Germany.


Likewise, Labor Party has also been criticizing the policies related to Bridging Visas. According to Mr. Hill, it’s discrimination. In his previous statements, he stated that they’re fully committed to a fairer visa processing system in Australia.


Aspects of Study Visas Processing Times

After 9 years, Labor Party has retaken control in Australia. You can expect that it’ll introduce more improved policies for Australian immigration. Labor Party had also raised its voice for the Temporary Graduate 485 Visa holders in Australia during the lockdown.


You can expect that Labor Party will speed up the processing time for Student Visas. If we talk about the UK, it finalizes Student Visa applications within a few weeks. While in Australia, it takes months to get your Student Visa.


Further, if 485 visa applicants include their partners as subsequent entrants, they also have to wait for months. Likewise, subclass 476 is for recent engineering graduates in Australia. The Liberal Government has unofficially abolished the Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa by increasing its processing time. As it may take almost 2 years to obtain a 476 Visa. So, applicants have no idea when they’ll receive their visa 476.


In our opinion, the new Labor Government needs to improve the visa processing time for immigration.


General Skilled Migration 

The General Skilled Migration Visas also take longer even if Home Affairs has sent the invitation to apply. For instance, Skilled Regional 489 Visas take more than 2 years or more to be finalized. Even if got the invitation and applied for it, you still have to wait for 20 months or more to get this visa. These visa applicants for 489 visas come from both onshore and offshore.


Skilled Work Regional Visa 491

A Skilled Work Regional Visa allows you to stay in regional Australia for five years. It’s a provisional visa for both onshore and offshore applicants. However, you may expect that the new labor government may offer more pathways to apply for PR in Australia. People who meet the visa requirements may be granted permanent residency after a 491 visa on a fast track.



New Australian Immigration Policies? – Labour Government Policy Expectations

Partner Visas Processing Times

The same case is with the processing time of Partner Visas in Australia. Home Affairs takes months to grant you a Partner Visa in Australia. Even if your partner is an Australian permanent resident or citizen, and you meet all the visa requirements, it still takes months to get your Partner Visa.


Expectations from New Labor Government – Final Words! 

It may be expected better and improved Australian immigration strategies from the new labor government. Usually, the government fulfills the expectations of its people. Within the next few months, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese plans to host an employment summit. It’ll bring together the unions, employers, and other organizations to focus on raising productivity, wages, and profits in Australia.


We hope that the new Prime Minister of Australia will introduce some positive changes to the Australian immigration policies.


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