Latest Updates to Apply for a 491 Visa Nomination in 2022 – 3 Major Steps!

Latest Updates to Apply for a 491 Visa Nomination in 2022 – 3 Major Steps!

Good news for immigrants and offshore people! The Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast (RDA FSC) now accepts offshore applications for a 491 Visa. You must have a Registration of Interest (ROI) to lodge your application. Though, you need a 491 visa nomination to be eligible for this visa.


Australia is reopening its borders for offshore people who want to come to Australia. You can live, study and work in Australia with a 491 visa. A Skilled Work Regional 491 Visa allows you to work in the designated regional areas of Australia. You can stay in Australia for 5 years with a visa 491.


New South Wales (NSW) nominations are by invitation only. You need to register your interest on the official website of New South Wales. It’s essential to be considered for the NSW nomination. NSW will select you on the basis of the information you provide when you register your interest.


Applying for 491 Visa Nomination 

From 1st September 2021, this RDA will approve IRN submissions for this program. All IRNs, email applications, or submissions sent prior to September 1, 2021, will need to be resubmitted to be considered.


According to the new arrangement, each RDA will set its own eligible skilled occupations for 491 visa nomination within DOHA and NSW Treasury guidelines. It’ll accept and evaluate the nomination applications as well.


All regions in New South Wales will have the same nomination criteria for a 491 visa. Though, application procedures, eligible occupations, and any additional requirements for some occupations may differ by region.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and significant reductions in Australia’s Migration Program Planning Levels, the possibilities of getting nominated are presently low. You must meet the published nomination criteria to apply for it.



Australian Immigration News 2022 | Regional Visa (SC 491) for Australia is Open For OFFSHORE!


491 Visa Nomination Criteria 

For NSW nomination, you must meet all the requirements in one of the following streams.


These streams include:

  • Working and living in regional New South Wales (NSW)
  • Recently completed study in regional NSW
  • Working and living outside of NSW regional postcode


Any applicant who fails to meet the criteria in one of these three streams may be refused unless otherwise agreed with NSW Treasury.


1. Working and living in Regional New South Wales (NSW)

If you want to be eligible for NSW nomination under this stream, you must:

  • Have a valid skills assessment for an occupation that’s on your nominated region’s occupation list.
  • Have been living in a designated regional area in NSW for the past 12 months at least.
  • You must have been working in the nominated or closely related occupation in the designated regional area of NSW for the last 12 months.


2. Recently Completed Study in Regional NSW 

In order to qualify for NSW nomination under this stream, you need to meet its eligibility criteria. There’re certain conditions under which you can be eligible for NSW nomination.


They include:

  • You must have a valid skills assessment for an occupation that is listed on the nominated region’s occupation list.


You must have finished your studies or education from an education provider where:

  • The study is completed within the last 24 months.
  • The education provider is situated in a designated regional area in the New South Wales
  • As outlined by the Department of Home Affairs from time to time, the study meets the Australian study requirement.
  • Your qualifications through this study have been evaluated as being closely related to your nominated occupation by the relevant assessing authority.
  • You’ve been living in a designated regional area of NSW while completing your studies.


3. I am Skilled in an Occupation Required in Regional NSW

You must hold a valid skills assessment that is on your nominated region’s occupation list.


Apart from this, if you pay your application assessment fee, it does not necessarily mean you will receive a positive result. It is the assessment process that you are paying for, not the consequence.


The assessment process will begin as soon as RDA provides you with ARN (Application Reference Number). Refunds are not possible after the process has begun.


The Division Of Points For 491 Visa

The 491 Visa Application is based on a point system just like any other application for a General Skilled Migration Visa. These points are typically based on the age, education, work history, English proficiency, and Australian education of visa applicants.


The point system for all skilled migration visas has been revised, though, and extra points can now be earned in the following categories:

  • 15 points are awarded to applicants who are sponsored by a member of their family who lives in remote Australia or who is nominated by a State or Territory government.
  • 10 points to the skilled partner or de facto partner.
  • 10 points to the individual who either does not have a partner or de facto partner or does have one who is a citizen or PR holder of  Australia.
  • 5 points will be awarded to candidates who have a partner or de facto partner who is an English-speaking but non-citizen of Australia or a PR holder.
  • 10 points are awarded for various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) accomplishments.


491 Visa Nomination – Final Words!

The Skilled Regional 491 Visa is open for offshore applicants in Australia. RDA – FSC is now accepting offshore applications for a 491 Visa. The NSW nomination for Skilled Work Regional Visa 491 is one of the visa options for skilled migrants.


The Department of Home Affairs offers different Australian visas. These visas include permanent and temporary employer-nominated visas. If you want to apply for these visas, you can book a consultation with us.


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