Top 5 Best Jobs in Australia – Skilled International Workers Must Read!

Top 5 Best Jobs in Australia – Skilled International Workers Must Read!

Are you looking for a job to earn big in Australia? Well, we suggest you stick around. As we’re going to pen down a list of the 5 best jobs in Australia.


Australia offers the highest minimum wages even to the average workers. There’s always a high demand for skilled employees in Australia. The Australian Government provides many job opportunities to people with specific skills that Australia needs. If you’re highly qualified and skilled in your field of occupation, you must apply for a job in Australia.


Australia is a secure and prosperous country to live and work. It has a strong and growing economy which provides enough job opportunities. It has a multicultural society. If you come to work in Australia, you’ll experience different cultures as well. You’ll learn about the Australian workplace and its code of conduct.


You must choose an occupation in which you’re highly skilled. Money should not be your only preference. Your skills matter more than money. You must have the potential to learn new things about your job.


So, let’s dig into the details of the top 5 best jobs in Australia for you.


Top 5 Best Jobs in Australia

Tired of looking for a job in Australia? Hold on, here’s the list of the 5 best jobs in Australia.


1. Medical Professionals

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Australia offers world-class healthcare facilities. It allows students to study specific fields such as Anaesthesia, Surgery, Psychiatry, Dentistry, and more. Australian medical education is exceptional and highly regarded by students.


There’s a wide range of educational opportunities for medical students. If you choose to study medicine in Australia, you’ll have great career prospects. According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), medical jobs are the most highly paid in Australia.


Below are the highly paid professions in the medical field.


  • Surgeons

The average salary of a surgeon in Australia is $191,196 per year or $98.05 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $113,473. While the highly experienced surgeons make up to $202,929 annually. So, if you’re interested in pursuing your career in this field, you can book a consultation with us.


  • Anesthetists

Anesthetists on average level earn around $195,096 per year or $100 per hour in Australia. Starting salaries for entry-level positions are $190,624. Further, experienced workers can earn up to $214,089 per year.


  • Internal Medicine Specialists

The average salary for Internal Medicine Specialists is $154,628 per year or $79.30 per hour in Australia. Entry-level medicine specialists make up to $108,006 annually. While the most experienced workers make up to $235,800 per year. 


  • Psychiatrists

As an average psychiatrist, you can earn up to $201,472 per year or $103 per hour in Australia. If you’re entry-level, your annual salary will be around $184,381. While if you’re a highly experienced Psychiatrist, you can make up to $230,439 per year.


2. Business and Finance

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Are you interested in Business and Finance roles? If yes, then you’ve got a wide range of opportunities in Australia. The financial services sector in Australia is growing with time. You can earn great if you possess the skills required for financial or business in Australia.


Here’s the list of highest paying business and finance positions by ATO in Australia.


  • Financial Dealers

Around 4,500 people work as financial dealers in Australia. An average salary of a financial dealer is around $261,008 per year in Australia.


  • Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors

There’re about 174,000 people in executive management positions. They earn an average income of up to $157,643.


  • Accounting Company Secretaries

As the company secretary, you are responsible for managing the affairs of the company. You can earn an average taxable income of about $128,641 in Australia.


3. Engineering

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Engineers have a broad and bright future in Australia. Engineers are able to take on many different specialized roles. They can prove their skills and knowledge in different fields. Many Australian universities offer engineering courses.


You can pursue a bachelor’s degree to officially work as an Engineer in Australia. Well, you’ve to apply for a Student Visa to pursue this degree. So, if you need assistance to apply for studies in Australia, you can book a consultation with us anytime.


Do you want to know the best jobs in Australia in Engineering? Here’s the list.


  • Mining Engineers

Mining is a vast field in Australia. It offers employment opportunities to over 8,000 engineers in Australia. Average engineers earn around $110,001 annually or $56.41 per hour in Australia. If you’re a highly experienced engineer, you can make up to $150,810 per year. While if you’re on entry-level, you can earn up to $92,498 per year.


  • Engineering Managers

As an engineering manager, you administer, plan, and manage technical and engineering operations in Australia. Australia has more than 25,000 people working in this field. Their average taxable income is $147,451.


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4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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The data and technology industries are rapidly growing in Australia. Therefore, there’s a high demand for ICT professionals. Tech careers are regarded as one of the highest-paying professions. If you’re interested to work in ICT System, ICT Security Architect, or Cloud Engineering, it’d be a great idea. As you can earn a handsome amount in this field in Australia.


Here’s the list of ICT fields where you can choose to work in Australia.


  • ICT Systems Architect

Professionals in this field design, build and test the entire network infrastructure of an organization. The highly complex and technical skills are required for this field. Therefore, ICTT professionals can expect high wages from employers. It’s estimated that an ICT specialist in Australia makes around $139,883 annually.


  • Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineering is one of the best jobs in Australia with high demand. It includes a variety of roles, such as Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Systems Engineer, and Cloud Network Engineer. In Australia, an average cloud engineer has a taxable income of around $112,000 per year.


  • Data Scientist

Most of what these professionals do is gather, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data. They turn this data into a piece of valuable and useful information. Qualified and competent data scientists are highly in demand in almost every sector.


It’s a lucrative profession in Australia. Data scientists in Australia earn an average taxable salary of around $100,000. Are you interested to step into this field? Book your consultation with us for complete guidance.


5. Legal and Judicial Professionals

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The Federal or State Governor or Attorney-General appoints the Judicial and legal professionals in Australia. Trials and court proceedings are handled by these professionals. They further study, interpret, administer, and provide advice according to law.


There’re up to 3,500 workers in the legal industry in Australia, The legal and judicial professionals make an average taxable salary of $195,703. Being a judge is one of the top legal professions for females in Australia.


It’s one of the highest paying and best jobs in Australia. While General Counsel jobs in the corporate sector have an average pay scale between $205,000 and $283,999. It’s way higher than the average income of judges in Australia.


Best Jobs in Australia – Final Words!

We’ve penned down the top 5 best jobs in Australia. While choosing a profession, you must keep in mind that money isn’t everything. You must look for other benefits in a job such as flexible working hours, health benefits and paid leaves.


These benefits may compensate if you earn an average lower salary. So, do you want to apply for a job in Australia? If yes, you can book a consultation with us for complete guidance.


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