2022 Framework Review – Tasmanian State Nomination Program for Skilled Migration!

2022 Framework Review – Tasmanian State Nomination Program for Skilled Migration!

The Tasmanian Government has published a consultation paper. It’s going to introduce some proposed changes to the Tasmanian State Nomination Program for Skilled Migration. Tasmanian State Nomination Program has been operating since 2016 with constant changes.


Many issues have emerged since its introduction that has yet to be resolved. If we talk about these issues, we’ll get to know that:

  • Assessment requirements and processes have become more complex. This has resulted in uncertainty for applicants and complex processes for assessing officers. It has also increased the risk of shady actors taking advantage of prospective applicants.
  • With the focus on full-time employment for employment categories, the Tasmanian Graduate Pathway is the only option for part-time workers. Due to this, students study courses not out of interest but for the sake of migration outcomes instead. Furthermore, employers have expressed their concerns about the quality of training.
  • There’re many applicants in low-skilled employment who lack clear prospects for gaining a skilled career, along with employee churn in some industries. For nomination purposes, applicants have been encouraged to accept fewer conditions for state nomination purposes. There have been situations where employers have relied on the program to meet the lower-skilled labor needs.
  • Existing frameworks tend to reward people moving to Tasmania before assessing their ability to settle.
  • Numerous applications for a limited number of nomination spots, resulting in a large backlog of applications and uncertainty about what will happen to applicants who fulfill the minimum requirements but do not qualify as there’s a lack of nomination places.


What is the Purpose of Changes to the Tasmanian State Nomination Program Framework 2022? 

The goal of the proposed changes is to support the deserving candidates to be nominated for visas 491 and 190.


These changes to the Tasmanian State Nomination aim to:

  • Provide greater clarity for candidates regarding the actions and steps required for a successful outcome.
  • Recognize and reward demonstrated ability and required skills to settle in Tasmania.
  • New framework 2022 aims to be clear, fair and objective.
  • Recognize the value of international education in attracting future skilled migrants to Tasmania while ensuring that applicants do not have to complete studies unnecessarily.
  • Encourage nominees to stay in Tasmania longer, provide proof of settlement in Tasmania, and have greater confidence in future settlement prospects.


New Proposed Framework 2022

The new framework for the Tasmanian State Nomination Program has to be implemented in July 2022. It consists of 6 pathways.


These include:

Tasmanian Skilled Employment 

  • The current categories of nominations for Working in Tasmania will be limited to skilled employment only (ANZSCO Skill Levels 1-3, plus Skill Level 4 occupations in ANZSCO Unit Groups 4231 Aged and Disabled Carers, 4233 Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers and 4234 Special Care Workers).
  • Part-time employment is eligible for nomination to open up more opportunities for candidates who’ve recently completed training or a course of study.
  • A candidate may apply for a Skilled Nominated Visa 190 nomination if they’ve a skills assessment and employment relevant to an expanded list of skilled occupations of strategic importance to Tasmania.


Tasmanian Skilled Graduate 

  • Existing Tasmanian Graduate categories will be restricted to AQF 5 (Diploma) level qualifications.
  • Non-Student visa holders are no longer required to complete a course relevant to a Priority Industry Training and Workforce Development Area.
  • To prove skills and settlement capacity, at least 3 months post-study work experience relevant to the course and skills assessment is required.
  • Qualifications that can’t be combined to meet study duration requirements, such as a Diploma followed by Advanced Diplomas, doesn’t meet the two-year study requirement.
  • The Certificate III and IV courses will be removed from the list of eligible courses. Despite the very strong employment outcomes for these courses, graduates of these programs are likely to be covered under changes to employment or the new residence pathway.


Tasmanian Established Resident

  • New pathways for applicants who’ve lived in Tasmania for a minimum of 2 years for a Skilled Regional Visa 491 and 3 years for a Skilled Nominated Visa 190.
  • Work in ANZSCO 4 for a cumulative 6 months in order to provide a possible pathway to settlement and skilled employment.
  • Offers a pathway for graduates (including Certificate study) or temporary migrants migrating from other places who don’t yet meet other pathways or need more time to establish themselves in Tasmania.
  • Rewarding the long-term and productive settlement in Tasmania.


Tasmanian Business Owner

  • A few changes to the current Small Business Owner nomination category.
  • Increasing the time frame for proving a business’ ongoing success from 6 to 12 months.
  • Link personal business earnings to 85% of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT).


Overseas Applicant (Invitation Only)

  • Removing the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List to replace it with profiles that outline the skills and experience needed by Tasmanian employers in a small number of targeted industries.
  • A candidate whose Expression of Interest on SkillSelect fits the profile will be invited to submit an application for nomination.


Overseas Applicant (Job Offer)

There’re no proposed changes for the Overseas Applicant (Job Offer) category.


Family in Tasmania 

It’s suggested that the current Family in Tasmania category will be removed. Very few applications are submitted to this category each year. In many ways, it duplicates the Family-Sponsored stream of the Skilled Work Regional 491 Visa. 



Australian Immigration Latest News 2022 | Changes in Australian Skill Migration Subclass 190/491


Processing Arrangements

As there’s a high amount of applications surpassing the available quota. Therefore, more than 30% of applications that meet the minimum requirements for consideration have been denied. An application management system called a “gateway” will be introduced to provide further certainty to the applicants.


It’ll ensure that candidates with high chances of getting nominated will be able to apply for a nomination. There’ll be support tools to assist applicants and evaluate their nomination chances.



All nominations made from the start of the program in 2022-23 will be subject to new requirements. Grandparenting arrangements would present significant challenges to caseload management. They would undermine the agenda behind the proposed changes.


In addition to other Australian visa programs, this framework proposes appropriate pathways for eligible candidates. A communication campaign will be launched prior to implementation. As it’ll ensure that the new pathways are clearly explained to applicants, agents, and other key stakeholders.


Comparative Pathway Scenario Examples



Updates on the Tasmanian Skilled Migration Program


Interim nomination allocation received

In the program year 2022–2023, Tasmania has been allocated temporary nomination slots for skilled visas.

According to the Home Affairs Department, it should not be regarded as a representation of the quota for the entire year, after the first quarter of 2022–2023.


Tasmania’s interim allocation consists of:

  • 2000 slots for visa 190 Skilled Nominated.
  • 1350 slots for the Skilled Work Regional 491 visa.


The Opening of the 2022–2023 Skilled Migration Program

Over the next few weeks, the Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program will gradually open in phases.


During this first phase, candidates in the pipeline of Overseas Skilled Occupation Profiles as well as successful applicants “held over” from 2021–22 will be selected, invited, and nominated.


Candidates interested in Tasmanian nomination who are currently living abroad should make sure their Skillselect EOIs are current and accurately represent the profiles listed on the Migration Tasmania website.


Tasmanian State Nomination – Final Words!

The Tasmanian Government is going to introduce proposed changes from July 2022 onwards. The changes will help eligible candidates to be nominated for Visa 190 and 491 visas. Tasmania has published a consultation paper in which it has discussed the proposed changes to the Tasmanian State Nomination for Skilled Migration.


We’ve elaborated all the key points of the consultation paper. If you need more information about the proposed changes, you can book a consultation with us.


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