Best Way to Get PR in Australia - 5 Tips for International Students!

Best Way to Get PR in Australia – 5 Tips for International Students!

Are you an international student willing to settle in Australia permanently? If you’re positive about this, then you must read this guide. As we’re going to pen down the tips and best way to get PR in Australia.


Australia is a dream place for many people in the world. International students choose Australia for higher studies. Australia has a world-class education system with highly qualified staff. Many foreign students prefer living in Australia permanently. As Australia has much more to offer than what you usually expect.


The Australian Government provides rights to work in Australia to international students. Student Visa holders can work along with their studies in Australia. It helps them gain valuable work experience to be a part of the Australian economy. Therefore, many international students prefer to settle in Australia permanently.


In this guide, we’ll share the details of how you can increase your chances of getting PR in Australia.


1. General Skilled Migration (GSM)

The Australian Government offers a Skilled Independent Visa for permanent residence. A Skilled Independent 189 visa is one of the best way to get PR in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs provides a General Skilled Migration program. This program is designed to meet the specific labor market requirements of Australia.


You must meet the Australian study requirements to be eligible for Australian PR. At least 2 years must be spent studying in Australia. It means that you have to complete a two-year degree. You must be under 45 years of age for General Skilled Migration Visas.


General Skilled Migration Program is designed for skilled workers and immigrants. You can work in Australia with GSM visas. These visas include a Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Regional Visa.


Skilled migrants have a high participation rate in the Australian workforce. They play a vital role in improving the economic growth of Australia. It leads to an increase in employment opportunities in Australia. If you meet the general skilled migration requirements, Home Affairs will invite you to apply for a GSM Visas. If you need help meeting the eligibility criteria efficiently, you can book a consultation with us anytime.


2. Get a Post-Graduate Qualification 

You can obtain a higher-level degree such as a master’s or a doctorate. It’ll help you enhance your knowledge and develop skills. You can get 10 points on the General Skilled Migration Program if you do a diploma. While if you hold a Master’s or doctoral degree, you can earn 15 to 20 points, respectively.


3. Stay in Australia after Studies 

If you have completed your studies on a Student Visa in Australia, you can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. It allows you to stay in Australia for 18 months after graduating. During your stay period, you can work in Australia. You can improve your English language skills and gain work experience in Australia. The work experience will help you get extra points on the skilled migration points test.



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4. Enhance Your English Language Skills

If you work on your English language skills, it’ll improve your chances of getting PR in Australia. On the GSM grid, points are awarded based on your English language proficiency. You’ll be assessed according to how proficient or competent your English is. You must qualify for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, or OET to prove your English language proficiency.


5. Get Work Experience to Apply for Skilled Visas

To apply for skilled visas, you must have at least 2 to 3 years of work experience. As work experience will help to gain more points to get permanent residency. Getting work experience is one of the best way to get PR in Australia.


You can apply for Skilled Visas in Australia, including visa 189, 190 and 491. All of these visas are permanent visas. Skilled Visas are based on a points test. If you score at least 65 points, you can be eligible for a skilled visa in Australia. You must also have a valuable work experience in your nominated occupation.


For this purpose, a Temporary Graduate Visa can help you gain work experience. As it lets you stay in Australia for 18 months. So, you’ve enough time to work during this period and gain knowledge about the Australian workplace.


Best Way to Get PR in Australia – Final Thoughts!

Australia offers different visas through which you can settle there permanently. International students can stay in Australia after completing studies. They can apply for a 485 visa to stay for more period. They can gain work experience and be eligible for skilled visas in Australia. It’s the best way to get PR in Australia.


If you successfully obtain a Skilled Visa in Australia, you can live in Australia permanently. Though, if you want to know which skilled visa is suitable for you, you can book a consultation with us right now.


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