Want to know Professional Year Validity for Accounting? - A Guide for Accounting Graduates!

Want to know Professional Year Validity for Accounting? – A Guide for Accounting Graduates!

Looking to make your mark in the field of Accounting in Australia? Well, you can do it. It can be possible with a Professional Year Program. Many students prefer short courses with long-term benefits. So, Professional Year Program can be your best choice. As the Professional Year validity will definitely be suitable for you.


The Australian Government offers a Professional Year Program (PYP) to international graduates in Australia. PYP helps international students to learn practical skills and training. It helps them to improve their skills to enhance their career prospects.


So, what makes you eligible for a Professional Year Accounting? What does PYP has in store for you? Why should you enroll in PYP Accounting? How can it improve career opportunities for you?


Find out all about PYP and Professional Year Validity in this guide.


What is Professional Year Accounting?

Professional Year Accounting was developed by CPA Australia, the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA), and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA). PYP Accounting is for international Accounting graduates in Australia. It’s an excellent opportunity to develop professional skills to start your career in Australia.


Navitas is the only provider that offers the Accounting Professional Year Program in Australia. Navitas is approved by the Professional Accounting bodies to deliver PYP Accounting. Professional Year is a practical pathway from studies to employment for students. The purpose of PYP is to prepare international students for their careers.


What is Professional Year Validity Period?

The professional year validity is 44-weeks. It consists of 32 weeks of classroom study and training. While 12 weeks for internship placement. During the internship, students learn knowledge and skills essential to success in their careers in Australia.


International students get a real taste of Australian work culture through PYP. If you want to settle in Australia permanently, PYP is the best option for you. As you’ll get 5 extra points when you apply for PR in Australia. As it’s pretty challenging to find your first job in Australia. So, the internship will help you gain employment experience. It’ll eventually lead you to get a job with a handsome salary.


Qualify for the Professional Year  Program in Accounting and get 5 extra points on applying for permanent residency in Australia. 


Ready to know what PYP Accounting has in store for you?

If you enroll in Professional Year Accounting, you’ll get to learn a lot of things.


PYP Accounting includes:

  • A 32-week program covering Australian work practices, work-related health and safety issues, business communication skills, and simulated workplace training.
  • 12-week internship
  • During your enrollment period, you will have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning.
  • Free online PTE-A and IELTS test preparation
  • Free workshops and networking events for professional development
  • Transfer options to eight different campuses
  • Continuous career counseling before and during the program and even after the graduation


Why should you enroll in PYP Accounting?

PYP Accounting has a lot of benefits for successful graduates. If you successfully complete your Professional Year Program in Accounting, you will:

  • Gain 5 extra points while applying for PR in Australia
  • Understand the Australian culture
  • PYP adds value to your CV/Resume.
  • Develop your professional skills through the internship.
  • As part of the internship program, you will learn professional skills and receive a Professional Year certificate.
  • Have the opportunity to expand your network with industry professionals.



Can I get Assessment of my degree without Professional Year Program?

How can you be eligible for Professional Year Program?

If you’re interested in applying for the Professional Year Program, you must meet its requirements.


These requirements include:

  • You must have completed a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Engineering, or IT.
  • You must hold or have applied for a Temporary Graduate Visa. As it allows international students to stay in Australia after completing their studies.
  • You can live and study in Australia for up to 18 months with a 485 visa.
  • Hold a positive skills assessment from a relevant skill-assessing authority. Such as ICAA, ACS, CPA, EEA and IPA.
  • You need to prove your English language proficiency.
  • You must have at least a PTE-A score of 50 or an IELTS score of 6.0 in all 4 competencies.


Authorized PYP Accounting Providers

Each authorized Professional Year Program Accounting provider has its own Professional Year Validity.

  • Australian Technology and Management College (ATMC) Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Indus Institute at Toowoomba, Hobart, Brisbane, and Canberra.
  • Professional Pathways at Monash Melbourne.
  • Navitas Professional at Perth, Adelaide, Sydeny, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin.
  • Performance Education in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.
  • Stanley College in Adelaide and Perth.
  • Top University in Sydney.


What documentation is necessary to register for PYP?

The following papers have to be provided to the provider:

  • The certificate of completion from your university
  • Transcript of your academic record
  • An adequate and legitimate IELTS test result with a score of 6.0 in each band, or a score from TOEFL, iBIT, Pearsons,or Cambridge Advanced English
  •  Your ID card.


Professional Year Validity – Final Words!

Professional year validity is for 44 weeks. With 32 weeks of course study and 12 weeks of internship, you’ll develop your professional skills. You’ll learn about the Australian culture and workplace environment.


The professional year program is only for IT, Engineering and Accounting graduates in Australia. If you need a smooth application process for PYP, you can book a consultation with us.


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