Want to know 309 & 100 Partner Visa Processing Time? - Offshore Applicants Must Read!

Want to know 309 & 100 Partner Visa Processing Time? – Offshore Applicants Must Read!

Do you want to apply for a Partner Visa but don’t know how long it’ll take to process? If yes, then don’t worry. We’ve everything you’d love to know about Partner Visa processing time. Let’s start digging.


The Australian Government offers a Partner Visa to people whose spouses live in Australia. It’s a perfect option for you to migrate to Australia. Once you get a Partner Visa, you can stay in Australia permanently. You can enjoy all the facilities being a permanent resident of Australia.


Spouses of Australian permanent residents, Australian citizens and citizens of New Zealand are welcome to apply for Partner Visas 309 and 100. Many people are married to Australians. So, Australia offers Partner visa to reunite those people with their partners.


Partner Visas 309 and 100 are for offshore applicants. These visas are best to apply for if you’re living outside Australia. Well, you’ve to check whether you’re eligible for a Partner Visa as it might affect on your Partner Visa processing time.


In this guide, you’ll get to know all about Partner Visa 309 and 100 and their processing time.


What is Partner Visa 309? 

A Partner Visa 309 is for a de facto partner or spouse of an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. It’s a temporary visa. You can temporarily stay in Australia with a 309 Visa until your permanent Partner Visa 100 is finalized. Your partner can also sponsor you to apply for this visa.


309 Partner Visa allows you to live, study and work in Australia. You can do this until Home Affairs decides on your visa 100 application. Traveling from and to Australia as often as you like with this visa is possible. You can attend free English language classes in Australia. The Adult Migrant English Program provides these classes.


How long does a Partner Visa 309 take to Process? 

The Department of Home Affairs takes a few months to process partner visa applications. It generally processes:

  • 25% of applications within 5 months
  • 50% of applications within 9 months
  • 75% of applications within 21 months
  • 90% of applications within 31 months


Your visa application might take longer to process if you don’t fill out your application correctly. Home Affairs might contact you for further information; make sure you respond to them as quickly as possible.


Partner Visa 100? How Is It Different from Visa 309?

Partner visas 309 and 100 are for applicants outside Australia. The only difference between these two is that one is temporary, while the other one is permanent. Partner Visa 100 is a permanent visa. If you get this visa, you can live in Australia permanently with your partner.


You can lodge a combined application for visas 100 and 309. The cost of a Partner Visa starts from AUD 7,850. This fee is for temporary and permanent Partner Visas both. You become a permanent resident of Australia from the date you’re granted a visa 100.


Enjoy the multiple travel facility for 5 years and get PR in Australia with a  permanent Partner Visa 100. 


Being a 100 visa holder, you can work and study in Australia. This visa is the best option to join your Australian partner in Australia. Visa 100 offers multiple travel facilities as well. You can travel from and to Australia as often as you like for 5 years.


You can apply for Australian Citizenship if you’re eligible. Visa 100 is your way to reunite with your partner and live the rest of your life there. For a hassle-free application process for your Partner Visa, you can book a consultation with us.


100 Partner Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a visa 100 differs from a temporary Partner Visa 309. The Department of Home Affairs takes:

  • 5 months to assess 25% of applications
  • 9 months to finalize 50% of applications
  • 19 months to finalize 75% of applications
  • 29 months process 90% of applications


This Partner Visa processing time may vary according to individual circumstances. Such as, Home Affairs might refuse your visa if you fail to provide complete documents. You must double-check your visa application before submitting it.


How to avoid delays in Partner Visa Processing Time?

Although you cannot speed up the application process, you can avoid making it take longer than needed.


1. Send the proper documents along with your application
The case officer will send you a formal request if you need to send in the right documents with your application. You will either fail to submit your application or it will be delayed. As your Partner visa is being processed, you will also have to keep uploading documents.


2. Provide proof of your genuine relationship
A few years can seem like a long time when you are in a relationship. Your case officer must provide proof that it is still ongoing. Once you have submitted your application, the visa process does not end; it is just the beginning.


3. Organize your documents well
You must be careful when preparing your documents, as you can only attach a certain number of files to an application, so you need to be very organized. Don’t upload too much at the start as you don’t want to run out of space for proof later on if you upload too much at the beginning.


4. Fill in your application completely and correctly
It can be tempting to send in your application quickly or leave sections blank so you can fill them in later, but doing so can hurt your application. and even get you a PIC 4020 penalty, which can keep you from sending in another application for up to three years.



Visa Processing Time – Australian Partner Visa 2022


What Evidence Do You Need for a Partner Visa?

Home Affairs asks for some documents to attach with your visa application are required to attach with your Partner Visa application.


These documents include:

  • Evidence that you have a genuine relationship with your partner/spouse who must be an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand
  • Proof that your partner
  • Identity documents
  • Birth certificate showing the names of both of your parents
  • Pages of your current passport showing your photo, personal information and issue and expiry dates of your passport
  • National identity card
  • Proof of change of a name, including a marriage or divorce certificate. It also includes documents that show other names that you’ve been known by in the past.


What Happens after Partner Visa is granted?

If Home Affairs grants you a Partner Visa, you can enjoy different facilities in Australia. You can look for job opportunities to work in Australia. Get enrolled in Medicare for extraordinary privileges and health benefits. Medicare is the public health care scheme for permanent residents and citizens of Australia.


Partner Visa Processing Time – Final Words!

If you applied for Partner Visas 309 and 100, they’d be processed within a few months. Partner Visa processing time for both subclasses is different. It varies according to your circumstances and visa application. You can travel from and to Australia as many times as you want. e Department of Home Affairs prioritizes applications with complete documents. You’ll get your visa sooner than expected if you meet the eligibility requirements.


FAQs About a Partner Visa

Q1:Why does partner visa take so long to process?
A1: It can take a long time to process an application in a ‘migration program year,’ as the Department receives more applications than it can process.


Q2: Do you have an interview for partner visa?
A2: Yes, the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) conducts phone or in-person interviews with some partner visa applicants and sponsors.


Q3: Does partner visa give you PR?
A3: Yes, a partner visa can give you PR in Australia. The first step is getting a temporary 820 visa followed by a permanent 801 visa which will lead you to PR in Australia.


Q4: Can I stay in Australia while my partner visa is being processed?
A4: While your partner visa is being processed, you can get a visitor visa to stay in Australia. To be eligible, you must prove that you intend to leave Australia after your intended stay ends.


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