Work and Holiday Program for Brazil and Mongolia – Latest News!                         

 Work and Holiday Program for Brazil and Mongolia – Latest News!                         

Are you a Brazilian or Mongolian? If yes, there’s great news for you. The Australian Government opens its Work and Holiday Program to Brazil. It has announced the New Work and Holiday Maker arrangement with Mongolia.


Let’s discuss the details of Work Holiday arrangements in Brazil first.


Work and Holiday Program for Brazil

The New Work and Holiday 462 visa arrangement was signed on March 31, 2022. It allows young Brazilians to work, holiday and study in Australia. Starting on July 1, 2022, the arrangement will allow up to 500 young Brazilians aged 18 and 30 to stay in Australia.


Brazilians will be able to stay in Australia for up to 12 months for a holiday. They can study and work for a short period during their stay period. In the last 20 years, there has been a rapid increase in immigration from Brazil to Australia.


Brazil has been one of the largest sources of international students in Australia before Covid-19. 500 young Brazilians aged between 18 and 30 years can stay in Australia under the new Work and Holiday 462 visa arrangement. 


Migration in Australia has rapidly increased, with 46,450 Brazilian-born residents in 2018. It’s a prominent increase of 800% since 2001. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, Brazil was one of the largest sources of international students in Australia outside Asia and the 5th largest worldwide.


Alex Hawke on Work and Holiday Program

Alex Hawke, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs in Australia, says that visa arrangement strengthens the positive relationship between Australia and Brazil. According to Hawke, Brazilians make up the biggest group of migrants from Latin America in Australia.


He stated:

The new arrangement will support the rapidly growing science, research, education, economic and institutional links between Australia and Brazil. 


A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Work and Holiday Maker was signed following the recent ratification of the Australia-Brazil Science, Research and Technology Agreement. Over 9,000 joint research publications have been published between Brazil and Australia since 2018.


Brazil is Australia’s largest source of immigrants from Latin America.


Minister Alex Hawke added:

Boosting our Work and Holiday program will also provide considerable support to key industries and regional communities as part of focused efforts in our economic recovery.


Working holiday makers generally stay longer, spend more money in Australia and travel further into regional areas than most other international visitors.


Prior to the pandemic, working holiday makers injected around $3 billion into the economy each year, most of which was spent in regional areas.


New Work and Holiday Arrangement with Mongolia

Under the arrangement between Mongolia and Australia, around 100 young Mongolians and 100 young Australians will be able to spend a 12-month holiday in each other’s country. During this period, they can study and work in Australia for a short period.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Alex Hawke signed the first WHM agreement with Mongolia and Brazil on March 31, 2022. Working holiday makers support regional Australia. As they provide local businesses in regional Australia with access to more workers.


12-month holiday in each other’s country for 100 young Australians and Mongolians. Short-term work and study are also allowed for them. 


Working holiday makers fill labor shortages in Agriculture, Hospitality and Healthcare in Australia. They support the critical industries and contribute to the Australian economy.


Alex Hawke on Work and Holiday Program for Mongolia 

Alex Hawke, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs stated:

This reciprocal visa arrangement with Mongolia highlights the vibrant relationship between our two countries.


Australia and Mongolia have much in common. We share democratic values, cooperate on issues such as regional security—and we are committed to further developing our people-to-people links.


It’s estimated that there’re around 6,500 Mongolians living in Australia. Since 1993, over 600 Mongolians have studied on Australia Awards scholarship. Mongolia is home to a significant Australian business community. In addition, Australia has a long history of volunteer work in Mongolia.


Alex Hawke stated:

This arrangement will deepen our ties through the immersive experiences that come from cultural exchange. 


Flood Recovery through Work and Holiday Program

Australia is implementing changes to encourage Working Holiday Makers. The goal is to help communities that have been affected by the flood disasters in Queensland and New South Wales. Alex Hawke announced that work holiday makers supporting flood recovery efforts could include this work while applying for their second and third WHM visas from mid-2022.


Alex Hawke says:

The Australian Government is committed to supporting the northern New South Wales and Queensland communities affected by the flood disaster through new recovery work arrangements. 


Working Holiday (subclass 417) or Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa holders will be able to count paid and volunteer flood recovery work in declared areas as ‘specified work’ for the purpose of applying for a second or third WHM visa. 


This means more Australians will be able to benefit from the skills and support of WHMs as they work to restore their flood affected homes and communities. 


Visas to support Australia’s Post-Pandemic and Flood Recovery

Various visa options and measures have been announced to support Australia’s post-pandemic and flood recovery. These visas include Temporary Work Visa 400, Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482 and Covid-19 Pandemic Event Visa.


Temporary Work 400 Visa (Short Stay Specialist)

This visa is for short-term, highly specialized, non-ongoing work where the skills, knowledge and experience are not reasonably available in Australia. The visa offers priority processing for applicants who prove their involvement with the response to a natural disaster.


Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482

Visa 482 allows Australian employers to hire skilled international workers to fill a position where they couldn’t find suitable Australian workers.



TR or Student Visa expiring? | You want to apply Subclass 408? | Understand Condition 8503

Covid-19 Pandemic Event 408 Visa

A Covid-19 408 visa now allows for extended stays of up to 12 months for temporary visa holders who work or intend to work in any sector of Australia. It includes the flood recovery work as well. WHMs can work in any sector with the same employer for more than 6 months without requesting permission. They’ll be able to do this from January to December 2022.


For international students, work restrictions have been relaxed since January 2022. However, these changes are temporary. The Australian Government will review these temporary arrangements in April 2022.


Work and Holiday Program – Final Words! 

Australia has opened its Work and Holiday Program to Mongolia and Brazil. The WHM program allows mutually beneficial arrangements between Australia and its partner countries. These arrangements allow young Australians to access similar travel and work opportunities overseas.


Currently, Australia’s Work and Holiday program is available in 47 countries around the world. It offers another way for tourists to visit and explore Australia. With the new arrangements, Australia hopes to improve bilateral relations with other nations.


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