How to Boost Student Visa Processing Time? – International Students Must Read!

How to Boost Student Visa Processing Time? – International Students Must Read!

Do you want to get your Student Visa 500 as soon as possible? Well, it’s possible. You need to follow some guidelines to boost the Student Visa processing time.


Australia offers a Visa 500 for international students to study in Australia. They can come to Australia to participate in the course of study. The Department of Home Affairs issues this visa to eligible applicants. It’ll only process your application if you meet the requirements for a Student Visa.


Australia is a beautiful country with lots of opportunities for international students. Its top universities and high-quality education attract students. There’re currently 355,627 international students in Australia for January 2022 period.


The latest technological resources, work opportunities and diversity of education are what every student asks for. Australia has all that an international student could ask for. You can make your dream of studying in Australia come true with a Student Visa 500.


So, what helps your Student Visa to be processed fast? How can you be a perfect candidate for a Student Visa? Keep reading to find out the answers.


What is Student Visa 500? 

A Student Visa is for overseas students who want to study in Australia. You can apply for this visa if you’ve enrolled in the course of study in Australia. It’s a temporary visa. You can study in Australia for 5 years with a 500 Student Visa. You must provide a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) with your visa application.


Your stay period with a Visa 500 depends on the length of your course in Australia. You’ve to leave Australia when your course ends. If you want to continue your studies in Australia, you can apply for a new Student Visa. If you need help applying for a new 500 Visa, you can book a consultation with us.


Stay for 5 years with a Student Visa in Australia or according to the length of your course.


In case your Student Visa expires before you graduate, you might apply for a Visit Visa 600. For this, you need to get a letter from your education provider with your graduation date.


Student Visa allows rights to work in Australia to international students. Once you get your visa, you can work in Australia along with your studies. Visa 500 will enable you to work for 40 hours per fortnight in Australia.


Apply for Visa 600 if your Student Visa 500 expires before your graduation.


Well, Australia has recently announced a Temporary Relaxation of Working Hours for Student Visa Holders. According to new policies, international students can work for unlimited hours in Australia. They can start working before their course starts. However, it’s a temporary arrangement. The Australian Government will review these arrangements in April 2022.


What is Student Visa Processing Time?

You can find the Student Visa processing time according to different sectors in the table below.

Sectors 25% of Applications 50% of Applications 75% of Applications 90% of Applications
Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector 11 days 33 days 75 days 4 months
Postgraduate Research Sector 14 days 35 days 3 months 6 months
Non-Award Sector 1 day 12 days 19 days 29 days
Schools Sector 21 days 36 days 87 days 4 months
Independent ELICOS Sector 6 days 24 days 44 days 14 months
Vocational Education and Training Sector 24 days 87 days 7 months 12 months
Higher Education Sector 11 days 19 days 43 days 6 months


How to Boost Student Visa Processing Time?

The processing time varies according to different sectors. It depends on the individual circumstance. However, you can get your Student Visa faster if you follow some tips and tricks.


To boost the Student visa processing time, you must:

  • Fill out your visa 500 application properly
  • Provide the complete documents required by the Department of Home Affairs
  • Pay the visa application charges
  • Not provide any false or misleading information in your visa application.
  • Respond to Home Affairs as soon as possible if it contacts you for further details.



Is it true that the Processing Time of Subclass 500 will be FAST after the Border Opens?


Can Student Visa be rejected?

Yes, a Student Visa 500 might be rejected. If you don’t submit the required documents or fail to meet visa eligibility. The Department of Home Affairs will refuse your application if you miss a single document. So, it’s very important to double-check the Student Visa 500 Checklist Australia.


Is Australia Student Visa Easy to Get?

Yes, it’s easy to get an Australian Student Visa for Australia. If Home Affairs finds you an eligible candidate, it’ll grant you the visa. You must have the complete documents that Home Affairs asks for. Your enrollment in the course of study in Australia is important. Once you’re enrolled, you can apply for a Student Visa in Australia.


Student Visa Processing Time – Final Words!

Student Visas in Australia take a few months or days to process. A Student Visa processing time depends on different sectors. The Department of Home Affairs prioritizes those applications that have complete documentation.


If your application meets the eligibility criteria by Home Affairs, you might get your visa sooner than expected. To get help meeting the eligibility for a 500 visa, you can book a consultation with us right now!


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