Minimum Requirement for Visa 189 Points – A Must-Read for Skilled Workers!

Minimum Requirement for Visa 189 Points – A Must-Read for Skilled Workers!

Do you want to score well on the Skilled Independent Visa 189 points test? Well, you can do this. Visa 189 is based on a points test. Being a skilled international worker, you must pass the points test to get this visa.


Australia is one of the best countries where you can earn a pretty handsome salary. It provides the highest minimum salaries even to average workers. The Australian Government offers many visa options to people who want to work in Australia.


Skilled international workers can apply for a visa 189 to contribute to the Australian economy. You can obtain permanent residence in Australia with a 189 Visa. All you’ve to do is meet its requirements and qualify for the points test.


In this guide, you’ll get to know about Visa 189 and the minimum visa 189 points for the points test.


What is a Skilled Independent Visa?

A Skilled Independent Visa 189 is for skilled international workers in Australia. It’s offered to people who have specific skills that Australia needs. The Department of Home Affairs invites eligible workers who meet 189 visa requirements. If you get this visa, you can work in Australia on a permanent basis.


You become a permanent resident of Australia from the date you get your 189 visa. As a permanent resident, you can sponsor your eligible relatives to visit Australia. You can also apply for citizenship in Australia if you’re eligible for it.


Work in Australia with Skilled Independent Visa 189 as a permanent resident of Australia. 


While applying for visa 189, you can include your family members in your application. Your family members applying with you must meet the health and character requirements. You must notify Home Affairs if your partner or dependent child is not included in the application. Though, if you need a professional migration consultation for a visa 189, we’re just a click away.


What is the Minimum Requirement for Visa 189 Points?

Skilled Visa 189 is a points-tested stream. To get this visa, you must score at least 65 points on the points test. You need to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect. Its purpose is to let Home Affairs know that you want to apply for this visa. Based on the claims you’ve made in your EOI, you’ll be given an indicative points score in SkillSelect.


The Department of Home Affairs will not grant you visa 189 if you fail to score 65 on the points test. 65 points are the minimum requirement for the points test. If Home Affairs invites you to apply, it’ll inform you of the number of points you must score to be considered for visa 189. It may be higher than 65 points and depends on the claims you make in your Expression of Interest (EOI).


Want to be Eligible for Visa 189 Points? – Check out the Visa Conditions Below!

If you really want to obtain a Visa 189, you need to meet its eligibility criteria. The Department of Home Affairs will grant you this visa if it finds you an eligible candidate.


To be able to get a Skilled Independent Visa, you must:  

  • Have been invited to apply by Home Affairs
  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to notify Home Affairs that you want to apply for a visa 189.
  • Have a suitable skills assessment for your nominated occupation
  • Have an occupation that is part of the relevant Skilled Occupations List.
  • Be under 45 years when Home Affairs invite you. If you turn 45 after submitting your EOI before getting the invitation, Home Affairs will not invite you to apply for a visa 189.
  • A minimum of 65 points must be achieved in the points test.
  • Have competent English at least
  • Meet the health and character requirements.
  • Sign the Australian Values Statement. It’s to confirm that you’ll respect the Australian laws and rules for living.
  • Have no debts to pay to the Australian Government. You must have arranged to return all debts if there’re any.
  • Not have had a visa application refused before


Expression of Interest (EOI), 65 points on the points test, competent English, and  occupation from the eligible Skilled Occupations List are a must to get a Visa 189. 



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How Long Does a 189 Visa Take to Process?

The Department of Home Affairs processes 189 visa applications on a case-by-case basis. Depending on your circumstances, processing times may vary.


If you lodge an application for a visa 189, Home Affairs will take:

  • 59 days to process 25% of applications
  • 5 months to process 50% of applications
  • 24 months to process 75% of applications
  • 35 months to finalize 90% of applications


You can boost the processing time if you submit the complete documents with your visa application. Home Affairs might contact you for more details about your application. Therefore, you must respond as soon as you can.


Applicants with an occupation within the Critical Sector will be highly prioritized. 


It must be noted that points tested visa applications might take longer to process. It’s possible if your occupation isn’t in the Critical Sector of Australia. Depending on the visa subclass, applications are processed at different priority levels. Home Affairs will give your application the highest priority if your occupation is within the Critical Sector.


How Long Does 189 Visa Last?

A Skilled Independent 189 Visa allows you to live indefinitely in Australia. It’s a perfect opportunity to become a permanent resident of Australia. Once you get this visa, you’ll be able to work and study in Australia.


Permanent residency with Skilled Independent Visa along with a 5-year multiple travel facility. 


Visa 189 offers a multiple travel facility as well. It’s possible to travel to and from Australia as often as you wish. This travel facility remains valid for 5 years from the date you get a visa 189. After 5 years, you need to get a Resident Return Visa 155/157. This visa is required if you want to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.


Skilled Independent Visa 189 Points – Final Words!

You can make your dream come true of working in Australia with a visa 189. The Australian Government offers Visa 189 to allow skilled employees to work in Australia. If you obtain at least 65 points in the points test, you’ll be able to get this visa. 65 is the minimum visa 189 points which you must obtain.


The Department of Home Affairs will evaluate your application based on your Expression of Interest (EOI). If you want to make your career in Australia, visa 189 is the best option. It’ll help you become a valuable part of the Australian economy. Moreover, you’ll become a permanent resident of Australia on the date you get a visa 189.


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