Latest Updates on Covid-19 Visa Concessions 2022 - A Quick Guide!

Latest Updates on Covid-19 Visa Concessions 2022 – A Quick Guide!

Have you been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia? If yes, then visa concessions 2022 will surely help you.


Almost every country in the world has been affected by Coronavirus. If we talk about Australia, it had to face labor shortages. However, visa concessions will help attract international students and workers to Australia.


Many international students and skilled workers left Australia in 2020 due to Coronavirus. Australia is making visa arrangements to make things better. People affected by Covid-19 will get concessions on Family Visas, Business Visas, and Temporary Graduate Visas.


This concession period was started on the 1st of February 2020. Though, it’s a temporary arrangement. The Australian Government is reviewing the visa arrangements regularly. Visa concessions target those people who’ve been impacted by the pandemic.


In this guide, we’ll let you know about Australian visas where concessions will be available for you.


Visa Concessions 2022 – List of Australian Visas

The Covid-19 concession period was started on February 1, 2020. If you’ve been impacted by the Covid, you’ll get visa concessions 2022 on the following visas.


Get Visa Concessions 2022 on Family Visas

If you’re in Australia during the Covid-19 visa concessions period and meet the visa criteria, Home Affairs will grant you a visa in Australia.


You’ll get concessions on the Family Visas, which include:


You can also get a Dependent Child Visa 445 from March 5, 2022, whether you’re in or outside Australia. Home Affairs will grant you visa 445 no matter where the visa application was submitted.


Parent Visa Applications Lodged outside Australia 

If you apply for a Parent 103 Visa, Contributory Parent 173 Visa, or Contributory Parent 143 Visa outside of Australia and were in Australia on March 24, 2021, you’ll receive your visa in Australia.


You must meet the visa criteria during the Covid-19 visa concessions period in Australia. Under the current process, if you apply for a visa outside Australia and fulfill the standard visa grant conditions, you’ll be eligible to get the visa outside Australia.


Parent Visa Applications Lodged in Australia

You can obtain an Aged Parent 804 Visa or Contributory Aged Parent 864 Visa in Australia if you:

  • Have lodged the application before 24th of March 2021
  • Were outside Australia on the 24th of March 2021


If you meet all other visa conditions during the Covid-19 concession period, your visa may be issued while you’re outside of Australia. These are temporary arrangements for Parent Visa applicants. They’ll be valid only during the Covid-19 concession period. Though, these arrangements will not affect the processing time for Parent Visa applications.



COVID19 Concessions Partner Visa & Child Visa Australia 2021 | The Migration

Bridging Visas for Parent and Contributory Parent Visa Applicants

During the Covid-19 visa concessions 2022, you may get a Bridging Visa in association with a Parent 103, Contributory Parent 143, or Contributory Parent (Temporary) 173 Visa.


If you want to be eligible for these visas, you must:

  • Apply for a Parent or Contributory Parent Visa before March 24, 2021
  • Apply within Australia
  • Be in Australia on the 24th of March 2021
  • If your visa application hasn’t been finalized.


Your eligibility for a bridging visa subclass depends on your circumstances at the time when you apply for a Parent or Contributory Parent visa. For example, you can apply for or receive a Bridging Visa A if you’ve held a substantive visa when you lodge your visa application.


Suppose you do not hold a substantive visa. In that case, you might not be eligible for a Bridging Visa A. If you submit a paper application for a Parent or Contributory Parent visa at an office outside Australia, you’ll not be eligible for a bridging visa in association with your visa application.


You can apply for a bridging visa by completing Form 1005 Application for a Bridging Visa and posting it to the WA Parent Visa Centre. Emailing the completed form is not recommended. If you send a form through email, it’ll be invalid and can’t be considered.


Visa Concessions for Sponsored Parent (Temporary) 870 Visas

Your Sponsored Parent 870 Visa period has been automatically extended by 18 months if you were outside Australia on July 1, 2021. A Sponsored Parent 870 allows you to stay in Australia for 3 to 5 years. So, visa concessions 2022 will help those 870 visa holders who couldn’t stay for 3 to 5 years due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.


This concession will extend your visa for an additional 18 months without counting that time towards the 10-year stay period. Moreover, sponsorship obligations for sponsors of 870 visas have also been extended for up to 18 months.


Visa Concessions 2022 – Final Words!

The Australian Government has made a few amendments to some Australian visas. Some of them are business visas, family visas, skilled visas, and temporary graduate visas. Visa concessions 2022 aim to support people who’ve been affected by the Covid-19 travel restrictions in Australia. Though, if you want to be eligible for visa concessions in Australia, feel free to contact us anytime.


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