Want a Tourist Visa Extension Australia? - A Helpful Guide for International Tourists

Want a Tourist Visa Extension Australia in 2022? – A Helpful Guide

Are you staying in Australia as a visitor and your Tourist Visa is expiring soon? Do you apply for a Tourist Visa extension Australia but don’t know how? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! As we’re going to pen down the important facts about a Tourist/Visitor Visa 600.


Australia is such a beautiful place to spend your holidays. You can come to Australia to visit your friends or family. It’s an ideal place for spending time with your family. Australia offers a Visitor Visa to people who want to make a short visit to Australia. Many tourists decide to stay longer in Australia on a Visitor/Tourist Visa. They try to find ways to extend their Visitor Visa.


So, in this guide, you’ll find out the details of a visa 600 and its extension process.


What is the Purpose of a Tourist/Visitor Visa?

A Tourist Visa 676 is no longer available in Australia. You can apply for a Visitor Visa 600 instead. A Visitor Visa is for people who want to visit Australia to meet their friends and family. If you want to go on a trip to Australia, you can be eligible for visa 600.


Once you get a Visit Visa 600, you can study for up to 3 months in Australia. Visa 600 is a temporary visa. You can stay for a maximum of 12 months in Australia with a visa 600. Australia offers 6 streams of Visitor Visa for different purposes.


The Visitor Visa streams include:


All streams of a visa 600 serve differently. For instance, you can apply for a Sponsored Family Stream if your family member sponsors you to visit Australia. However, you must be outside Australia when applying for a family sponsored stream.


If you’re a business that wants to visit Australia for business purposes, you can apply to the Business Visitor stream. The length of your stay in Australia can be up to three months. Applications for the Business Visitor stream do not take long to process.


Apply for a Business Visitor Stream 600 to stay in Australia for 3 months and get your visa within 17 days.


So, if you apply for a Business stream, you’ll get your visa within 15 to 17 days. If you need assistance to apply for a Business stream, you can Book Consultation.



Visitor Visa Processing Time these days 2022? | Q&A Session | The Migration Australia


Is Tourist Visa Extension Australia Possible?

A Tourist Visa extension Australia isn’t possible. Tourist/Visitor Visa 600 is a temporary visa. It allows visitors to stay for 6 to 12 months in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs decides the visa length on a case-by-case basis. Your stay period also depends on the purpose of your visit to Australia.


Though, you can’t extend visa 600. You have to apply for another visa which allows you to stay longer in Australia. Whether you want to stay for a few months or permanently, you have to look for other visa options. You may apply for a new visa if it doesn’t contain Condition 8503No Further Stay.


Australia offers many visas which allow people to stay in Australia for years. You just have to choose the right one according to your circumstances. You can also apply for PR in Australia to settle in Australia permanently.


Just be sure that you meet the visa requirements you want to apply for. In case, you need any help regarding the application process of any Australian visa, you can reach out to us anytime.


How Can I Extend my 3 Months Visa in Australia?

You can extend your 3 months Tourist Visa to 6 to 12 months. It depends on the individual circumstances. Your visa will only be extended for 12 months and not more than that. You must find other visa options to stay in Australia for a long period. As Tourist Visa extension Australia might not be possible.


Can I be eligible for a Visa Application Charge?

Yes, you may be eligible for a Visa Application Charge (VAC) if you apply for a new 600 visa. You can get the VAC in all Visit visa streams except Frequent Traveler Stream. VAC will be available to you if you’ve held a Visitor Visa 600 granted outside Australia before March 21, 2020.


If your visa 600 has expired or will expire between March 20, 2020, and June 30, 2022, you can get VAC. You can apply online by December 31, 2022, through ImmiAccount for a new 600 Visitor Visa in Australia.


Tourist Visa – Processing Time

People who are exempt from Australian travel restrictions are given priority when applying for visas, according to the Department of Home Affairs.


But broadly speaking, it concludes:

  • 25% in 14 days of applications
  • in 25 days, 50% of applications
  • in 45 days, 75% of applications
  • 90% applications are completed in 11 months.


For a 600 visa, applicants are recommended to submit all required documentation. You must satisfy the conditions for eligibility. since it has an impact on how quickly your Visit Visa application is processed. Additionally, correctly complete the application for your visa.


To shorten the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa Processing Time for your visa application, submit it with all the required supporting documentation. Verify again to make sure nothing is missing. Pay the 600 Visa application fees for the visa.


Since Home Affairs needs all of these items to process your visa application.


Tourist Visa Extension Australia – One Final Thought!

Australia offers a Visitor Visa only to make temporary visits in Australia. Sometimes, tourists have to stay for a longer period in Australia. As we’ve explained that why Tourist Visa extension Australia isn’t possible. You must look for other visas to stay in Australia before your current Visit Visa gets expired. Though, if you’re unable to find a visa option to remain in Australia, you can contact us for the best advice.


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