Australia Needs Migration Boost 2022 – Increase in Migrants to Help Plug Skills Shortage

Australia Needs Migration Boost 2022 – Increase in Migrants to Help Plug Skills Shortage

Australia needs migration boost to help plug skills shortages in the country. What does that mean? Here’s what you need to know. The economic growth of Australia has been adversely affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Many international students and employees had to lose their jobs and leave Australia. As the Australian Government had to close its borders to stop the spread of Covid-19. Consequently, Australia is facing skill shortages in many sectors.


Australia Needs Migration Boost

According to Bloomberg, a global provider of 24-hour financial news, Australia should relax its immigration rules to attract more people to migrate to the country. It needs to relax its immigration policies for offshore students and workers. This step will help plug a labor shortage in Australia. Top executives told a business forum that this policy would improve diversity at the Australian workplace.


A Chief Executive Officer of the Tech Council of Australia, Kate Pounder, stated:


A big role for migration is in helping to find people with experience we haven’t had time to acquire. I think that’s critical.


On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, Kate Pounder addressed the Australian Financial Review Business Summit. According to Kate Pounder, over half of the workers who enter the tech industry through skilled migration are women.


She said that:


But if you look at our training system, 90% of people that come directly from information and communication technology degrees are men. So migration helps improve gender balance.


Number of Students in Australia before Covid-19

Before Covid-19, over 400,000 international students and 250,000 working holiday makers were employed annually in Australia. Many of them worked in pubs, hotels, and restaurants before the pandemic. As the pandemic hit, Australia closed its borders. The Australian Government asked temporary residents to leave Australia.


It was finally possible for Australia to reopen its international borders in February 2022. Economists believe it’ll be some time before migration returns to pre-pandemic levels.



Future of Australian Immigration 2021-2022 | Bright Scope of Skill Migrants


Preeti Bajaj on Australia Needs Migration Boost

Preeti Bajaj, CEO of talent recruitment firm Adecco Group ANZ, says that the Australian Government should ease visa requirements for international students and migrants. According to Preeti Bajaj, it’ll help them to get PR in Australia.


Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, Australia’s lawmakers put restrictions on the path to permanent residency and citizenship. The restrictions were making Australia a less attractive place for migrants to move there.


Australia needs migration boost and on this matter, Preeti Bajaj gave her opinion that:


What I could say is speed is of the essence. It’s a simple policy setting, we know where the demographic is coming from, we have a shortage, we can be intentional about it and just speed up the visa process.


She further added,


If you don’t have talent and you’re not mobilizing it from the education system and also from the globe you cannot scale your company.


Australia Needs Migration Boost – Final Thoughts!

The purpose of bringing more immigrants to Australia is to fill the labor shortages in the country. As many skilled employees and international students were gone when Covid-19 happened. Therefore, Australia needs migration boost and should consider relaxing the visa requirements for migrants.


The Australian Government should take steps to make it easy for migrants to get PR and citizenship in Australia. Though, if you need help applying for PR in Australia, feel free to consult with us.


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