What is 482 Visa Processing Time? – Reduce Processing time for TSS Visa!

What is 482 Visa Processing Time? – Reduce Processing time for TSS Visa!

Have you applied for a Temporary Skill Shortage 482 visa? Are you waiting for your 482 visa to be processed fast? Then here’s everything you would love to know about 482 visa processing time. We’ll let you know how to obtain your visa as soon as possible.


Australia provides numerous jobs to local and international skilled employees. Though, some jobs in Australia are in short supply of skilled Australian workers. Due to this, Australia has to face labor shortages which eventually affect its economy. So, there’s a high demand for international workers in these job sectors. It’s also a great opportunity for overseas workers to show their skills in Australia.


But, how can international workers make their way to Australia? So, Australia offers a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa to fill the labor shortages. Let’s  discuss the details of the 482 visa and its processing time.


What is a Temporary Skills Shortage Visa 482?

A Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482 is a short-term visa. It allows Australian employers to sponsor skilled workers from overseas. The purpose of sponsoring international workers is to fill labor shortages in Australia. 482 Visa helps employers bring foreign workers for a position where they can’t find suitable Australian workers.


3 Streams of Visa 482 Australia 

If you apply for a subclass 482 visa, you must select a suitable stream for you. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa has 3 streams. They include Short-term stream, Medium-term stream, and Labour agreement stream. So, let’s break down the details of Temporary Skill Shortage Visa streams.


1. Short-term Stream 482

A short-term stream 482 allows you to stay in Australia for 2 to 4 years if an International Trade Obligation (ITO). ITO is a commitment made by Australia under an international trade agreement. In contrast, people holding a Hong Kong passport may stay for 5 years in Australia.


You must be nominated for an occupation on the eligible short-term skilled occupations list. Make sure you have at least 2 years of work experience in the relevant field. If you get this visa, you can work in Australia only for your sponsor or any associated entity.


2. Medium-term Stream

If you’re nominated for an occupation listed on the eligible medium and long-term skilled occupations, you can apply for a Medium-term stream. You can stay and work for 4 years in Australia. At the same time, Hong Kong passport holders can stay for 5 years in Australia.


You must meet the minimum criteria for English language proficiency to get visa 482. If you’re applying within Australia, you must have a substantive visa or a Bridging visa A, Bridging visa B, or Bridging visa C.You must meet 482 visa eligibility to get your visa processed as soon as possible.


If you fail to meet its criteria, it’ll affect the 482 visa processing time. In case you need help to meet the requirements for a 482 visa, feel free to contact us anytime.


3. Labour Agreement Stream

A Labour Agreement Stream is for skilled workers nominated by Australian employers who’ve a labour agreement. According to the specific labour agreements, Australian employers and the Australian Government agree on how to bring international workers to Australia.


You can stay in Australia temporarily for 4 years with a labour agreement stream. Your stay period also depends on the term in the labour agreement. If you hold a Hong Kong passport, you may stay in Australia for 5 years. If you want to apply under this stream, you must be nominated for an occupation under a labour agreement.


What is a Subsequent Entrant 482?

A Subsequent Entrant Visa is for family members of a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa holder. It’s for family members of a 457 or TSS visa holder who has separately applied for a TSS visa. They can apply for a subsequent entrant if they wish to join a primary TSS or 457 visa holder in Australia. You can live, work and study in Australia as long as your visa is valid.


If your visa is about to expire and you want to continue working for your employer, you must:

  • Lodge an application for a new visa
  • Your employer will need to submit a new nomination



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What is 482 Visa Processing Time?

482 Streams

25% of Applications Processing Time

50% of Applications Processing Time

75% of Applications Processing Time

90% of Applications Processing Time

Short-term stream

36 days 53 days 5 months 14 months
Medium-term stream 33 days 49 days 3 months 7 months
Labour agreement stream 36 days 46 days 71 days 6 months


How to Speed Up 482 Visa Processing Time? 

If you think there’s any rocket science to get your visa 482, then you’re wrong. There’re a few important things to do to speed up 482 visa processing time.


They include;

  • You must fill out your visa application correctly.
  • The Department of Home Affairs processes visas on a case-by-case basis. Processing times may vary according to individual circumstances.
  • You must submit the complete documents required for visa 482 Australia. Home Affairs may ask you for further details. So, it’s important for you to respond to them as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that you submit all the relevant documents with your visa application.


The Department of Home Affairs prioritizes visa applications with complete documentation. Your visa application will be refused without complete documents. So, make sure you don’t miss any documents. In case you don’t know which documents are required for a 482 visa, you can contact us right now.


How can you get a 482 Visa?

Make sure your occupation is first mentioned under Integrated Skilled Occupations.

Satisfy the following qualifying requirements:

  •  English Language Proficiency
  • Have enough health insurance during your visit.
  • Meet the requirements for the character and health examinations required of visa applicants.
  • Find an Australian company that will sponsor you for the job you want
  •  Employers can submit the employer sponsorship application online at the Department of Home Affairs.
  •  Be sponsored by a company.
  •  After locating a job, you will need to ask them to nominate you for a TSS visa.
  • As part of the sponsorship and nomination process, you may apply on behalf of your business. They must submit an online nomination application to the DHA.


Final Thoughts on 482 Visa Processing Time

Processing times vary and depend on how you submit your application. Your 482 visa processing time will be reduced if you meet the 482 visa conditions, provide complete documents and submit your application correctly.


TSS Visa 482 has 3 streams. Make sure you choose your stream first. As processing time is different for all streams. We’ve penned down the details of TSS visa streams. If you want to apply for a TSS visa, you can book your consultation with us anytime.


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