Bogus Documents Cause International Students to Deport from Australia

Bogus Documents – Australia deports International Student

The Australian Government is removing international students due to bogus documents. SBS has got in touch with the Department of Home Affairs. It has confirmed the news of Student Visa cancellations in Australia. Australia has removed many overseas students from the country due to false information and bogus documents.


According to a Melbourne-based migration agent, Mr. Kailey,

Australian visa authorities have ramped up their scrutiny of documentation attached to international student visa applications, with some students getting removed upon landing in Australia.


As per the statement released by the Australian Government:

Those students whose visas were cancelled and were not willing to depart voluntarily were subject to detention and removed from Australia.


Major Points about International Students Removal due to Bogus Documents

Here’re the significant points about Student Visa cancelations and the removal of overseas students from Australia.


A migration agent based in Melbourne says that:

  • Student visa applications are being scrutinized more closely by Australian visa authorities.
  • Some overseas students have been deported from Australian airports immediately after landing.
  • An applicant who submits false documents and their immediate family members will not be able to apply for a visa in Australia for 3 years.


The Australian Border Security Force has provided data on students who’ve been removed from Australia. As shown in the report, in the financial year 2020-21, Australia removed 154 students from immigration detention. 9 out of 154 international students were from India.


The number of Student Visa cancellations for the current year up to January 31 is 119. It includes 29 cancellations from India. Over 2020-21, the number of visa cancellations under subclass s109 for Indian nationals was less than 5. In contrast, the cancellations for 2021-22 have already reached 6 as of 31 January.



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 Mr. Kailey on Student Visa Cancelations in Australia

Mr. Kailey, a migration agent based in Melbourne, stated that he recently had to handle multiple cases of students being deported right after landing in Australia.


Regarding Student Visa cancelation in Australia due to bogus documents, Mr. Kailey said:

Some unregistered practices in India attach fraudulent documents like fake evidence of financial capacity, educational degrees and work experience with the visa applications of international students.


These days the immigration department of Australia has increased its scrutiny on the proofs attached with the applications and on detection of any fraudulent behaviour, so the students get deported even after landing in Australia.


Mr. Kailey further added:

Some unregistered practices in countries like India strike a financial package deal with the applicants willing to migrate to Australia on a study basis [where the agent] will arrange all the relevant documents required for their visa.


Most of the time these applicants don’t know what documents are attached by their agents with their applications, but these students suffer the consequence of visa cancellations.


Mr. Kailey advises applicants to double-check the documents before submitting them. In order to avoid visa refusal, they must attach the complete required documents with the visa application.


Circumstances in which a student visa may be revoked

The following circumstances can lead to the cancellation of an Australian student visa:

  • In the three months following the completion of the course for which the authorities issued your student visa, you do not leave Australia nor do you apply for another visa.
  • Since the authorities granted your student visa, you have changed courses.
  •  You do not leave Australia or apply for a new permit within 28 days of finishing your main course’s Confirmation of Enrollment.
  • Taking more than one course at a time (course packaging). If you finish one course early, there is a gap of more than two months between them (except between the end of one academic year and the beginning of another).


Final words on Bogus Documents

Due to fraudulent and bogus documents, Australia has removed many international students. The Australian visa authorities are now inspecting the visa applications more carefully. International students are advised to submit the correct documents. As the Department of Home Affairs rejects visa applications with misleading information.


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