How much is Carer Payment in Australia? - Benefits of Being a Carer!

How much is Carer Payment in Australia? – Benefits of Being a Carer!

Being a carer is one of the most rewarding jobs one can ever do. Caregivers can have a real impact on people’s lives. As they become a part of someone’s daily routine. You can work for flexible hours as a carer. However, people who want to be a carer often ask how much is carer payment in Australia.


You must know how much you’ll earn as a carer if you’ve decided to pursue your career in this field. Australia offers a Carer Visa for people who provide care to others. If you know someone who’s alone and needs care in Australia, you must apply for a Carer Visa 116 or 836.


So, let’s break down the details of a  Carer Visa Australia and how much is carer payment in Australia.


Who’s a Carer?

A carer provides unpaid care and support to his friends/family with a serious health issue. If you know someone in Australia who’ve a mental illness, terminal illness, or chronic condition, you can support them. Australia offers a Carer Visa to people who want to support someone ill.


Through a Carer Visa 116 and 836, you can legally provide your services to anyone with a long-term medical condition. Caregivers assist with daily activities such as preparing meals, bathing, dressing, going to the toilet, taking medications and moving around. According to Carer Gateway, Australia has about 2.65 million carers. It means 1 out of 11 people in Australia are carers.


Age is no barrier to being a caregiver. Anyone can be a carer. Adults over the age of 25 are called young carers. Australia has over 235,000 young carers. Young caregivers may be eligible to receive special support and assistance in Australia.


What is a Carer Visa?

A Carer Visa allows a person to move to Australia and provide care to someone who has a long-term medical condition. It’s a permanent visa. You can stay in Australia as a permanent resident and provide care to your loved one. Carer Visa also allows people to work and study in Australia.


Carer Visa is an excellent opportunity for people to support their friends, family or relatives through tough times. You can migrate to Australia and provide your services as a carer. However, your relative or friend must sponsor you to apply for a Carer Visa in Australia.


Carer visa has 2 subclasses, including 116 and 836. Carer Visa 116 is for offshore applicants. If you’re outside Australia, you can apply for visa 116. While Carer Visa 836 is for onshore applicants. You must be in Australia while applying for visa 836. Both visas 836 and 116 costs around AUD 3,890. If you need help to apply for a Carer Visa, you can contact us anytime.


How much is Carer Payment?

According to Services Australia, there’re different carer payments for single and partnered people. Every year on March 20 and September 20, the Department of Social Services reviews the payment rates.


Here’re different rates of carer payment for carers according to their relationship status.




According to, an average personal care worker earns around $55,581 per year or $28.50 per hour in Australia. At the same time, carers in the entry-level position make up to $48,906 per year. On the other hand, well-experienced caregivers earn $59,700 per year.


Benefits of Being a Carer in Australia

In healthcare, you’ll not only be able to earn a living while helping others, but you will also have the opportunity to make a real difference in other people’s lives.


If you become a carer in Australia, you can:

  • Build new relationships
  • Expedite your social circle and meet new people
  • Do something to make a big difference in other’s lives
  • Earn a competitive salary
  • Have flexible hours for work
  • Get multiple opportunities for personal development and training


You can avail of all of these benefits while living in Australia. However, before you decide to pursue your career in this field, you must know how much is carer payment in Australia. As it’s essential to learn about your field and its career prospects before getting into it.



It’s a very rewarding job to be a carer in Australia. There’s no age restriction of being a carer. You just need a Carer Visa to provide care to your loved one. If you know someone who has a long-term medical condition and needs care in Australia, you can apply for a Carer Visa. However, before applying for a Carer Visa, make sure you know how much is carer payment in Australia.


In this guide, we’ve elaborated on the payment details of carers in Australia. If you need more information regarding this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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