Document Checklist for 189 Visa – A Complete Guide!

Document Checklist for 189 Visa – A Complete Guide!

Are you thinking about working in Australia and settling there permanently? Then you’re not alone. Thousands of migrants choose Australia for immigration. They prefer living in Australia for a better lifestyle and great career prospects. Australia offers a Skilled Independent Visa 189 to skilled people who want to work in Australia. Though, they must complete the document checklist for 189 visa to avoid visa refusal by Home Affairs.


The Australian Government provides numerous opportunities to skilled workers. If you’ve skills and abilities, you can apply for a suitable occupation in Australia. Skilled employees earn a great amount of money in Australia.


You must possess skills and qualifications to become a valuable part of the Australian economy. For this purpose, visa 189 can provide you with a pathway to Australia. You just need the right documents to submit with your visa application.


So, let’s talk about what Skilled Independent Visa is all about and the document checklist for 189 visa.


What is Skilled Independent Visa 189?

Skilled Independent Visa is for international employees with skills that Australia needs. It’s offered to skilled workers who’re invited by Home Affairs. Visa 189 allows people to work in Australia. It’s a permanent visa. Your occupation must be on the relevant skilled occupation list to obtain visa 189.


Applicants must have a positive skills assessment for their occupation to apply for this visa. Skilled Visa 189 is based on a points test. 65 is the minimum visa 189 points requirement. Therefore, you must score at least 65 points to be eligible for visa 189. Skilled international employees under 45 can apply for a Skilled Visa 189.


Minimum points requirement to obtain Visa 189 is 65.


If Home Affairs grants you visa 189, you can settle in Australia permanently. You become a permanent resident of Australia from the date you get this visa. You don’t need sponsorship by your family or state/territory government in Australia to apply for a 189 visa. Though, if you need help in the application process for visa 189, we’d love to hear from you.


Document Checklist for 189 Visa

You must complete the document checklist for 189 visa to support the claims you make in EOI. Applicants must submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) via SkillSelect. EOI will let Home Affairs know that you want to apply for visa 189.


Here is the list of documents that you must include when applying for a 189 visa:

  • National identity card
  • Proof of change of a name. It may include a marriage/divorce certificate. Documents of change of name must be from the Australian Registry of Birth, Deaths, and Marriages. Or it could be any relevant international authority.
  • Relationship documents if you’re married, divorced, widowed, or permanently separated from your partner. These documents contain marriage certificates, divorce certificates, or separation documents.
  • Australian Police Certificate if you’ve lived in Australia for a year or more in the last decade since you turned 16. Your Police Certificate must be issued by the Australian Federal Police. As Home Affairs do not accept national police certificates by the Australian state/territory police.
  • Competent English documents
  • Documents to support the claims you make on your Expression of Interest (EOI).


How to Prepare Documents for Visa 189?

Once you complete the document checklist for 189 visa, you must prepare them adequately for final submission. It is mandatory for all of your non-English documents to be translated into English. You must scan or photograph all of your documents in color. Make sure that the scans and photos of your documents must be clear.


All documents have to be in the English language. Scans or photos of your documents must be provided.


After submitting the skilled independent visa documents, Home Affairs will invite you for visa 189. You can apply for visa 189 while in or outside Australia. However, you must lodge your application within 60 days after you receive the invitation.


What to do after getting a Skilled Independent Visa in Australia?

The Australian Government provides a lot of advantages to skilled visa holders.


If you successfully obtain visa 189 in Australia, you can:

  • Live, study and work in Australia permanently.
  • Enroll in Medicare to get medical and healthcare services. Medicare is a public healthcare scheme in Australia. Medicare is available to all permanent residents and citizens of Australia. After getting visa 189, you can become an Australian permanent resident. So, you can also have access to public healthcare services through Medicare.
  • Travel from and to Australia for the initial 5 years from the date you get visa 189. However, after 5 years, you’ve to apply for a Resident Return Visa 155 or 157 to return to Australia as a permanent resident.



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How long is a 189 visa valid for?

A Skilled Independent Visa 189 is a permanent visa. Visa 189 allows you to stay, work and study in Australia indefinitely. You become an Australian permanent resident on the date you get Visa 189. Skilled Independent Visa also allows you to sponsor your eligible relatives to apply for PR in Australia.



Visa 189 is a pathway to permanent residency in Australia for skilled international employees. People who want to explore their skills in Australia must apply for a Skilled Independent Visa. It’s an excellent opportunity for skilled workers who want to work in Australian firms.


So, if you’re skillful and want to build your career in Australia, don’t wait and apply for visa 189 right now. Though, you must complete the document checklist for 189 visa carefully. Do not miss any document as it’ll lead you to visa refusal by Home Affairs. You can also book a consultation with us to get all the guidance to apply for visa 189.


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