New Visa Supports for International Students in Australia - 2022

New Visa Supports for International Students in Australia – 2022

The Australian Government is offering new visa supports for international students and graduates. These initiatives include a refund of fees associated with the international Student Visa 500. The work hour limit for overseas students will also be temporarily removed. Additionally, Australia plans to offer Temporary Graduate Visas 485 and extended graduate “stay and work” periods.


Fee refund for Student Visa 500

International Student Visa holders coming to Australia between the 19th of January 2022 and the 19th of March 2022 will get a refund of their visa application fee. It also includes the dependents in Student Visa 500 applications.


Student Visa costs AUD 603. As a part of new visa supports for international students, the Australian Government will refund the visa application fee to all international Student Visa holders.


According to Scott Morrison, Student Visa holders will get a refund “as a thank you for coming back and continuing to choose Australia.” Refunds will be made to both current visa holders and new students who arrive in Australia within the relevant dates.


If you want to apply for a refund, you’ve to create your account on the Home Affairs Visa Refund Portal. You’ll find an online claim form there, which you must complete. The eligible Student Visa holders can make a claim any time till the 31st of December 2022.


Covid-19 Visa Fee Wavier under New Visa Supports for International Students

International students in Australia who held a Student Visa 500 on or after February 1, 2020, may get a waiver on their Student Visa application fee. If you couldn’t complete your course within the time period of Student Visa due to Covid-19, you may be eligible for a refund of Visa Application Charge (VAC) when you apply for a new Student Visa.


Overseas students outside Australia must check their visa status through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) website. It’s essential to check your visa status before making any travel arrangements to come to Australia. Furthermore, if a student wants to switch to a lower-level course or a non-award course, they must apply for and have received a new Student Visa 500.


Extended Time Limit for English tests, Health Checks and Biometrics 

For students who’re unable to take the English test due to the COVID-19, they’ll be provided extra time to submit their English language test results. The Australian Government will also give additional time to give biometrics and health checks where Covid-19 has impacted access to services. If any student needs extra time, they must respond to requests for information through ImmiAccount.


No Work Hours Limit for International Students in Australia

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has confirmed that international Student Visa holders will be given a work hours relaxation. It’s also a part of new visa supports for international students in Australia. However, this work hours relaxation is temporary. So, international students are currently allowed to work for unlimited hours in Australia. Normally, they can work only for 40 hours per fortnight in Australia on visa 500.


Under the new visa supports for international students in Australia, there’re no work restrictions for overseas students. Further, international students already arrived in Australia can start working even before the commencement of their course. The Australian Government will review these changes in April 2022.


A temporary relaxation of working more than just 40 hours per fortnight for international Student Visa holders in Australia. 


Despite all these changes and the removal of the work hour limit, international students still need to meet the criteria for visa 500. They must satisfy the course progress requirements. International students are advised to balance their studies even if they work for more hours.


International Student Visa holders must:

  • Maintain their enrollment in their course of study
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance in courses
  • Have a satisfactory course progress


Visa 500 condition may be violated if students cancel their course enrolment and stop attending classes after enrolling or if they don’t make satisfactory course progress. A Student Visa holder is not in breach of condition 8202 if an education provider approves a student to defer a course or if it offers to learn online instead of face-to-face.


Meeting the Student Visa requirements and balancing the work and study is mandatory despite the work hours relaxation.


Covid-19 Pandemic Visa 

International students can apply for a Covid-19 Pandemic 408 Visa if they’ve completed their course and have an offer of employment in a critical sector in Australia. You can lodge an application for Visa 408, 90 days before the expiry date of your Student Visa. However, if you need any help to apply for visa 408, you can contact our registered migration agents in Australia.


Work Protection for International Students in Australia 

The Australian Government assures that overseas students will be protected under Australian workplace laws. They’ll have the same work rights as other Australians do. If any student thinks that he’s been mistreated, they can easily report to the Fair Work Onbudsman.



The Australian Government has announced the new visa supports for international students in Australia. Under this initiative, international Student Visa holders will get a refund on their visa application fee. They’ll get a fee waiver on Covid-19 Visa 408. There’ll be extra time to provide health checks, biometrics, and English language test results.


International students will have no work hours restrictions on visa 500. Moreover, they’ll be protected under Australian workplace laws. So, if you want to work in Australia with complete protection and work right, you can connect with us right now.


Source: Study Australia


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