tourists are set to return to Australia

Timeline on When International Tourists are Set to Return to Australia

Are you waiting for the international borders of Australia to reopen? if yes then a piece of great news is coming for you. The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has announced the reopening of international borders. According to Scott Morrison, international tourists are set to return to Australia before Easter.


As, the cases of Omicron variant are continuously rising across Australia. Scott Morrison expects tourists and other international travelers to be back once the number of Omicron cases drops. International borders have been closed since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. There were extremely strict travel restrictions on Australian borders to protect the Australian community.


Tourists are Set to Return to Australia

At this time, Omicron cases are increasing all over Australia. However, Scott Morrison has now expressed optimism about reopening the international borders before Easter. When international borders reopened in 2021, Australian permanent residents, Australian citizens, their families, international students and skilled employees were allowed to enter Australia.


Scott Morrison said that there’s no specific date had been set for the return of international visitors. However, he indicated that overseas tourists are set to return to Australia anytime soon.



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Statements by Scott Morrison 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Cairns radio station 4CA that tourists are set to return to Australia.


He stated that;

“I don’t think it’s too far away, to be honest, but we’ve got to get some medical advice further on that, a bit more work to do with the states to make sure we’re comfortable about it.”


“And then I’d like to see us get there soon, certainly before Easter, well before Easter.”


Meanwhile, Australia’s federal government has waived visa fees for overseas students and backpackers. The purpose of this step is to bring more international travelers back to Australia. According to several medical experts, Omicron waves have peaked or are almost at peak levels in several jurisdictions. The death rate continues to rise, as Australia has recorded its single deadliest day of the pandemic on Friday, 28th of January 2022.


In response to questions about the Covid-19 situation, Morrison said the situation of Omicron cases would be carefully monitored before a date could be set for the return of international tourists.


He further stated that;

“We’re just watching how Omicron is sort of washing over the eastern states at the moment, but with Omicron peaking, then that starts opening up opportunities.”


“As those arrangements relax for fully vaccinated arrivals, then you’re going to see people coming back, and with that in place, then international visitors being able to return becomes very possible.”


Several tourism operators expressed concern over the lack of support for the tourism sector of Australia. The Australian tourism sector had been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the drop in international tourists.



According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, international tourists are set to return to Australia. The Australian Government will reopen the international borders soon before Easter. Since February 2020, Australia has partially closed its international borders. However, some recent changes have eased restrictions on certain visa holders.


Scott Morrison expects international tourists to be back soon before Easter 2022. It’s a piece of great news for all the visitors and tourists who want to come to Australia. So, if you want to travel to Australia and apply for a Visitor Visa, you can book a consultation with us.


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