Protection Visa to Permanent Residency - Is It Possible?

Protection Visa to Permanent Residency – Is It Possible?

Many people are persecuted and tortured in their own countries. They face persecution due to race, religion, or nationality in their homeland. Due to these reasons, they find a secure and safe place to live. For this purpose, Australia offers a Protection Visa 866 to refugees. However, people often ask whether a protection visa to permanent residency is possible.


So, here we’re going to elaborate on whether you can get PR in Australia with visa 866 or not. Keep reading to know the details of Protection Visa in Australia.


Is Protection Visa to Permanent Residency Possible?

Yes, Protection Visa to permanent residency can be possible. It’s a permanent visa. If you get a Protection Visa, you can live in Australia permanently. Visa 866 is for refugees who arrive in Australia on a valid visa and need asylum. Refugees who engage Australia’s protection obligations are eligible for Protection Visa. Though, if you’re a refugee and want help to apply for visa 866, you can book a consultation with us.


Protection Visa holders can live, study and work in Australia permanently. Your family members can also apply for visa 866 through offshore Humanitarian Program.


Visa 866 costs nearly AUD 40. This is an onshore visa. You must be in Australia while applying for a Protection Visa. You can live and study in Australia with a visa 866. Moreover, it allows you to enroll in Medicare to get healthcare services in Australia. You can also have access to Centrelink services in Australia.


Holders of protection visas can live in Australia permanently and safely. Your family members can apply for PR in Australia via the offshore Humanitarian Program. Being a Protection visa holder, you can sponsor them for permanent residency in Australia. Visa 866 allows you to apply for Australian citizenship as well if you’re eligible for it.


How long does it take to get a Protection Visa?

It’s a very complex procedure to process Protection Visa applications. The Department of Home Affairs processes all applications for visa 866. It takes a few months to finalize the visa applications. However, there’s no specific processing time for visa 866.


Applicants are advised to fill out the application correctly to speed up the processing time. As Home Affairs might take longer if you don’t provide the required documents. Moreover, it may contact applicants for further information. Therefore, you should respond to them immediately.


Can a Protection Visa applicant have study rights?

Yes, Protection Visa holders have the study rights in Australia. Once you obtain the Protection Visa 866, you’re free to study in Australia. As you become a permanent resident of Australia with visa 866. Therefore, you can enrol in the course of study. Furthermore, you can have work rights too. Protection Visa allows people to live, study and work in Australia permanently.



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How to get a Protected Special Category Visa?

A protected Special Category Visa 444 is for the eligible citizens of New Zealand. If they meet the health and character requirements, they can apply for visa 444. A Special Category Visa is free of cost. It’s a temporary visa. It allows New Zealand citizens to live, work and study in Australia.


Special Category Visa 444 expires on the date you leave Australia. You’ve to apply for visa 444 each time you enter Australia. Your family members can also apply for visa 444 if they’re citizens of New Zealand. In case your family members aren’t New Zealand citizens, they may look for other visas to apply in Australia.


Visa 444 is for eligible  New Zealand citizens who meet the health and character requirements. 


Am I allowed to apply for Protection Visa second time?

No, you’re not. If Home Affairs have refused your Protection Visa application before, you can’t apply for it again. You’re expected to have explained all your circumstances and protection claims to the Minister at the time of your first application for visa 866. You must have made full use of the assessment process and any avenues of review that were available to you.


You can’t apply for another Protection Visa if you’ve had a visa canceled before and leave Australia upon visa cancelation. 


It’s usually the only chance to get your protection claims considered by Australia. Likewise, it’s the only opportunity for you to get Protection Visa to permanent residency in Australia. If Home Affairs has refused your visa 866 application, you must leave Australia as soon as possible. You must respect the Australian immigration laws and policies. However, the Minister may allow a person to apply for a Protection Visa for the second time under the Migration Act.





Are you concerned about whether a protection visa to permanent residency is possible or not? Then you must not be worried anymore. Protection Visa 866 is a permanent visa. If Home Affairs grants you visa 866, you can migrate to Australia permanently.


Visa 866 aims to provide protection to refugees who seek asylum in Australia. If you’re facing persecution in your country due to any reason, you can apply for visa 866. For this purpose, if you need help in the application process, you can book a consultation with us right now.


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