Carer Visa 116 - Provide Care to Your Family in Australia

Carer Visa 116 – Provide Care to Your Family in Australia

Do you have a friend or family who needs medical care in Australia? Then you can apply for Carer Visa 116. If your relative doesn’t have access to care options in Australia, they can sponsor you for a Carer visa. Many people live in Australia without family. Sometimes they need care and support but they don’t have access to care options in Australia. So, let’s get into the details of the Carer Visa application process, eligibility criteria, and its advantages.


What is Carer Visa 116 Australia?  

Carer Visa 116 is a permanent visa. It permits offshore people to come to Australia and provide care to their relatives. Your relative with a long-term medical condition can sponsor you to apply for a 116 visa. Carer Visa costs around AUD 3,890. It also provides a multiple travel facility. As you can travel from and to Australia for 5 years.


If you want to travel after the initial 5 years, you’ve to apply for a Resident Return (RRV) visa (subclass 155 or subclass 157) to return to Australia. With Resident Return Visa, you’ll be able to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.


Carer visa is a pathway to permanent residency in Australia. You can enjoy all the benefits while living in Australia as a permanent resident. You must be outside Australia while applying for Carer Visa. Furthermore, you must have sponsorship from your relative in Australia. Your relative must be suffering from a long-term medical condition to sponsor you.


Your relative who needs care must have their medical condition assessed by BUPA Medical services. Relatives may refer to parents, children, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew. Carer Visa holders become permanent residents of Australia. They can also apply for Australian Citizenship if eligible.


Eligibility to Apply for Visa 116

The Department of Home Affairs has specific criteria for Carer Visa. Applicants have to meet the visa requirements to apply for visa 116. They must;

  • Be residing outside Australia when they lodge the visa application.
  • Be sponsored by a relative or spouse for their initial 2 years in Australia.
  • Provide care to their relatives who have no access to reasonable care options in Australia.
  • Meet the health and character requirements.
  • Meet the character requirements if they’re 16 years of age or above.
  • Have paid back their debts to the Australian Government if there’re any.
  • Sign the Australian Values Statement to confirm that they’ll respect the Australian laws and their way of living.


Application Process for Carer visa 116 

You can apply for a 116 visa if you have the complete documents. In order to apply for a visa, you must submit supporting documents.


Here’s the document checklist for your Carer Visa Application:

  • Identity documents such as your national identity card
  • Current passport with your recent photograph
  • Issue and expiry dates of your passport
  • 4 recent passport size photographs with good quality
  • Evidence of change of a name which may include a marriage certificate or death certificate
  • Medical certificate from Bupa Medical Visa Services. It includes a statement that your relative has a medical condition and needs care.
  • Arrange police certificates only if the Department of Home Affairs asks them.


Submit your visa application with the required documents. The Department of Home Affairs will inform you upon receiving your application. You’ll get your visa grant number if Home Affairs approves your application for Visa 116. However, if Home Affairs refuses your application, it’ll let you know about the reasons.


Moreover, the Carer visa application fee is non-refundable. If your application gets refused, you’ll not get your money back. Therefore, applicants are advised to submit the visa application carefully.


Benefits of Carer Visa Australia

Once you obtain a Carer visa 116, you can enjoy various benefits in Australia. A Carer visa is a permanent visa. You become a permanent resident of Australia with a 116 visa.


Being a Carer Visa holder, you can;

  • Move to Australia permanently.
  • Work in any occupation in which you’re eligible
  • Enroll in the course of study
  • Travel from and to Australia for the initial 5 years.
  • Enroll in Medicare to get medical services. It’s a public healthcare scheme of Australia.
  • Sponsor your relatives to visit Australia
  • If you’re eligible, you can apply for Australian citizenship



If your parents, siblings, or relatives are suffering from a long-term medical condition, you can apply for Carer visa 116 to help them. You can move to Australia with a 116 visa to provide care to your relatives. It’s a Permanent Visa. Carer Visa is the best way to provide social and emotional support to your loved ones. You can also help them in their daily activities.


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