Can I Apply for 600 Visa Australia During Covid-19?

Can I Apply for 600 Visa Australia During Covid-19?

Covid-19 Pandemic has really affected international traveling in Australia. International borders of Australia got closed due to the increasing cases of Coronavirus. Australia is undoubtedly a beautiful destination to spend your holidays. The Department of Home Affairs offers 600 Visa Australia to visit Australia. Millions of people apply for visa 600 to see their family or friends in Australia.


People couldn’t travel to Australia due to the travel restrictions since 2020. The international borders of Australia were closed. However, the Australian Government has recently announced to reopen the borders for fully vaccinated travelers. People from any country need to show vaccination proof to enter Australia.


If you want to visit Australia for vacations, business purposes, or meet your family, then Visit Visa is for you. There’re some travel restrictions still going on to apply for visa 600.


So, continue reading to find out if you can enter Australia on visa 600 during Covid-19.


What is 600 Visa Australia?

Visit Visa 600 is for tourists and businessmen who want to visit Australia for a short period. It’s a temporary visa. You can live in Australia for up to 12 months. If you want to see your friends or family in Australia, you can apply for visa 600. This is an onshore tourist stream of Visit Visa. Therefore, you must be in Australia to apply for a visa 600 tourist stream.


600 visa Australia costs AUD 370. You must have enough financial resources to apply for a Visit visa in Australia. You can enroll in the course of study with the duration of 3 months on a Visit Visa. However, you’re not allowed to work in Australia. You can voluntarily work in Australia with a visa 600 if you want to.


You can’t add your family members to your Visit Visa application. They’ve to apply separately for Visit Visa Australia. As this is a temporary visa so, you can’t extend it. If you want to stay in Australia after the expiry date of visa 600, you can apply for another visa. For this purpose, you can book a consultation with us to apply for an Australian visa according to your situation.


Can I Apply to 600 Visa Australia During Covid-19?

There’re strict measures for international borders due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. People outside Australia may apply for Visit Visa 600. Though, they can’t enter Australia at this time. The Department of Home Affairs is currently prioritizing visa applications exempt from travel restrictions.


How has Covid-19 affected the Processing Time of Visas?

Covid-19 Pandemic has severely affected the processing time of Australian visas. If you apply for a 600 visa in Australia, your application might take longer to process.


The Department of Home Affairs generally processes;

  • 75% of applications in 4 months
  • 90% of applications in 13 months


Make sure to attach the required documents to your visa application. As it also affects the processing time. Home Affairs rejects applications with incomplete documents. The application fee must also be paid. As Home Affairs can’t process your visa application if you don’t pay the charges.



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Streams of 600 Visa Australia

Visit Visa 600 has a few other streams where you can apply. According to the situation, tourists who want to visit Australia can apply for a particular stream of Visit visa.


So, let’s have a look on Visitor Visa streams.


Tourist Stream (Apply outside Australia)

This visa stream is for tourists who want to go on a cruise or visit their friends/family in Australia. It’s a temporary visa. You can stay for 12 months in Australia. You should have enough money to bear your expenses in Australia. It costs around AUD 145. Further, you must be outside Australia to apply for this tourist stream.


Sponsored Family Stream 

The Sponsored Family Stream is for people sponsored by a family member to visit Australia. It costs AUD 145. The Department of Home Affairs may ask your sponsor to pay for a security bond. You must intend to come to Australia on a temporary visit. This is a temporary visa that remains valid only for 6 to 12 months. Therefore, you can’t stay for more than 12 months in Australia on this stream.


Business Visitor Stream

If you want to visit Australia for business purposes, then Business Visa Stream is for you. It allows you to make temporary visits to Australia. However, you can’t work in Australia or sell any goods/services. When you apply for this visa, you must be outside Australia. You can stay for up to 3 months with Business Visitor Stream in Australia.


Approved Destination Status Stream

This Visitor visa stream is for citizens of particular parts of China who visit Australia by an approved travel agent. You can only visit Australia as a part of a tour group. You must leave Australia with your tour before your visa gets expired. You can take part in different activities included in your tour. You must pay the application fee as well.


Frequent Traveler Stream 

Citizens of the People’s Republic of China who travel to Australia for business purposes can apply for this stream. It costs around AUD 1,085. You can meet your friends and family in Australia on this stream. Frequent Traveler Stream allows you to undertake business visitor activities in Australia. This visa is granted for more than 10 months. You must be a citizen of the People’s Republic of China to apply for Frequent Traveler Stream.


If you want to meet your friends and family or spend holidays in Australia, then 600 Visa Australia is for you. It’s a temporary visa for people who want to visit Australia for a short period. Australia is a beautiful place for vacations.


Due to Covid-19, you can apply for a Visit Visa, but you will not be allowed to enter Australia. People who’re exempt and fully vaccinated might be able to enter Australia. If you need help in your Visit Visa application process, you can book a consultation with us.


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