Top 15 Student Visa 500 Australia Interview Questions

Top 15 Student Visa 500 Australia Interview Questions

Australia has lifted the travel ban for overseas students from the 15th of December 2021. International students and Temporary Graduate 485 Visa holders are now allowed to enter Australia. Home Affairs offer Student Visa 500 to international students to study in Australia. However, it’s very important to clear the interview to obtain visa 500.


You may receive a call for an interview from Home Affairs after submitting your visa 500 application. You must answer all the questions clearly to get a Student visa 500. The case officer asks the general questions about your reasons to study in Australia. He may ask you about the documents you submit in your visa application.


So, continue reading to know about the frequently asked questions during the Student visa 500 interview.


Top 15 Student Visa 500 Australia Interview Questions

Applicants are required to clear an interview to obtain a Student visa 500. The interview consists of specific questions. The case officer determines the eligibility of applicants for visa 500 after the interview. If he gets satisfied with the interview, you’ll get the Student visa 500. However, if you’re not able to clear the interview, your Student visa will be canceled. The case officer asks about the purpose of your trip to Australia. He asks general questions about your documents and reasons for studying in Australia.


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Here’s the list of significant questions asked in the Student Visa Australia interview.

1. What is the reason to study in Australia?

The case officer may ask what made you choose Australia over other countries. You must explain the reasons for choosing Australia thoroughly.


2. Which course have you applied for? 

You may be asked questions about the course you’ve chosen to study in Australia. Tell about the details of your course and why did you choose it.


3. How long will you stay in Australia?

The case officer wants to know your stay period. He may ask whether you’re a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) or will stay in Australia after completing your course. However, you must be very clear about your answer. It should only be Yes or No.

4. What will be the duration of your course and when will it start?

 Give an honest answer about the course period that whether it’s for 3 years or 4 years. The case officer will also ask about the starting date of your course. You’re required to mention the exact date when your course starts in Australia.


5. What is the fee structure of your course in Australia?

If the case officer asks about the fee structure of your course, provide the exact total cost for the course.


6. What payment methods will you use to pay for the course?

 You may have to tell about your financial resources. Tell the case officer how you’ll pay the course fee and bear other expenses while living in Australia.

7. Could you tell me something about your family background? 

A few words about your family are required. It may include your parent’s occupation.


8. Can you tell me how much your parents earn annually?

Your parents’ annual income needs to be mentioned. Further, you must be honest while responding to such queries.


9. Are you being sponsored to study and stay in Australia?

The person taking care of your expenses in Australia should be mentioned. Whether it’s your parents, relatives, or if you’ve borrowed money from someone.


10. What is the reason for your low TOEFL/IELTS score?

If such questions are asked, you should be honest. Let them know why you have a low score and how you will improve it.


11. What prompted you to choose an Australian university and its courses?

It is essential to mention how you heard about this university. Whether it was from family members, friends, or the internet.


12. Have you applied to any other universities?

You need to be clear about how many universities you’ve applied to before. Besides, why you’ve made a decision to go to a university in Australia.


13. What was your major or specialization in an undergraduate/graduate course?

You can briefly describe your field of specialization in your undergraduate or graduate course.


14. Do you think this course will benefit you?

During the interview, the case officer wants to learn more about your course of study. You must research about the course properly and have a good understanding of it.


15. What made you choose that particular course?

While responding to such a question, you should describe the significance of your course. Let the case officer know what motivated you to pursue this course in Australia.



It’s essential to meet the visa requirements when applying for Student Visa 500Apart from meeting the eligibility criteria, you must clear the interview. The case officer wants to know about specific details of Student visa applicants.


He asks a few questions to overseas students. It’s essential to clear the interview. If you do not pass the interview, your application will be rejected. Furthermore, if you’ve been rejected for an interview before and want to qualify for the next one, you can book a consultation with us.


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