Perks of Studying Professional Year Melbourne - A Guide!

6 Perks of Studying Professional Year Melbourne – A Guide!

Australia is an ideal place to live, work and study. Thousands of students from different countries come to Australia for higher studies. Australia offers a Professional Year Program (PYP) to international students. PYP is particularly designed for overseas students in Australia. International students can develop industry-related skills through PYP. However, if you reside in Melbourne, you can apply for Professional Year Melbourne. 


It’s quite tough for overseas students to find employment in Australia. Australian organizations have their own Code of Conduct to perform business activities. Skilled overseas students who’re able to meet the requirements of the Australian workplace can easily get a job. Though, if you want to work as a highly-skilled worker in Australia, you must study the Professional Year Program (PYP).


So, let’s continue to see what Professional Year Program (PYP) is all about.


Professional Year Melbourne 

Navitas Professional offers Professional Year Program. It’s Australia’s only leading education provider for overseas graduates and professionals who seek work placement in Australia. Navitas Professional offers PYP in 3 career disciplines. They include Accounting, Engineering, and Information Technology (IT).


If you need help applying for PYP in Engineering, Accounting, or IT, book a consultation with our registered consultancy firm!


Navitas offers Professional Year Program in 8 different cities. These cities include Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart. So, if you live in Melbourne, you can enroll in the Professional Year Melbourne, Australia.


Professional Year Program is specifically designed for overseas students in Australia. It consists of 44 weeks. PYP is a combination of course study and internship placement. International students get 32 weeks of coursework and a 12-week internship in PYP Australia.


Professional Year Program aims to develop practical skills in overseas students. It helps students to accomplish their professional goals in Australia. PYP makes a pathway for overseas students to enter the Australian workplace. It’s like a job-ready program that prepares foreign students to start a successful career in Australia.


Perks of Professional Year Melbourne 

Professional year in Australia offers many advantages if you complete it successfully. If you undertake this program, you’ll become highly skilled to work in Australia. As it consists of industry-related learning and internship placement. You’ll gain knowledge and specific skills in PYP, which are required in the Australian workplace.


Here’re the major advantages of Professional Year Melbourne;

  • PYP helps you improve your communication skills.
  • You gain knowledge to work in the Australian firms.
  • It makes your CV/Resume credible.
  • You learn to develop professional skills to work in Australia.
  • You earn 5 extra points for migration if you apply for PR in Australia.
  • You get familiar with the Code of Conduct of the Australian workplace.


What is Professional Year in Australia for PR?

Professional Year Program is designed for overseas students who want Australian immigration. It helps students to develop professional skills through study and work experience. If you complete the Professional Year Melbourne successfully, you’ll get 5 extra points for PR in Australia.


It becomes easy for PYP graduates to apply for Australian immigration. As they can work in Australia as skilled professionals. Australia offers General Skilled Migration Visas to skilled employees. It helps them to settle in Australia permanently. So, when you apply for Australian immigration after PYP, you’ll obtain 5 points.



Can I get Assessment of my degree without Professional Year Program?


Who Can Apply for Professional Year Program?   

You need to meet specific requirements to apply for Professional Year Program in Australia.


To apply for Professional Year, you must;

  • Be under 50 years of age.
  • Be graduated in Engineering, IT, or Accounting from an Australian university.
  • Hold or have applied for a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. This visa allows international students to stay in Australia for up to 18 months after completing their studies.
  • Hold a valid skills assessment from a relevant skill-assessing authority. These authorities include (ICAA, ACS, CPA, EEA and IPA).
  • Score 50 in the PTE-A with no points lower than 36, or 6.0 in the IELTS with no points lower than 5.


How to Apply for Professional Year Melbourne?

You can apply for Professional Year Melbourne if you’ve completed the documents.


Here’re the required documents you need to submit for the PYP application.

  • Certified copies of your educational qualifications.
  • Certified proof of your current visa status
  • A positive skills assessment from a relevant skill assessing authority
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • A copy of your current resume
  • Certified copy of your recent photograph
  • Proof of identity if you’re a citizen of Australia
  • Signature page of your passport


Professional Year Program (PYP) is for IT, Engineering and Accounting graduates in Australia. If you want to excel in these fields to make a successful career in Australia, then PYP is for you. International students who want to move to Melbourne, Australia, can apply for Professional Year Melbourne. They can develop professional skills to work in Australian firms. It’s a great way for international students to get permanent residency in Australia.


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